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BREAKING: Florida House adjourns without vote on drilling ban

Sean Kinane about almost 5 years ago


The Florida House of Representatives has just adjourned from what was supposed to be a four-day special session.

They debated less than an hour.

There will be no vote on an oil drilling ban in Florida waters.

Tune in today at 4:30 and 6pm for much more. And we'll continue to cover the oil issue on the WMNF News.

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Put THAT in Your Pipe and Smoke it!

ha ha! take that, Mr Crist!

Crist Doesn't Really Care

The call to ban oil drilling was pure political theater on Crist's part. He doesn't care about Florida at all. He only cares about himself and his career. He was ready to give up being governor a few months ago to further his career! He pulled some strings to give Obama Florida and now he wants some payback. He's just trying to create an avenue to make that payback possible. The Republicans had the guts to call his bluff --they have more guts than he does. Good for them. I can't stand that slimy, dishonest governor, Crist.

short sighted

It's the Republicans who missed the boat on this one. 1) They've given Crist an issue to run on which proves his independence from the Florida GOP leadership. Something along the lines of taking the issue out of the voters hands. 2) They could have used this issue to underline their "states rights" issue in the '12 elections since Obama was pushing the oil leases as much as Sarah Palin. Someone should hire ACORN to gather signatures to put this back on the ballot. Back in Lawton Chiles days, if you mentioned drilling or gambling you'd could kiss your career goodbye. Crist has ended up on the right side of both of those issues, no matter how he got there, he could put himself back in the drivers seat with a good campaign.

Obama Hugger

The Republicans did the right thing. They took the mature, informed stance and braved the heat for opposing a populist move --like adults. It doesn't matter what Crist does. No amount of posturing can erase the fact that he's a slimy politician and an Obama hugger. He's done for politically no matter what party he deserts.

You can't trust Charley Crist

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Those legislators who want to give floridians a chance to vote on an amendment will have plenty of opportunities to present a bill for just that during regular session...and without the demagoguery. Let's see if they follow through on that or if they were just showboating, like Crist.


The right wing sure has made their presence felt here. To quote Chavez, there is the smell of Sulfur. Perhaps the fact that MOST people in Florida are ANGRY at BP is the reason the GOP is scared, because they know if they fight for the Oil companies, even many of their supporters will want to tar and feather them (especially since our beaches will soon have more than enough tar.) Just think in 2012, when their convention comes, so many Hotel owners will be OUT OF BUISNESS, and might not be able to afford a room at the convention. Karma is a pain.

who's grandstanding?

Here's a few that I found at random: Latest on Florida Special Session Posted: 12:45 PM Jan 6, 2009 The fallout from Florida's special session could mean that State troopers could wait longer for new cars and speeders may have to pay higher fines. Florida Legislature to Hold Special Session on Size of Tax Cuts By CHRISTINE JORDAN SEXTON Published: May 3, 2007 Commuter rail in Florida gets special session starting Thursday; faces battle in Senate By Dara Kam Palm Beach Post Staff Writer Updated: 6:57 a.m. Tuesday, Dec. 1, 2009 Florida Legislature Starts Special Session to Address Malpractice Coverage Publication: Knight Ridder/Tribune Business News Date: Tuesday, June 17 2003 The only grandstanding being done here is by the Florida GOP

TV is not Reality

Neither the majority of Floridians or Americans are angry at BP. Most people realize mistakes happen and that BP is being held accountable for a regrettable mistake. What you see on the local and national news about Americans being angry is sensationalism. Only college students and immature adults believe it. Most Americans realize that drilling is necessary, even at the expense of the environment.

What are you trying to say

Eddie, What is the point of all that stuff you posted? I don't understand. As for me: drill, baby, drill!