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Warm up With WMNF's WinterThon!

Laura Taylor about over 5 years ago


Our winter mini-marathon is from 4pm Friday, January 29 until either Tuesday morning or earlier, depending on when we reach our goal. Why 4pm? Last fall, we extended our drive until Friday at 3:15pm. So, we are picking up where we left off. All programs pitched three times last year. We hope this year we will have even less on-air fundraising.

The goal for the winter mini-drive is 120-thousand dollars.

You can give early to your favorite show by going to wmnf dot org and finding that program's tip jar.

You may also call 813-238-8001. If you have never supported this tax-deductible charitable community station, become a new member today and join a wonderful family of supporters celebrating 30 years on the air!

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