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Longest Running Bluegrass Program in the World

cowley about about 5 years ago


Congratulations to longtime host of Monday night's This Is Bluegrass program, Tom Henderson. His weekly show is the longest-running bluegrass program in history.

Many listeners don't realize that Tom is a familiar voice not just at WMNF, but around the country - he's been syndicating This Is Bluegrass himself for 40 years, and is heard on radio stations around the U.S.

His syndicated program always credits WMNF Tampa as the flagship station of This Is Bluegrass.

Congratulations, Tom - on 40 fantastic years of quality broadcasting.

You can tune in to This Is Bluegrass Monday nights from 7-9 p.m. Or listen anytime at

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Goooooo Tom!!!!!

Great Job Tom! Keep it coming Bro!


Yee Haw!! Wee Love your Show!!

Host and Clinician for Sunday Evening Jazz Clinic

Thanks Tom. Keep it up!

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