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I Feel That Old Age Comin' On

Randy Wynne about about 6 years ago

This year the oldest baby boomers turn 63 and all the yardsticks and definitions of getting old are about to change. On tomorrow's (Wednesday) Morning Show (6-9am) Randy Wynne and The Commuter from Hell will be providing a musical spotlight on old age as portrayed in songs - from the funny to the poignant.

On the playlist are obvious songs by Paul Simon and John Prine and many more Morning Show favorite artists. But if you have ideas for songs that talk about old age leave your requests and suggestions in the comments.

Just to get you in the mood here's John Prine singing one of his two songs that rank as some the best songs ever about old age, written in his mid twenties.

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Getting old

Love It!!! I could use this in cd form for the geriatrics in the hospital I work at.