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missjulie about over 5 years ago


Would you like to hear your business thanked on the air at 88.5FM? Consider making a donation of food to YOUR COMMUNITY RADIO STATION!!!

If you are a restaurant & can provide a meal for our volunteers, we will thank you properly & give your address over the air during the program you contribute to. In addition, we will also list your business with our Community Partners on, with a link to your website...Next month, 4/21/10 through 4/28/10, 88.5FM plans our next fundraising Marathon & we want to provide extra fuel for those who will be around, producing the excitement & taking your pledges. Can you help?

We are always looking for new partners, with like-minded owners, to help keep us powered up!!

Thanks for all you do for the BEST 30 year old radio station on the PLANET EARTH.

Call FOOD DONATION COORDINATOR ~ Miss Julie at 813-238-8001 ext. 100 to get the details.

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