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Buju Banton, tonight at the Cuban Club

missjulie about over 5 years ago

WMNF condemns the promotion or inciting of violence by anyone against anyone else. Although we try to look at an artist’s larger body of work, if they continue to promote violence or refuse to acknowledge their impact in this regard, we have to consider their mission in music to be in direct conflict with WMNF’s mission of promoting peace and understanding between all people.

Jim Bennett

Station Manager


Coverage of this story by Arielle Stevenson of WMNF News

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Buju Banton

Sooo when do you allow someone to learn from their mistakes and let them grow. Or do you continue to kick them when they are down and not let them up.


If one's words are well spoken, one meets with assent at a distance of more than a thousand miles. ... If one's words are not well spoken, one meets with contradiction at a distance of more than a thousand miles. ... Words go forth from one's own person and exert their influence on people. Deeds are born close at hand and become visible far away. Words and deeds are as the hinge and bowspring. As hinge and bowspring move, they bring honor or disgrace. Through words and deeds one moves heaven and earth. Must one not, then, be cautious? (Excerpted and paraphrased from the I Ching) Peace, ~ Julia

station manager

I don't think anyone should be kicked, ever. However, if someone does not appear to learn or grow from their mistakes and has not moved on from an earlier position.. The end result is that things have not ended. We have not "banned." anyone from our airwaves, but we will point out inconsistency in a message. Stay tuned to WMNF, as we hope to have an open discussion with our community on the air in the next week!! Jim

Several questions regarding the on air discussion

Jim, Will this open discussion be this week or after the Thanksgiving Holiday? Will you, Randy and Rob host it on a RADIOACTIVITY segment? How will the station get the word out on when it is scheduled?