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Relief for the cholera outbreak in Haiti

Matt Cowley about over 4 years ago

MercyCorps is one of the charities that WMNF raised money for after the devastating earthquake in Haiti. They are still on the ground in Haiti, now helping provide relief during the current cholera outbreak.

If you can help, please go to http://

From a recent MercyCorps communication:

There's a frightening new crisis in Haiti: a deadly outbreak of cholera. The disease has already claimed more than 254 lives and sickened more than 3,015 people — and it hasn't yet reached Haiti's sprawling capital, Port-au-Prince, where thousands are still displaced.

Our team is on the ground in affected areas, bringing much-needed health supplies, sanitation and health advice to hospitals and vulnerable communities. They're working hard to ensure families survive this newest crisis, but need your help to do even more.

I'm seeing firsthand the work that our team is doing: providing mattresses to hospitals, delivering soap and other hygiene supplies to families and launching a public-awareness campaign that teaches people how to prevent the disease and treat dehydration. Most importantly, we're keeping the flow of clean water going in Port-au-Prince camps, helping guarantee that cholera doesn't get a foothold.

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What relief...

According to CBS News "Where Is Haiti Relief Money Going?" … since Jan. 2010, some $15 billion has been raised for Haiti… that’s about $37,000 for every Haitian. Why is there no clean water… and where is the money???

with that amount..

They should be able to rebuild houses with that amount of money!