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Noam Chomsky to appear on True Talk this Friday

Rob Lorei about over 5 years ago

MIT professor Noam Chomsky will appear live on New Year's's Day on WMNF bewteen 11 and noon. He'll be the guest for the entire hour on True talk.

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Hear more Chomsky Fri at 6pm

You can hear even more Chomsky at [6pm Friday]( on 88.5 FM / WMNF Evening News.


There appears to be a cleansing in the air for the WMNF listerners. The continued pernicious diatribe of the so called Jewish cabal controlling the United States foreign policy can finally be put to rest. The acclaimed oracle and poster child of WMNF, Professor Noam Chomsky stated and I quote "Yes I agree the United States follows ITS OWN POLICIES. If it doesn't like what Israel is doing - it tells them to not do it. It (USA) wants Israel to be dependent but independent." Professor Chomsky was answering a question I put forth to him - If the Jews have so much influence in the United States (Mershiemer and Walt)why would Israel not be allowed to build its own fighter jet - Lavi 1989. Why would it stop itself against Hizbullah and accept Security Council resolution 1701, why would Israel stop itself from eliminating a terrorist group Hamas(on USA & EU terrorist list). Also the USA put pressure on Israel to walk away from a 12 BILLION dollar deal with Sweden in a joint venture to build a fighter jet for India. I must commend Prof. Chomsky the code word "neocon" was not used, maybe people are refraining from the koolaid. My next question which I was cut off by Prof. Jarrah, par for the course, If the Palestinians are the so called indegenious people and land was stolen from them why did the UNRWA organization redefine the definition of refugees for the estimated 650,000 arab refugees (now considered the world's chosen refugee) and not the estimated 85 MILLION WORLD'S REFUGEES? I know the progressives will still accept the righteous victims and their revisionist narrative as the Palestinian cause, but one may want to indulge oneself in the history of the area with the Palestine Mandate and article 80 as a starting point 1919 treaty - League of Nations) If you look at the documentation and the documentation of Resolution 242 there is no mention of the word Palestinian, only Arab State or Arab refugee.