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New WMNF Program Schedule

Randy Wynne about over 4 years ago

*The 2011-2012 WMNF schedule and programmer assignments are set and go into effect Monday, January 3 .. It is not a major departure from station programming philosophy and approach; almost all programmers return. But it is a significant rearrangement of show times with about 60% of programs or programmers at different times and/or with new programs.


*The Morning Show remains in place where it has been for 31 years.

*Public affairs moves up to 9am to inherit a good lead from the Morning Show, kicking off with Democracy Now at 9am followed by Rob Lorei at 10am.

**Noon to 3pm is a new time for eclectic music programming.

*The WMNF News moves up to 4pm where it will have a larger audience and be the first afternoon drive time news for many listeners. We will also have an interactive (call-in segment) each day with hosts that include Rob, Mitch Perry, Sean Kinane, Lisa Marzilli and Bill Hamilton.

*Evening music starts at 6pm so music fans can get music right when they get home from work. Each evening is genre themed: blues on Monday; hippie rock on Tuesday; alt rock on Wednesday; folk on Thursday,; and R&B Friday. Some nights the theme goes from 6-10pm but other nights it extends later.

*Saturday is set up to be a big music day, with adjacent shows sharing strong appeal and with two of WMNF’s most popular shows moving into the lineup: the Florida Folk Show moves to 9am Saturday between bluegrass and folk and the Bumpy Road (Rebel and Commuter) follows the Sixties Show.

Here are new programmers not mentioned above:

*Waveforms , with Cameron Jones Tuesday 4-6am - Cameron, age 20, has shared Global Rhythms with his mother but is now ready to step up with his own personality and a music mix that includes electronica, world music and alternative.

Nine Bullets Radio, with Bryan Childs, Thursday 10-11pm. Bryan is a music writer and podcaster with a passion for gritty, punk-blues manifestations of alt country including a lot of music not heard elsewhere on WMNF or radio anywhere.

Temple of Hip Hop , with Louise Rodney. Sunday 8-9am . Louise has been the female voice on For Lovers Only for some time and now brings to Sunday morning, for the first time on WMNF: Gospel Hip Hop.

Grass Routes, with Ed Ruark and Patty Metz, Monday 4-6am -Former NBSF board member Ed and his co-host Patty have substituted on the Saturday bluegrass show, stretching the definition of bluegrass…. from classic bluegrass to Americana with bluegrass roots .

Center Stage, with Ryan Oreskovich, Tuesday midnight -1am Ryan has been a production assistant and substitute on various shows over the last few years. His concept is a show totally dedicated to the pursuit of quality live performances , including recordings of eclectic genres and live performances.

Here is the 2011-2012 WMNF Schedule, with programmer assignments. Some of these shows have not been named or will have different names.


6-9am Morning Show - Glen Hatchell

9-10a, Democracy Now … Amy Goodman

10-11am Radioactivity …..Rob Lorei

11-12 am Sustainable Living w/ Jon Butts alternates with Alternative Health w/ Eve Prang Plews

12 -3pm Afternoon Eclectic Music ….Flee

3-4pm Rhythm Vault Internationale ……Jeff Stewart

4-6pm WMNF news . includes 5-6 talk show with Rob Lorei

6-8pm Monday Evening Blues …with Larry Lisk

8-10pm 360 Degrees of Blues …with Harrison Nash

10-12 Artful Dodgings….Arielle Stevenson

12-2am Radio Clash …Noi and Rig

2-4am Freedom of Choice …..Brigid Ochshorn

4-6am Wave Forms …Cameron Jones*


6-9am Morning Show ….Marcie Finkelstein

9-10 am Democracy Now …Amy Goodman

10-11am Radioactivity …Rob Lorei

11-12 Explorations ….Michio Kaku

12-3pm Afternoon Eclectic Music …..John Palmer

3-4pm Café Du Monde…..Leo Demski

4-6pm WMNF News (5pm Grit Radio followed by Sean Kinane call-in))

6-8pm Freak Show …..Ed Greene

8-10pm Dream Clinic…..Dennis Stone

10-12 In the Groove ..Thor and Wayne

12-1am Center Stage ….Ryan Oreskovich*

1-4am Hip Hop Flavors ….Lazy

4-6am PreDawn Alternatives: Energy Bar…..Scallywag


6-9am Morning Show….Randy Wynne

9-10am Democracy Now …Amy Goodman

10-11am Radioactivity …Rob Lorei

11-noon Talking Animals …Duncan Strauss

12-3pm Afternoon Eclectic Music …Scott Elliot

3-4pm Latino 54 ….Franco Silva

4-6pm WMNF News (5pm Grit Radio followed by rotating call-in hosts including, Lisa Marzilli, Bill Hamilton and others)

6-8pm Surface Noise …Laura Taylor

8-10pm Grand National Champioships ….Alastair and Jared

10-12 Step Outside…Rayzilla, Peter Tush and Manny

12-2am Body Rock …Michael Bagley

2-4am Made in the Dark …Dimitri and Alex

4-6am PreDawn Alternatives: Global Rhythms …Julia Jones


6-9am Morning Show…Janine Farver

9-10am Democracy Now …Amy Goodman

10-11am Radioactivity …Rob Lorei

11-12 Alternative Radio...presented by David Barsamian

12-3pm Afternoon Eclectic Music….Amy Snider

3-4pm The Women’s Show ….Mary Glenney

4-6pm WMNF News (5pm call-in with Mitch Perry)

6-8pm Music of the Isles….Bill Dudley and Sean Sexton

8-10pm Postmodern Hootenany….Ed Lehmann

10-11pm Nine Bullets Radio …Bryan Childs

11pm-1am UltraSounds …Eluv

1-4am Zentrips …..Tom Shook

4-6am PreDawn Alternatives: Outside the Box….Alvon Griffin


6-9am The Morning Show …..Cameron Dilley

9-10am Democracy Now ….Amy Goodman

10-11am Radioactivity …Rob Lorei

11-12 True Talk ….Samar Jarrah and Ahmed Bedier

12-2pm Afternoon Eclectic Music ….Nell Abram

2-3pm Live Music Showcase …Bill Dudley, Mark Perfetti, Steve Arduengo

3-4pm Art in Your Ear ….JoEllen Schilke

4-6pm WMNF News ( 5pm Counterspin, followed by rotating talk hosts including Lisa Marzilli, Bill Hamilton and others)

6pm-7pm Route 66 …Mike Vinyl

7pm-9pm Soul Party …Steve Hitman Williams and the D.O.C.

9-12 Blues with a Groove …..Soulman Bob Scheir

12-3 For Lovers Only ….Kwabena Dinizulu

3-6am Mellow Music Encounters …Marvin Flemings


6-9am Saturday Bluegrass …Sid Flannery, Cricket, Jim Strickland 6-8 and Tom Henderson 8-9)

9-10am Florida Folk Show …..Pete Gallagher and Jim Mason

10-12 Saturday Folk Show …Jeannie Holton

12-2 Sixties Show …Phil and Bill…Laurie Lu and Linda Lu first Saturdays

2-4pm The Bumpy Ride ….The Rebel and The Commuter

4-6pm Saturday Asylum …Scott Imrich

6-7 pm Latin Jazz and Salsa ….Speedy Gonzalez

7-9pm Saturday Soiree …Cheryl Mogul

9-11pm The House Party…..CenFlo (Darryl Ross)

11-12 Poetry Is…. Anedra Johnson

12-3am Saturday Night Shutdown with Martin, DJ Lowdown and Tony Montana

3-6am The House Show …..John Velez


6-8am Gospel Classic Hour …. Rev. Pat Hauser

8-9am Temple of Hip Hop ….Louise Rodney

9-10am Critical Times …Mabili

10-12 Sunday Forum ….Otis Anthony and Jack Steeley

12-2pm Sunday Simcha …Kevin Frye and Steve Schwersky

2-4 pm Polka Party Express…Wackie Jackie and Mrs. Wackie

4-6pm Caribbean Cruise ….Kzee, Angela B and Helen

6-9pm Sunday Jazz Clinic ….Robert Cunningham and Jimmy Lyons

9-11pm Two Worlds ….Alvon Griffin

11-1am Six String Assault ….Kamran Mir

1-4am Psycho Realms …Elder Sign

4-6 Grass Routes …Ed Ruark and Patty Metz

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Saturday sure looks good. Too bad most of my favorite shows are now on when I listen the least. In fact, the show I support with cof will be on while I sleep. At least we still have the morning show, and the rhythm vault is at a better time. On a whole though, I think it is disappointing.

please, more MUSIC-less talk/news

I don't listen or contribute to WMNF for news and talk shows. WUSF is doing that - let them have it (at least they have moved their jazz programming to an hour earlier). I listen and contribute because I want MUSIC. Drive up and down this state, or the country for that matter, and mark the places one can hear anything other than empty, soulless corporate music. I like MUSIC and this is the only place around where the light comes in. You've moved jazz to practical non-existence. Remember the 'banana split' show? (still my favorite show) I agree with Don, the schedule is a bit disappointing


Frankly, I think dropping "Fresh Air" is a huge mistake. If I wanted to listen to WUSF, that's where I would send my money. Fortunately, replacing the Morning Show with news didn't happen. I look forward to getting up each day to the music and having the news a little later. I will miss having Rob Lorei's call-in in the early afternoon.

2 hour newscast? Really?

Ok, first I like most of the new schedule, and I look forward to an earlier newscast, but are we really about to produce another full hour of news on the main station? I thought that the addition of "the source" was for the news junkies.

Good JOB

Now add MORE news -we like it! :) And LESS music!! Thanks!

Bumpy Ride Indeed

The ND Hour WAS the best show on your radio station. Randy Wynne is not in touch with reality when it comes to cutting edge music (Just listen to his show). Last week he suggested that Darlene Love was not a good inductee into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.


I won't miss Fresh Air, but I am disappointed with most of the changes. I won't be able to hear two of my favorites: Counterspin and Harrison Nash's music show. I'm also surprised you didn't think to add a call-in show with a computer geek to help troubleshoot the excessive problems we all have with technology, much like the brief Q & A column in Monday's St. Pete Times. Further, I was hoping to see Radioactivity expanded by one-half hour at least one day a week. Oh well.

Rubber Mallet and Anvil

I think it's kind of funny that the president of the rubber mallet and anvil club gets to keep his show on Wed. morning. I'll give it a couple of months, but I feel my cof ending.

Rubber Mallet and Anvil Explained

I should explain the rubber mallet and anvil club. Anybody that can be left on a desert island with only a rubber mallet and an anvil, and completely obliterate the anvil is qualified for membership. The presidency of the club is not elected, it is earned.

This is terrible

Mondays are my Fridays at work, and I love to end my day listening to Mondays music, especially "This is Bluegrass." Now that is bumped to Saturday 6-9am, so what, only the older folks who wake up that early can listen to it. What about Rhythm and Blues? This destroys everything, and now I got nothing to listen too. 88.5 won't be listened to anymore, it is going to suck. I want my $100 dollars back that I used to support my shows. goodbye.


Just want to add to the list of unhappy listeners. It was This is Bluegrass that got me into the station. Currently living in NC and the streaming is my link to my Tampa roots. Got hooked to the station with the Freak Show and Dream Clnic and that took care of three nights a week of entertainment. Now it's been condensed to one and overall that sucks. As with other things in this world,I'll speak with my feet. One night listening,contributions will be likewise. Thanks

not a change for the better

I don't want to listen to news when I drive home from work. I want to listen to music. Guess I'll have to listen to cds instead (most of which are artists I heard on WMNF). Not good.


I am disappointed not to see the Charles Vann Mem. Jazz show rescheduled. On Sat. eves, my home became "the lounge" if I didn't go out. Mr. Lyons and Frankie Piniero were perfect to follow Speedy-especially the montly last Sat. Cuban Jazz shows. I will miss them for sure. Hopefully, someone else will play jazz?

I suppose

I suppose I will give it a chance..But the reactions don't look good. I listen more for the news and talk, and I am glad that the alternative health show will not take up Rob's hour any longer. The rhythm vault will also be coming back to weekday afternoons which I see as a good thing.

I quit

That's the last contribution I make.

Size Zero

I thought that was pretty entertaining listening to the Women's Show this past Saturday. Mary Glenney was obviously pissed about the Women's Show being cut back from 2 hours to 1 hour, and she kept saying "SIZE ZERO" over and over (and over and over) again. You could tell she was pissed, and I found it alternatingly annoying and entertaining. Personally I think she feel fortunate that she still has a show at all on WMNF. Is the Women's Show really relevant anymore? We've come a long way, baby.


Ya'll complainers and haters talk about dropping your donations to WMNF, but it's still the best radio station available in Tampa and Florida in general. Are you just going to switch to satellite radio and ignore the local scene? Are you going to ignore all the concerts that WMNF brings to town? You can stew in your ignorance and drop your support. Go ahead. I hope more enlightened people with bigger pockets will find the station and replace you as donors/members.

Like the changes

I like it that WMNF is not afraid to change. There is so much pressure (see above) to never change a thing so it takes a lot of guts to keep moving forward. Someone will always gripe that their favorite show has moved. This is still the best little station on the planet and you are losing out if you don't support it.

Listener supporter

Change. I like it. I've been waiting for the new schedule and it looks pretty good to me. I'll have to remember some of the show time changes but since my radio is always on mayhaps I'll surprise myself once in a while. Regardless of the changes there's no other station that comes close to what WMNF delivers on the air.

Happy music listener

I'm glad to see Flee, Scott and other great music programmers now have three hours to give me music while I'm at work weekdays. Happy that evening music shows start at 6 when I am just getting home. Love the new Wednesday evening lineup and folk music on Thursday evenings. Saturday looks like a fabulous day of music listening. Sorry for shows that were displaced but very glad WMNF is making changes.

Don't like the changes

I noticed Randy Wynne's show was not affected by his decisions to change time slots. He should have no say on when his show broadcasts, just like all the other DJ's, who, If I am correct, are volunteers. He is paid staff who also happens to have say when and where a show broadcasts, even his own show... Not very democratic.


WMNF has always been where I go for music not news. The drive home in traffic was made bearable with the 4p to 6p shows. Good Luck!

Glass half full

A new WMNF schedule is going to have some good changes for every listener and some changes that don't work well for you. It's like looking at a half-filled glass, The positive, optimistic listener sees the glass as half full; the negative, cynical listener sees the glass as half empty. I'm seeing it more than half full.

No Drive Time Music?

That is the big disappointment to me. If I wanted drive time news I would listen to WUSF. I will certainly still listen on the drive in to work, but I will miss listening to WMNF on my drive home.

MammysPlace Wish

MammysPlace, your wish shall be my command so I will drop my donations. Not as complainer or hater but as one that has little interest in the new programming and schedule. To pay for something that will seldom be used in the future would be true ignorance. Don't tell anyone about those little round gizmos called cd's. They will actually allow you to listen to music of your choosing whenever you want. Most cars even have the players elininating any need to listen to boring radio. The few concerts left outside of the repetitive and silly tribute shows will get my support when of interest. Enjoy the new year while you stew in your self righteousness while trolling for new donors/members with deep pockets.

Stop Killing the MUSIC!

Why is the Radio station trying to kill the Music Shows..Blues in the Afternoon ..Bumpy Ride on Friday Nite! Flee in the Drive Home! that's what made me listen to your station. Now I have to start channel flipping! I think your killing your station.

With Circle of Friends Like These...

Who needs Circle of Enemies?! Geez, you fairweather fans of WMNF irritate me. You're going to delete the WMNF preset on your car now because you're upset with program changes? I think that's pretty pathetic. WMNF has given so much back to Tampa. Other cities would kill to have such an awesome radio station in their midst.


Rather than delete the preset on my car, I just crashed it into the nearest abutment. That's beyond pathetic, I think.


I ripped off the radio knob years ago so I am surprised to hear that I can News talk that might be of interest to me on WUSF. In my opinion Rob Lorei, Fresh Air, and Counterspin are assets that need to be showcased, you have not accomplished this. Terri Gross out, Eve Prang Plews in? How come community radio follows commercial radio in that they won't allow programming discussion on air? Seems we should have a say in what happens.

No Zen?

It's good that Talking Animals gets more time, He works hard on that show. I am deeply disappointed that Alan Watts is off the main station schedule. Saying you won't play his lectures because he has nothing more to say is like saying WMNF will never play another song by a deceased artist because they are not producing new content.

Check out Eric Deggans article

Eric Deggans wrote an article on his blog about the program changes. The comments at bottom are pretty negative on WMNF... we need some good comments to outweigh the bad!

Hits and misses

I have to say that I am going to miss Alan Watts. Also, I will not be able to hear the entire public affairs block because of my schedule. Being that this station is such a haven for many of us, we can be rather passionate about missing shows that we have looked foward to over the years. So, i can understand how some listeners feel when they will no longer get function from the the station because of the time changes. On the other hand, i agree that there is still none other like WMNF and that it will still be a haven for us all... as long as we help keep it going at least.

Democracy Now for Lunch!

Weds Dec 22, the 1pm caller Diane, speaks for many of us when she says we listen to Democracy Now on our lunch break at work. We do! If we have a job. If we don't, what makes you think we are getting up at 9am? It's always been DN at noon, Rob at 1pm. You mess that up, you'd better have donors lined up to pay for it. Please, WMNF and Randy, that's DNow at noon, Rob at 1pm, let's keep it that way, please?


very disappointed. but i'll still tune in to "true talk" every friday (and try my best to hear D.M. and Rob's show when i can). music is everywhere. but you can't get news and current events on a dvd. wusf has the right idea.

When the talk comes on, I flip it off

There are talk shows all day on many radio and TV stations. There are no commercial radio stations that play anything but programmed, repetitive garbage. I loved listening to WMNF daily from 2-6 PM. Count my vote as a BIG negative for the changes.

Power To The People

Fiduciaryatlarge asks, "How come community radio follows commercial radio in that they won't allow programming discussion on air?". That would mean "Power To The People" and is not meant to be taken literally. The slogan is only used to rally the faithful when trying to raise funds. Oh the hypocrisy !

False Talk

Please remove True Talk from your line up. They're constant whining is extremely annoying and a lead weight to your otherwise sparkling show.

Where did the Woman's show go?

I see from above that the woman's show was cut to an hour but I can't find where they put that hour in the line up. I liked the show, but I confess I liked it most when she played music and didn't talk so much. I don't do change well, but I'll probably get used to the new line up. I am happy the news isn't at 6:00 any more, but I agree it's disappointing to have no music during drive home....

More of Jeff

I'll be open-minded about all of the changes and I'm sure I'll adapt. My one suggestion is 2 hours of Flee is plenty, give that 3rd hour to Jeff Stewart so he can have a 2 hour show like he used to!

women's show

Hey Tami the Women's show is moved to Thursday afternoons 3-4pm.

Entertaining reading

For a long time now, every three years, Randy has made program changes. And every three years MNF listeners express anger, threaten abandonment, and state their side of the music vs. public affairs debate. Although history doesn't always tell us about the future, my bet is that in three years we'll see another round of anger, threats and debate. There's no way to please all of us. These changes will definitely effect my listening habits. I just don't know how yet. I do expect that when I do listen, I will tend to be entertained or informed more than I would listening to any other station. I'm willing to let it play out, and hope it pleases my ears and brain.

Not bad, you may have earned my ear.

I dislike most of the music shows and LOVE the current events shows. Talking Animals,Art in your ear, and Explorations I could live with out. I had started listen to listen to a a.m. station in Seattle to hear Stephanie Miller,Thom Heartmann , and Ed Shultz. You just may have earned back some of those hours. Rog's show at 10 am and the 2 hr news block are AWESOME changes!!!!!!!!!! I would like to see a in depth Florida only news program. I can find many voices for national talk , but find keeping up with my own state hard. You do a great job of covering Florida on the news , but it would be great to have a time set up for just Florida news. All things Florida ! Keep up the great work !!!!

Change and Passion

Change can be good like when your told you just got a big raise or bad we're going in a new direction ,you understand.There have been many changes to WMNF over the years and then some correction.I think drive time news will not be fatal .It's got until the next fund drive and I'm sure one way or the other there will be another change.The great thing about MNF is the passion of the listeners . when you call to make a pledge, make it short, express yourself in a few concise words. By the way where's Jim.

pull my finger

whoops, I made a mess

computer savvy?

I'm kind of surprised all of the haters out there can find the website, make comments, and still be unaware that shows are archived on a daily basis. And it's annoying that people look at Randy's show keeping it's slot, but hey, yeah, we should have thrown him out and kept the rest of the great Morning shows? Hypocrite much? I'm looking forward to having Laura's show, Sean on a call in, having Mitch back for a slot, and getting to hear Mary Gleney in a more prime time situation. I think that show improves with a tighter framework, and yes, it's still relevant or have you totally ignored the Florida elections. I'm glad we have people running this station that aren't afraid to make changes, and programmers who are willing to go along for the sometimes Bumpy Ride.

why now

would this discussion not have had value if prior to the cnhanges being made ? now its too late. accept the things you cannot change

That's it

It wasn't enough that you mixed poisonous politics with good music until they couldn't be separated--now you remove the music and there's nothing left but contempt and sarcasm. Goodbye WMNF


My husband and I only catch radioactivity during our lunch breaks--what a shame that Amy Goodman, Radioactivity, Sustainable Living, and Eve Prang Pleuss will be on when we can't listen! We'll still be sponsers--even though we'll no longer be able to listen to our favorite shows. MP3 recording of archives is extra time and effort, much less convenient that the real thing in real time.

Saturday Music looks great

I am excited that there will be music all morning on Saturday. During housework and errands, I can bop out. I often turned WMNF off during the Women's Show, so now I can keep my radio on - house and car.


Every time the station makes programming changes I have less to listen to. Instead of listening all day and evening, now I'm down to the Morning Shows and Tuesday evening, (with possibly Thursday evening--we'll see). Its a shame what's been done to "our" station. If the station is "ours", why isn't the management paying attention to what we want. With the exception of Fresh Air (which has also been cancelled), I'm sick of the constant gloom and doom talk shows, want music--and I don't mean alternative trash music but folk, accoustic/singer-songwriter and jazz. The station complains constantly that they need money (astronomically more money than they ever needed a few years ago). Why then do they chase away those who supported (past tense) the station?

Listening at work

I cannot listen at work since you stopped farming out the internet streaming and now do it yourselves. You broadcast over the internet is on an IP port that is blocked by a LOT of firewalls not just where i work. You need to broadcast over HTTP or HTTPS and get rid of doing it on port 3000. Since you are going to more news on the drivetime home and I cannot listen to music at work due to security measures I cannot control, I will be listening less and therefor supporting less. I now listen to other sources online at work but would rather listen and support WMNF. Set up a different domain and broadcast on a normal IP port.

listener feedback

I find it interesting when people claim to be in the majority and complain that they don't listen to what "we" want. The changes are based on listener feedback. So either you weren't in the majority or you were absent and waited until the changes were made to voice your opinion. Now I really don't know what to tell you..

Listening at work

I was mistaken, it is port 8000 that you are broadcasting on. Broadcasting via port 80 (HTTP ) or port 443 (HTTPS) would open up the stream to many more possible listeners and supporters. Port 8000 is a non-standard port and therfore that port will be blocked by firewalls for a large number of companies that are concerned about internet security . Until you move to a normal port as stated above, I will be listening and supporting WXPN via the intenet while at work.

no rebel on fri?

How are we supposed to start the weekend with out rebel to get us started, I probably wont realize its fri until someone tells me.dontwant to hear 2 hours of news at that time the music helped me get through to the end of my day


As a Black man, I am not thrill with replacing Elliott Steele's Empowerment Hour on Sundays at 9:00a.m. with a hip-hop show.Black folks should be discussing and be informed on serious issues that affect the Black Tampa community. Not listen to bs hip-hop early Sunday morning. If someone told the WMNF management that Black folks want to listen to hip-hop on Sunday morning, then you should get rid of that person or not listen their advice. The Empowderment Hour was a great serious show that was informative for the total community.

Loved Drive Time Music

I feel like I've been sucker-punched by the elimination of afternoon drive time music. I heard the plea during pledge time and responded with a thousand dollar pledge specifically because "it's all about the music" and wanted to make sure the show met its goal. Somehow, I thought that meant the show would stay on the air. Now, I see that it would have been more worthwhile to put that money into satellite radio. Please, please, give us the afternoon music back.

Sad at the program change

I just wanted to say that one of the reasons I liked listening to WMNF was Fresh Air. I'm saddened to hear that this program is being cut while Democracy Now stays. While I acknowledge the need for things like Democracy Now it's too slanted for my tastes. Frequently I would direct my conservative friends to the Fresh Air podcast that addressed an issue in debate with them. You can't do that with Amy's show. I did want to lament the loss of one of the best shows ever out there.


I love Fresh Air, but it doesn't make sense for the station to continue paying for it when you can pick up the show on WUSF. Happy to have more Grit Radio and Rob at 11.


I'll miss listening to the talk shows on my lunch break.

Lost some, gained some

I like the public affairs first, and while I will miss the *convenience* of Counterspin and Grit and yes, Fresh Air, all those programs are available free online, and in the case of Fresh Air it's also available over-the-air on other locally accessible's an NPR show for goodness sake. I like the idea that MNF is a home for the *non* mainstream. So I'm very glad that, for instance, Alternative Radio has been retained, which is not available for free online. Regarding the music changes: if something is no longer convenient to you in real time, then how about recording it so you can time-shift it?

Starting to look like a pattern

This stinks of "corporate" decision-making. It's the economy. You'll get less money with the move of the public affairs strip and then try to justify eliminating it once and for all. Looks like a deliberate attempt to alienate part of your audience. Is this part of the Pacifica board takeover conspiracy to destroy the one alternative voice on the radio dial from within? I know you're not part of that network but it's all happening at the same time... Is the fear of "liberal" ideas so great? The "right" is this afraid of ideas different from their own? Maybe we are winning and no one wants us to know. We just have to vote with our dollars - those of us who want Democracy Now on at noon. Just like in the Congress, money talks. Though it seemed to me no matter when people pledged we said we loved D.N. Of course we have the option of supporting Democracy Now directly. And there should be a report to the listener plus a program where decision makers have to listen to the listeners on air and in some kind of public forum. And D. N. "too slanted"? NPR and the rest of the media are too slanted with the ruling class propaganda side of the story and the impression there is barely any dissent - except when it's unavoidable. Too bad the truth hurts and right wing friends can't handle it. The rest of us want to know what's going on.

Listener Feedback ??

I see Brandon states : "The changes are based on listener feedback." Would that be the 13 % that preferred the WMNF News at 4pm over the 66% that chose 6pm ? The 60% that prefer LESS talk shows ? The 50+ % that prefer LESS NPR Headlines & National Public Affairs ? The 70+ % that would like to hear MORE of Modern Alternative, Alt Country, Blues, Traditional Folk, Vintage Jazz, Classic R&B -Soul, & World. ? Is it the 40% that find music to be the most important as opposed to the 10% that found news & pa to be the most important ?(50% consider them equally important) Maybe Brandon could enlighten everybody on what the majority voicing their opinion was that prompted the changes.

Clay from Land O' Lakes

If you listened to Radioactivity, 122810, you heard Rob admit that due to the failure of Public Affairs programming (required to raise 50%) to reach its goal (1st time) programming changes were in order. SERIOUSLY? The economy is in the tank, everybody is hurting and it was the Holiday season! Here is the other rub OUR community radio station refuses to have an open public airing of their programming decisions on the radio! Instead you come to this website, only if you have computer access and/or the skills, to comment to a limited audience. Severely limits the discourse don't you think? So how community oriented is this radio station really? Other than depending on you to fund its existence while ignoring your wants and desires, not as much as we might like. I have read all the comments/complaints, mostly negative for varying reasons, that said most of you are misguided. The previous schedule had 5hrs. of News and Public Affairs and 19hrs. of music (weekdays), the new schedule exactly the SAME! They have eliminated very few programs, some you think missing are incorporated into the 2hr. evening news slot. Music programs, some longer, some shorter, just have new time slots. Bottom line WMNF is the ONLY commercial free radio locally available and the ONLY place to get REAL NEWS both from Sean and Amy (Democracy Now!) SO give it a try, I don't like it either but they don't care what we want, they just pretend to!


You can please some of the people, some of the time. Alas, you cannot please all of the people, all of the time. I could understand if you had to drop some program ing due to budget restraints, but I think you have only succeeded in aggravating a lot of your listeners for most of the time with the recent changes in scheduling. I personally listen for the news and public affairs. Unfortunately, I will now miss my favorite shows in this venue. More power to the folks who love eclectic music. I hope the music fans will be able to pick up the shortfall in your next fund raising drive. Quite frankly, I ascribe to the old saw, "If it ain't broke, don't try to fix it!". No doubt the powers that be must know what they are doing, but I know at least three people here in Lakeland who are disap- pointed in the decision. Good luck.

Radio killed the radio star!

Sarcasm begins… WOW, more talk less music. Thanks for the whole hour of Florida Folk Show. Can’t wait to hear what y’all will be considering eclectic. Oh, and Charles Vann is probably turning over in his grave! Sarcasm ends. At least you put the Woman’s Show where it won’t be heard ;)


Please don't get rid of afternoon drive time music! We need this to decompress while ascending from the workplace to the comfort of home. Also, why get rid of the ND hour? I think Jennifer Holliwell has the best taste in this kind of music! It would be great if you could move her show to the drive time hour once a week, like it was several years ago.

Small Changes are good.

I listen to your station everyday for the blues shows. Your political shows are a bit too radical for me. Unfortunately the only time I an able to listen is in the afternoon so I guess it's bye bye blues for me.It was nice while it lasted.

For shows still on but at different times, try pod

I see lots of folks unhappy because they can't listen to the shows they like due to time change. I started downloading the shows I like 3 years ago so I could listen to them on my very long commute. The shows I listen to all are available on podcast, and all are free (including 'Fresh Air', so I will still be able to hear it). So you can still listen to 'Democracy Now' at lunch, although perhaps a day later.

Fund raising

It should be possible to donate to WMNF without “voting” for a particular program. The way that fund raising is done currently is to set arbitrary goals and then announce that if the show does not reach its goal it could be discontinued. I have heard these very words from many different show hosts. Sometimes this is followed by someone from the station stating that WMNF does not follow the commercial pattern of delivering to the listeners only what the advertisers, money, will support. This, whether or not anyone likes it, is the same thing. No money – no show. I have asked about this apparent inconsistency. The reasoning offered is “we look at many different things when evaluating a show and fund raising is just one of many facets”. This must be a standard protocol for raising funds. It is difficult to call in to every show that one enjoys to pledge support and not run out of money. It would be nice to vote for the station, as is.


I am stunned that you are removing Fresh Air from the lineup of WMNF. Stunned. I listen to it almost every day. It is a great show that I can listen to on Sirius, but I would much rather listen and support WMNF. It is my community radio. Then, to have Rob say yesterday that the station prohibited callers to discuss it. Really? And as Gerald said above, no money, no show.....pretty commercial I would say. I listen to a bunch of shows on MNF. Must I give my support dollars to each and every one? Removing Fresh Air from the lineup is a big mistake, I fear. and moving amy Goodman to 9 am is a poor choice. I'd rather listen to something more soothing in the Fresh Air. Now I will listen to Democracy now at 5:00 on WSLR. Moving the Woman's Show to somewhere no one can find it. These are lousy moves and eliminating discourse is worse than lousy.....


One pledge drive caused all this?! You've lost me; I have been a supporter for many years but I will have a hard time being one now. I can watch Democracy Now on TV or listen to it on-line if I want to watch/hear it at 9:00am. My brain is not ready for a call-in show at 10:00 a.m. It seems to me that the 11:00 a.m. hour is only thing that you have left more or less as-is. The news show was much better situated where it was for any number of reasons; obviously you have other ideas, but don't you realize that music is ubiquitous? I did not tune in for music that can be found via any number of sources at any time of the day or night. The Tampa Bay area does not need more music shows! I will now tune to WUSF to listen to Fresh Air and other news oriented shows. Good luck.

to the point

Glad rhythm vault is in better time slot, sorry ND hr. is gone, and FRESH AIR a real disappointment. I learned so much from that show & will be changing stations to listen to it (if my radio will still change stations), it has been @ 88.5 for 24 yrs. Thanks for moving Women's show. Tired of their rants about the same thing! Lot's more to being a woman for sure. love more music on Sat.

Semper Fideles

FYI: People who enjoy select and various forms of entertainment are said to have "eclectic" tastes. "Eclectic" is not a perjorative, word, it is a celebration of diversity. Music in all it's eclectic forms is the tapestry of of our humanity. Equally eclectic is our understanding and interpretation of the World around us and how current events affect our lives. For those who prefer not to know, enjoy the music. For those who prefer to be informed of the issues that surround us, WMNF's public affairs programming is invaluable. This may be the reason radios were designed with a tuner and an "on"-"off" knob. Semper Fideles to all!

Be careful what you wish for WMNF

just got done reading all the comments and wahted to add a few of my own. We all know some change is necessary and not always bad. I will usually listen to whatever WMNF broadcats whenever I am in the car, because pretty much everything on commercial radio sux!! Needless to say, I am going to give the new format a chance. I agree with many of the other commenters that a major reason that we have supported WMNF through the years is do to the outstanding afternoon music we have become aattached. I have COF'd most of the Blues shows and a couple of the drive-time shows & will dearly miss them in their previous slots. Changing them to evenings will definitely affect my ability to catch them on a regular basis. It will also deprive me of that musical releif that was so welcomed at the end of the day. But I say again, I will give it chance, but as I always tell my wife "Be careful what you wish for, 'cause ya don't always get what ya want".


Call me closed minded, but I have no intent on listening to news on my drive home, Rebel you will be missed on Fridays. MNF is a music station first, with great news second. Seems some have forgotten this fact. I was told that MNF "invests too much money and resources into the news to be the last newscast of the drive time". Well guess what Randy, not with my COF money you dont.

Standin' on shaky ground...

I've been a fairly large supporter of WMNF over the years, because I believe public broadcasting is a very good thing. You listening to the people is ALSO a very good thing. So here's my advice: When you did not get to your goal the last 2 marathons, consider the deflated economy. By such a drastic change you risk losing the listeners who have been the "silent majority", that is those who are satisfied with the shows as they are. You do this in HOPES that those who SAY that they will support you, with some changes WILL actually come through. I not only send in money, but have talked co-workers & many others into listening, so I am someone who REALLY CARES! Some changes are understandable, a tweak here & there to shows that did not get to their goals. I also see that shows that DID make their goals were moved anyway. How does that reflect that you care about the people who paid for them? We got to learn the personalities of different DJ's & knew what to expect. Listeners had drive home afternoon music. Democracy Now, followed by Rob at that noon time slot & then followed by the blues was genius! Those of us who love news got a decent dose, not an overdose (those guys could go to the HD3) then some music so that we could chill a bit & sort out what we just heard. As it is, I am not going to hear what I want to hear when I am able to listen, so it will affect my support. How can it not? It's not a threat, but just a natural reaction to what I've gotten comfortable with. I can't see that I am alone here based on what I read over this blog & have heard from other sources. That is just what you hear from people who care enough to tell you. A lot of listeners will just change the dial. One thing that I have learned in my many successful years in business is that you never want to lose the customers that you have built up over the years. It's too hard to get them back once they go. I'm thankful to WMNF for turning me onto so many shows which, unfortunately, I will now have to go on line to hear. This comes at a bad time for you also, as you lose your signal strength. When people CAN listen again, they do not have so much "brand loyalty" to come back to & that will affect you as well. Good luck & I am hoping that maybe someday WMNF will resume the schedule that I came to rely on.

Kickin' off the weekend

I can't wait until next Friday(7 Jan) to kick start my weekend with a jammin' call in show-)

Damn, dawg!

Damn, dawg! Why you be trippin'? Ya'll whine too much. Just learn to go with the WMNF flow and chill, and don't get so worked up over something pretty trivial.


Wow! Sounds like WMNF now has a circle of Fiends! I must admit, I REALLY looked forward to wrapping up the week by getting home in time to grab a BEER and tune in the REBEL! ( can't get WMNF in my truck, theres no radio!) Maybe I'll just work longer and drink less.......NOT!!- Hey Rebel- you got a clue yet? I'll tune in Saturday, hangover or not!!


Dear ignored listener, Please enlighten everyone where you pulled these numbers from. Spouting off figures really doesn't mean anything when there's no source. Thanks.

this just in...

In a related story...McDonalds just announced that they will now only serve salads between 4 and 6 p.m., at the drive thru.....experts say that although the meal is better for you, than, say some yummy fries, they predict a higher rate of traffic fatalities because it's much more difficult to eat...

Bluegrass music..More information

I look to Wmnf for the other side of garbage from right wing talk radio and corporate news. With these changes comes less alternative news and informative programs too early and short. Plus the best music show you had was on Monday from 6-9 Pm.Bluegrass is now gone for those who can't listen early Sat. Your changes stink

simple math

I make 90% of my pledges during Democracy Now, which I listen to on my lunch break. I'm not allowed to do streaming content at work, so I'll no longer be able to hear the show - at least via WMNF. As a result, the amount of money I pledge to the station is likely to drop 90%.

Enlightenment as requested

Dear unknown responder, The poster had made a claim the changes are based on listener feedback. No other information or figures given to substantiate such a claim. I posted real numbers to dispute his bogus claim. To enlighten you, the figures posted are from the Survey Monkey .... real listener feedback. The total results have not been published on the website (or program guide) as they have been in the past. I suppose they will be in due time. Say, after the hub-bub has subsided & while operating at low power. If not, it would be a total lack of transparency. Just like the lack of discussion allowed on the airwaves is. Here is just one in total ………. "Which would be the best time for you to hear to hear The WMNF News (the hour long program/daily news show)? The current time is 6-7pm" .……. 4-5pm 12.8% 103 5-6pm 21.6% 174 6-7pm 65.7% 530

equals discontent

My situation is exactly the same as Simple Math's. Moving Dem. Now & Radioactivity to 9-11 is suicidal. What are most of your donors doing?....WORKING to make money so we can donate to your station!! HELLO!! The last thing I want to hear is music on my lunch break. I want to remain engaged and mentally challenged. Music will put me to sleep. you've lost this listener at that time slot. I love MNF, not unconditionally though. Therefore, I'll let my donation do the talking and continue voicing my discontent whenever possible. BTW, Allan Watts will always be relevant for those who are ready for it.

Wait and see

I see many shows I like at times that I will not be able to listen. Am very disappointed Since WMNF has been my primary entertainment for years. Since I am often wrong in my initial reactions to change, I am going to give a couple of months and then re-evaluate what level to continue with my Circle of Friends membership. Right now It appears as if the amount will go down quite a bit...........we'll see.

Go in a different direction

At the inception, WMNF responded to a need by the alternative voices of a generation. Now the alternative voices are clamoring for solutions to replace the institutions and the society that is crumbling around us. Hence, what we need is programming that reflects that need. Expand the sustainability focus to include on-going indepth shows on topics such as energy, gardening, education, cutting edge science, self-health and prevention, intentional communities and other ways of housing and creating community, new financial paradigms and so forth. We need creative solutions and paths for building a new society and I invite WMNF to take the opportunity to lead in this regard. WMNF does not need to replicate WUSF, and they would not pose any competition in this regard most likely,as they usually cover events, not ideas. Thanks for listening.


Less music is simply not a good thing. The weekday shows I tuned and supported are now gone or moved to new time slots when I cannot listen. Most of my time listening was in the car. I'll try the sonic detour people like Flea, Amy and Nell etc. (she talks way too much) and hear how the music is. Typically, did not care for the majority of what they played. A couple good things: Rhythm Vault back when I can listen and that dreadful All Souls gone. Need to check and see where Marvin is, because he had a great show everytime. Good luck! Why did you make the changes anyway?? It wasn't broken...

My survey requests were NOT met!

After giving over $1,000/year to WMNF, and have them change the format for the worse (in my opinion), I do not think I will be donating as much. Not having Terri Gross is a big loss too! All I wanted was more blues, and you've given us less. I'd like to have "less Flee," and his lunatic music!

these changes...

I hope these changes aren't for just for the rich. Some great supporters and volunteers are very poor right now. Sad to see the Sonic Detour moving to a time when many won't be able to listen live (during work-ergh!). It was such a nice reprieve to hear some good music on the ride home. Frankly, I doubt I will be listening to the news. I think 2 hours in late afternoon is a bit excessive. Also, sad to see the Caribbean Cruise being cut back for Jazz.(Who listens to the Polk Party for two hours?) Saturday looks better, though. Glad you are keeping the AM show!

Keep an Open Mind

Most people don't like change.The changes on WMNF seem to stem from the fact that many shows weren't being supported and that the network did not meet its opperating budget at the last fundraiser. Let's give the new shows a chance, and if you really love a show, support it!

Take a look and make up your own mind

If you would like to read the LISTENER SURVEY results and draw your own conclusions go to: I don't know why the results haven't been posted for public consumption as they always have been in the past.

El Jefe

Here is a sincere question. Initially, I thought that the new format was going to be talk during work hours (9 am to 6 pm) with music during the rest of the time. And, I can see some merit in that. To me, it seems like daytime radio is dominated by the right wingers (Limbaugh, Beck, Ingraham, etc). With WUSF going to talk in the day, and with WMNF going to talk in the day, I was looking forward to some balance on daytime radio, when many people listen in at work. But, WMNF isn't really doing that. Instead, on weekdays, it is commentary from 9 am to noon, then music from noon to 3pm, then commentary from 3-6 pm, then music till the next morning. What is the rationale for chopping it up..... a weekday of music for 3 hrs (6a to 9a), talk for 3 hrs, music for 3 hrs, talk for 3 hrs, then music for the night? Is the chop-up approach some type of half-step or compromise? Or, is there some reason to believe that talk is better received from 9a to noon, but less well received from noon to 3p? Mike Lasche

Survey Monkey

After a cursory viewing of your link,Erick, I'd say this was a "We're doing it because I said so" kind of decision.


I like moving Sat Asylum to 4-6, that's one of my fav's. I was hoping you'd lose rebel and that soul-less rockabilly. I was really hoping Sunday would be changed - it's the only day that there is nothing good on. I also can't see the need for 2 hours of news 4-6. The 6pm news is already too long.


That wasn't this David, I love the rockabilly! Just becuase you don't care for a particular genre of music, I feel it is unfair to label it "soul-less". Wow, chill, dude

Very Poor Changes

your changes are terrible. you made it where you are by making gradual changes year to year. that approach gave the station dynamism without anarchic catharsis. your changes do not fit my schedule. as a result i will be listening less and most likely contributing less. no Alan Watts - are you guys nuts!

One pissed off woman!

Girlz keep out! Some of the program changes for 2011 seem reasonable. It is with great dismay, however that I discovered that the “Women’s show” time has been cut in half. This decision is ill- advised and insulting! “Talking Animals” has been increased to an hour and I agree that concern for animals is important, but to cut the time in which women’s issues, women artists and women’s concerns are adressed is wrong. We have lost the voice of Terri Gross (maybe due to budget) but Phil and friends have been given their own talk/call-in show, so we can hear their opinions more often – wow! Is this a reflection of progressive thinking – the boys get to talk and the women are cut? When was there a discussion about modifying the Women’s Show? What was the criteria? Did you tell listeners that the Women’s Show was on the chopping block? Not really! I long for the days of Linda Lopez-McCallister, Norma, Vicky, and the other great woment who have hosted a 2 hour Women’s show and wish that the time would be increased! I am a long-time listener/supporter member of the Circle of Friends who also contributes extra during pledge drives. I support the mission of WMNF, but maybe it is time for this GIRL to reduce her support to the WMNF boys’ club by half – just as their support for my concerns has been reduced. Out here in Germany Rose


I've been listening for 2 years, and when I am traveling out of state, I stream the station. The changes seem really disruptive to peoples listening habits, to an extent mine too. Is it really worth it?

A Life Altered

I don't have T.V. and have lived my life for several years around the WMNF programming schedule. And these changes will affect how much I can listen. I enjoyed D.N. and the call-in show during lunch, when I CAN listen. Since my right-wing, fascist boss won't let us play talk radio at work, I won't be able to tune in to WMNF for most of the day. I'll also miss out on almost all of the afternoon news. And cramming in single genres of music during each evening does help offer variety for listeners. I will probably miss hearing shows like "In the Groove" now as well. I say go back to the old schedule minus Gross Terri and NPR headlines.

I'm giving a voice to someone else...

My boyfriend was not happy with the changes. He's a seasoned blues guitar player from the Chicago area & he REALLY LIKED Marvin's blues show, but not so much that he will stay up until 3-6 am! He liked the way he could hear AR, Fresh Air, DN & Rob's show & then some music. It's like the station wants to self destruct. People have listening habits & favorites. It's so strange that you risk these radical changes! It's not that "maybe" everyone will like them after all, but if they don't...then what? If you make $450K in a marathon, THAT is pretty amazing in this economy. So what you miss it by $30K & have to play catch up? Isn't that better than telling the people who regularly listen at lunch time to DN that they can no longer do so, when THEY are those who HAVE the jobs & money to be ABLE to donate? Someone able to listen at 9 am is either retired or not working. Good luck getting that $20K during the 2 HOUR local news at night! (He went to reply to the blog he just gave up because he didn't want to mess with whatever.) Point being: there's probably a lot of people who also will find alternatives to WMNF & just go away quietly.

Awful for news listeners!

9-12 am for news and public affairs. Who can listen at that time. The folks that comment "...if I wanted to listen to news I would listen to WUSF..." Well, duh, they don't listen to news, and have no idea what a HUGE different WMNF is.

Why Such Big Changes

Very dissapointed about a lot of the changes. The women's show on Saturday morning exposed me to important issues that I would not otherwise have gotten. Moving to a weekday afternoon means I will not hear it live. And fewer people will stumble across this important show. Two-hour news and call-in during prime-time drive home. The airwaves are flush with mind numbing talk shows. Please don't let WMNF follow suit. WMNF raised over $1M last year, and has been funding itself for over 30 years. Such drastic changes sends a strong signal that these accomplishments are not appreciated.

Charles Vann Jazz - WHY?!

Great show, especially on a Saturday evening. How can this be removed from the line up???

Many Men are Chagrined about the change in the Wom

Dear Mary, Arlene, Jan, and all the other wonderful WMNF women! It's distressing to see the Women's Show cut to one hour and moved to a place on the schedule that, quite frankly, obscures it from the local radio audience. It's long been one of the very best locally produced shows we've had, and, in the patriarchy that exists in the world it is a beacon of light where women shine unadulterated and unabated. The decisions on the policy level that could bring about such a change need to be disclosed to the community. The airwaves belong to the community, this station belongs to the community, the community deserves to know the whats, whys and wherefores. Sincerely, Roger Coe, feminist, station volunteer, peace-loving activist

Randy’s Lost It

WMNF was always been different and never conformist. And like many others have said, why are they trying to be more like WUSF. When their talk programs come on, I change the station and moving time slots won’t change that. And it’s not ‘cause I’m a news hater. I do enjoy and listen to news on WUSF, but only for short intervals when I can’t find any good music on the dial. Loving WMNF has always been a compromise for me. I discovered lots of new artists and great songs over the years, but had to sit thru countless hours of crap to hear it. While the intent is to be eclectic, a lot of the music is not to my taste. And don’t even get me started about WMNF’s left wing political leanings. I’m an independent pragmatist and think the left vs. right congressional infighting will be the downfall of this country. Let’s hear more Rockabilly, Jump Blues, Swing, Alt Country, and less talk. Sorry but I think Randy’s totally lost it this time.

Charles Vann? Tom Henderson? raiford?

Why do you lose the best music you had in favor of content anyone can stream on the internet. sickening, reminds me of wusf's loss of music for streamable turd. Radio is supposed to be alive.

Terrible schedule changes

While I love music programs from Jeff Stewart and Flea,I have to agree with Rob's today caller "Mac": the working folks will be denied the chance to hear Amy Goodman during the lunch hour, really killing the station's best messenger as the alternative voice of the people. During the darkest times facing our country in my memory (I was too young to remember Joe McCarthy)WMNF's anwer is to banish it's flagship public affairs program to 9:00 AM? This is a terrible, terrible change that will effect the listenership greatly. Why would you expect to increase your contributions by denying your listeners the station's greatest voice? Look's like WUSF will be getting several new noon listeners. Really too bad, when we need Amy and WMNF most. Another reason to consider expatriation.

Pissed off

So how about if we send a brief message to everytime we switch over to DN, Fresh Air or WUSF because of the schedule change - perhaps then those in control will pay attention.


Why not just get rid of all the music and go straight up talk radio?! Because that's what it looks like you're doing. If I wanted more news I would listen to regular NPR.

Nothing's gonna change my world

I am disappointed that Saturday night Jazz and Terry Gross were dropped. I listened to Terry today on WUSF. Change is the norm in our world and we have to go with it. peace

Way to go Jen!

I agree 1000% with what Jennifer Sullivan wrote 5 days ago.


Youz Guyz R Nutz! ! ! Obviously, you’ve made a BAD decision to drastically change the program schedule! Clearly, the interests and desires of the dedicated listeners and SUPPORTERS were NOT important enough to you geniuses! Certainly, this action plan comes from the SAME clotted-brain trust that was responsible for previously FIRING three of the most VALUED and committed ‘mnf staffers! Surely, you don’t expect this to just BLOW over, do you? Unmistakably, if you think recent marathon FUND drives were “disappointing” – then YOU should prepare for a very bitter shock with the NEXT one! GOODBYE $$$ !

Workin' ... but outta luck

I'd be willing to wager that most of the paid posts at WMNF (with the exception of any on-call engineers or something ... ) operate during 'Regular Business Hours' of 8am to 6pm. I'm one of those diminishing few these days, that work those hours as well. Seems to me, that a lot of people do ... just take a look at I-275 at 8am/5pm. So, you've decided (apparently, much to the chagrin of Rob Lorei, a FOUNDING FATHER of WMNF) to move his Radioactivity CALL-IN show ... to 10am? What % of people who work 'Regular Business Hours' can listen at that time, and what lesser % of them, can actually call-in and participate? You've tinkered with the Flagship Public Affairs shows, MUCH to their detriment. Listening to a podcast of a call-in show ... doesn't exactly facilitate participation, now does it? Show killer. Today, Rob sounded absolutely defeated ... and Eve was just flat-out miffed. Randy, how about you move your show to a 1hr slot, at 3pm? Amazing. I can't listen to the Evening News at 4pm either now. And is having a call-in show, at peak rush hour drive time a good thing? Neat! More cell phone distracted drivers. Thanks. Ugh ... MUSIC shows can be listened to at any time, via podcast. CALL-IN shows? Really? BUMMER.



(please don't hate me)

The only good things about these changes are: * no more Alan Watts (boring!); * no more Terri Gross wasting everybody’s time droning on about HBO television shows (yuk!); * no more AllSouls on Friday afternoons (buzzkill); * Critical Times on Sundays at 9am (yay, but should be 2 hours long!)

I like the changes

I think the changes will be great. Music in the a.m. and after lunch is refreshing and the blues show was pretty stale. It is a shame a few shows got cut or scaled back, but I'm guessing that a lot of thought was given to these decisions. I say give it a chance and you might hear something you didn't know you'd like. That's pretty much how I came to love the station. I will double my contribution to make up for a naysayer or two.

Happy with changes!

First day with the changes and I am happy! Loved the music shows today and it's great to hear Rob doing a talk show now without the same old callers.

Love the new schedule

Grooving with the blues this Monday evening. Very nice, WMNF!

New Schedule is Cool!

I like the new program schedule! I agree with Joseph... it was very cool to hear Rob do an evening call-in show, minus the same ol' callers. It was great to hear some new perspectives on Eve's show this morning as well. I also like Flee's and Jeff's new shows this afternoon as well. So maybe this will work after all and WMNF will pick up some new listeners! I hope they'll have deeper pockets than the naysayers!

Suggestions/ Solutions

I agree with many of the negative comments made, but I see some good changes too. First of all, I must disagree with the process. As community radio- our input must be gathered and used in the process. This is like the firings earlier this year. Do you want our support? Secondly, basic reasoning tells us-more music during the work day when people can listen passively while working and put news (DN) and public affairs @ noon and 5 or 6 PM. This makes more sense. Thirdly, the eclectic program has to be tasteful to a wider audience and less chatter- (Flee does this best- drawing from past and present artists). Compromises: 1. Cut the extra hour of call-in @ 4 PM- add more music @ 4-5 PM 2. Cut extra hour of Eclectic Show. 3. Add a Blues Show bet. 4-5 PM 4. Expand Rhythm Vault to 2 hrs, for both U.S. and International. 5. Expand Rt 66 to 2 hrs, 5-7 PM on Friday- Please! 6. Return Democracy Now to noon.

What happened to the music?

I don't know what's going on but that last three times I turned on the radio (which is normally always on 88.5), the music sucked! Salsa music! I'm quickly losing the WMNF habit.


"Turn and face the strain"....It's not the end of the world, folks! Yes, I will miss my Democracy Now and Dave Lorei lunch enlightenment fix, but I will survive. I loved just listening to alternate news perspectives, during lunch, while giving my mind a rest from the work "drudgeries". I will learn how to use that archive thing, online,(where you can view past shows) and I will savor that unique ability. "Time may change me... But I can't trace time." Wendell St. Petersburg, FL

City Planner

Love the new daytime programming but why must we suffer through 2hours of news during the already horrendous commute across the bay? If I wanted more news I would be listening to the OTHER radio station. What a drag.

Alan Watts

gone. that sucks. was it too much for some of the listeners to wrap around their heads?


Who is going to be able to listen to the news when it's on at 4p? Later than 6p would have been okay, but while most folks are still in work? C'mon.

music sux right now

OUCH! this crap hurts my ears . . .


I am patiently waiting for the three hours to end. I love eclectic music, but why would you not keep some of the best of the old format and add some new...maybe the next couple afternoons will be better programming.


Is all that whining coming from the same free-spirited 1960's radicals who were proponents of CHANGE? Remember, change is good! At least, you used to think it was...I'm enjoying the changes, which, by the way, aren't all that extreme when you really think about it. Good job, WMNF!


Again, much of the Listener Survey results have been ignored. These changes are certainly not based on what listeners would like in general, but rather reflect the desperate moves on the part of those "few" that make the decisions at WMNF to keep the station afloat.

American Citizen

Please bring back Amy Goodman and Rob Lorei to the slots they were in a absolutly loved listening to both shows as I drove to work. I think the changes should be reconsidered please i love donating to shows i love.

Ed is Dreadful!!!

How can Ed say that All Souls is dreadful? Clearly he has no taste or vision. Though I may not love everything played on that show, it definitely gives me another perspective on other genres of music. I do not like rap music at all, but sometimes Scott plays something rap that I really love!! I am always surprised by that show. By the way, Ed, All Souls is stillon the air - for three hours now!! A change for the better in my humble opinion!!


I have been listening to and supporting MNF since 1985, mainly for the progressive news shows but also largely for the world-oriented music ("eclectic"). Every program change over the years has brought a cut in those music programs I love best and an increase in whitebread music. The latest insult is the loss of the Saturday evening Speedy/Jim Lyons/Frankie Piniero block. But then, I looked at the survey and see the audience self-identifies as 85.3% white, so I'm not surprised.While I will not cut off my several COF donations, I will certainly not be calling in the extra $100 - $200 I usually donate every marathon, as the decision makers (Randy) clearly have chosen to ignore long-time contributors who were supporting the station when it was at the church on Nebraska. Will you be adding Rick Scott as a guest host?

Scott Elliott.

Really love Scott's programming today. HATED yesterday's 12-3 music. Your demographic is probably 40 and up I think? More Scott if we can't have the afternoon blues., the guy gives us feel good music., not droning annoying stuff like Monday's eclectic 3 hrs. More Scott. News at 4 p.m. is not working. 6 p.m. was really soon enough.

. . . but . . .

The 4pm news is definitly not working . . . way too early! . . . and less Flee's and Amy Snider's and Scott Elliot's music and less Rick Scott's idiocy too . . . i find that i'm getting turned offf and disinterested in the programming selections on weekdays from noon to 6pm (and then I can turn the radio back on for a few hours) . . .

NPR Sucks!

NPR Sucks!

Afternoon talk show

Are they still looking for a name for the afternoon call-in show? From what I've heard so far it should be called, "Tea Party Tea Time". I wonder how much those callers will be donating.

Call in show during drive time #?!!

I'm trying to be OK with the changes, but it's not working. Why would anyone want to hear 2 hrs of news and why encourage calling in during drive time? (yesterday's show was worse than Monday's) not whining but may need to join the list of folks needing their COF $'s to buy CD's

Like the Old 10am-2pm schedule.

So, if the next fundraiser is a disaster (as I predict) will you go back to old schedule?

4pm news

Hmm... I wonder why NPR has started All Things Considered at 4pm all these years if it's too early for news? Come on folks, don't assume your schedule is like everybody else's.

Enjoying the news right now

I'm quite enjoying the news right now at work. With the news previously at 6 I was rarely able to catch it on my drive home. I'd be lucky to catch 10 minutes or so in the car. Also, to respond to some previous comments. What's different about calling in a request during drive time or calling into a call-in show? People will call in while driving regardless, if you recall the previous 1 o'clock show. The majority of people acknowledge they either listen in their car or at home after all..I think it actually broadens the audience to these kinds of shows. Therefore it provides an opportunity for more input.

Schedule Disruption

I am not sure what kind of polling you did when you made up the new schedule, but it should be obvious by the amount of negative feedback that it was not what we 'the listeners' wanted. To completely disrupt what many listeners counted on was a true dis-service to the community that support this station. I have honestly thought about stopping listening because the shows that i enjoyed have moved to times that i am not available to listen.


I have been sick and so wasn't tuning in to the radio. I was so shocked and appalled when i go in my car at 5:00 and heard, not my preferred music fix, but gritradio? Then an evening call in show? Every time I have made a contribution over the past 15 years I have emphasized my desire to hear MORE MUSIC and less news. I can't believe you think your listeners tune in to listen to unemployed whack jobs spout off their opinions. I sincerely hope you will reconsider these unnecessary changes and return to music during drive times. I can read the bad news all I want to on the various sources available on the internet but I can't listen to good, non-commercial, eclectic music anywhere else on the radio dial in this area. I guess instead of contributing during the next drive, I'll pend those dollars on satellite radio or an I-pod.

Hey Thomas

You know what? NPR's All Things Considered is absolutely not "news" - it is a radio-magazine program that features droll and overlydramatically formatted feel-good stories about unimportant people and "happenings". Thank DOG that WMNF has so far declined to include ATC in their already questionable "public affairs" programming. Good grief, next you'll be asking for the abysmal This American Life! Let WUSF be crappy - keep WMNF NPR-free!

What Price our Folly?

Having returned home after a month away, I turn on WMNF and what do I hear? Blister-Pak liberalism and music long ago had deservedly been retired. Is this the price we paid for the new broadcast towers?

reply feature

You guys so need a reply button, iregardless[sic].

Wow Wednesday

Awesome to hear Lounge Laura in my car and then one of the best shows on WMNF, Grand National Championship and then the incredible Step Outside. I so badly want a Digital Radio so that I can enjoy all three channels - For some reason, I just don't get around to listening online except to a few choice shows and have enjoyed BULLS radio that way.- Music while you work! HALELUIJAH. Also very glad to see Cam Jones get a show.

Florida Folk SHow

I've enjoyed the Florida Folk Show at work on Thursdays over the internet. Too bad the new time will preclude me from listening anymore. It's a big disappointment


the weekday afternoon schedules seem FUBAR to me. The punk rock music programs that now come on at noon are taking a lunchtime time slot that for many working people is the only time available to listen to the radio until after work! Many of us poor working stiffs do not have access to cable TV or internet programs, so we will no longer be able to hear the truth via Democracy Now!. The 3 o'clock programs appear to be where they've dumped the "throw-away" shows. Maybe, they figure no one's going to be paying attention then anyway. And who's going to tune in at 4 0'clock for a news show? If you put the news on after 5, I could catch it, but why have a call in show on when I'm in the car and can't call in to participate? By the time I get home at 6, it's back to the music. Unfortunately, I'm not a big fan of Irish folk music, blues or "surface noise" whatever the heck that's supposed to be. I'm sure I'll never know. Did you even think of what works best for the listeners? It's sad to see this happen. :(

Love the new schedule

You were getting stale and now you are reborn. I'm loving the shakeup and new shows and this was needed.




oMg fRANK. Do us a favor. See that key on the left side of your keyboard that says "caps lock"? Press it. Also, the blogs are archived month by month. Since this is a new month, go to the blog page and click December under the archives to see it. It has not been removed. Otherwise you wouldn't be able to comment as you just did.

2011 Program Changes

As a donor, I would like to register my extreme disappointment with your recent program changes. The two programs that I consistently listened to on your station have either been moved.....or REMOVED! I am specifically referring to DEMOCRACY NOW and the ALAN WATTS Series. Any body with a life usually is busy at 9AM - not listening to the radio. At least one could tune in at noon lunch break - the news at noon is a long time custom in this country! Is the new music show at noon for teenagers? Good luck on donations from them. As for Alan Watts, where else can one go for his unique,erudite and inspiring lectures?? Buy them? Thanks. I'd rather donate to your station and give others the benefit of his wisdom. Sadly, I feel this to be a real loss to the cultural dynamic of this community. As a progressive liberal, this just puts another nail in the coffin of what used to feel like my country.


Yes , I understand a shake up may be needed but why not puty on more eclectic music on , less talk if I wanted talk I would tune into AM radio.It to bad I now find myself going back to cd and mp player and just ignoring the radio. Now I see only day to tune in will be Saturday for great music and less rectoric. Is this country not enough depressed now where you listen to all negative news right wing or left wing . Yes I do like to tune in and hear some but not all morning.

WTF ???

Wow! Shock! Surprise! I just got back into town today after holiday visiting and was looking forward to tuning into my shows - which I immediately found out were no longer there! How quickly did these program changes come about? I glanced at the WMNF website and see that I'm not even going to be able to hear Alan Watts, Fresh Air, the Women's Show, Democracy Now, or the Rhythm Vault?!?! Boy! When you guys make a change you don't kid around, but it looks to me like you've created a big mess. Good Luck! I hope it works out for you.

Woman's Show

I have listened and supported financially for year the Saturday Women's Show. Now that you have moved it to during the work week while I am working I can no longer listen to it. Cutting it to one hour is also a loss to the community. I drive from Pasco County to Pinellas every Saturday and now have started listening to 89.7 for that time period. I also think the changes for Alan Watts, Fresh Air and Democracy Now will lose you more support. I really don't understand what you are thinking. Let me know when you decide to put the shows back on at times when us workers can listen (and whose paychecks provide you support).