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Jim Bennett about over 4 years ago


We sent out an e-mail to the members on our list with the new schedule, so you would not have to click on the Schedule button above to find it.. It is our hope you will give the schedule a chance and see if there are some things you can find more convenient to listen to.

Some people realize that, the very existence of public broadcasting is being assailed in Congress as early as next week (which is why we are urging people to join the 170 Million campaign) and that in order to preserve it, folks have to support at least the shows they still believe in, on the station that carries them. Please feel free to continue your comments here.


Jim Bennett

Station Manager WMNF

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I really miss the news at 6:00 PM instead you offer music, now I listen to wusf at that time. I'll still be a circle of friends member but not a listener....

Loving the morning

I have always loved the morning show and I'm so glad that is totally intact. But now I am regularly staying tuned at 9am, getting to hear Democracy Now much more often. Enjoying Rob's shows on a more regular basis too. Thanks very much, some of it is taking getting used to but on the whole I am really liking the new schedule, looking forward to Saturday too, excited about the new time for the Saturday Folk Show. Now if only you had given me something to listen to on Sunday...maybe next time.

hate the new lineup

all of the shows that I loved have been move,now I am unable to listen to them.I will just keep my Seriours radio on,bye-bye mnf

Don't like the mid-day schedule

I'm sure there are many opinions and I don't know the details but moving public affairs from mid-day forces me to listen elsewhere. Seems like the move was made to punish the listeners for the lack of contributions for that slot. Bad move at a bad time.

Bad move

I listened mostly on the weekend. Now my favorite show, The Charles Vann jazz show is gone. I probably won't be listening any more. It was great while it lasted.

mid day public affairs

I too don't like the new lineup. Miss Fresh Air and noon time slot for Democracy Now, which worked very well for those of us that could listen at lunch break from work. Also, these shows added fodder for Rob's program. I must have been mistaken thinking that the 10-2 schedule was the most popular. Please switch back.

Change is good

Loving all the changes so far. Why didn't Randy Wynn have the balls to change Friday evenning SOUL MAN. This show is dated and lacking in support. You won't get any new listeners & support placating to ignorant self- centered gatorade drinking stand up in it #$#@%#@#EW! How about a hip show like you had when the station first started! Also, very dissapointed in Rob Lori's effort to include DIVERSITY. Is he trying to sabatage the station so it can be sold to WEDU? Yes there are many more changes that need to occur to keep this radio station alive!

I agree

I also am finding it inconvenient to continue to use WMNF the way that I like. I've been a supportive listener since I first moved to Plant City in 1988, and have endured previous changes with reasonable tolerance (I much preferred the "Traffic Jam" to "Sonic Detour", and have fervently followed Jeff Stewart all over the weekly calendar), but this new weekday back and forth mix of music and talk and music and talk is discomforting and tiresome. Thank Goodness for the weekends! I have fond memories of tuning in on Friday nights back in September '88 and what a find the Soul Man's show was back then, but somewhere along the way it got stale and I stopped listening to him. Although I've continued to be a literal daily listener to various shows on this station, it's been years since I had my radio on at 9pm on a Friday and last night I was in the car and decided to change the radio to WMNF . . . I could only take about 30 minutes worth of his babbling and tired music mix and then I decided to tune back to WUSF. It was sad and although I think the Soul Man could have a show slotted somewhere else in the schedule, perhaps Friday evenings should be freshened up a bit with something more fun. I continue to enjoy Jeff's reincarnations, but he really NEEDS 2 or 3 hours - it's that good! I'm always digging GNC and the Dream Clinic too!


it seems that my favorite shows have been shortened or is saturday and i haven't turned to WMNF since the end of "radio active" yesterday at 11am......i now switch to WUSF for fresh air which you have given me a whole new appreciation for...gordon liddy and/crazy rush is preferable to your new music block starting at noon...YOU REALLY SCREWED UP GIVING AWAY THE 12-2 BLOCK WITH DEM. NOW AND ROB LOREI'S RADIACTIVE... finally i enjoy latin jazz and salsa and you have shortened it and started it get up to to 6pm and my tv is then turned on and you've lost me...start latin jazz at 4 pm on sat when i start my RUM....same with the CARIBBEAN CRUISE.. don't mind giving up that last hour there because ROBERT CUNNINGHAM is so GOOD.........YOU WILL FIND OUT HOW WRONG YOU WERE, IN SHORT ORDER...

changes are good! Bumpy Ride still rocks

I like the program changes so far. I'm finding lots of advantages. Case in point... Bumpy Ride moving to Saturdays. I have always been a big fan of the Rebel and Commuter and they always crack me up with their stories and comments. I used Bumpy Ride moving to Saturday as an excuse to go to the Tampa City Dump to drop off a nasty old mattress. Waiting for about a half hour in line was not bad at all because of Bumpy Ride and the great music and great radio company. It was funny too that the guy behind me in line was smoking a big spliff (he even looked like Tommy Chong!) and the smoke was wafting into my truck, so that was a plus too! Keep up the good work, ya'll!


That guy behind you was probably recycling his Christmas tree.

this is really sucking

yeah, the music is really sucking


I have been a listerner since 1998. Now with the change I am unable to listen, I listened from 10 am until 2pm.Fresh Air, Amy and Rob. Rob is a gem.I miss them all. Please change them back.

At Noon

I used to be able to listen on my lunch hour at work:(

Solutions/ Compromise- Give us a Break.

I have listened to much of the first week and spoken with many listeners and programers- I speak for them also. Some feel it is a waste of time to continue this dialoge as they feel they will simply be ignored or labeled "afraid of change". Change is generally accepted with good reason and input from the stake-holders. This process was not held in the sunshine, and as a Community funded station- you must use input from listeners. The survey results should be used as well as have some call in shows on this topic. That said, there were some good changes, but also some bad ones. Please consider the following adjustments to the schedule: 1) Replace the News (DN) and Rob's Show back to lunch time 2) Shift and expand the Music thru the afternoon work and drive time- either 1-5 or 2-6 PM 3) Friday- Please give us a break from news and talk from 4-7 or 5-7 PM. Expand Rt 66

Miss the music

Have been a long time listener (and supporter when finances allow)and I listen primarily for the music. Am thrilled that the Morning Show hasn't changed, but I sorely miss the Sonic Detour (traffic jam was even better)as I really don't want to hear people whining, complaining and arguing while I'm driving home. I've had enough of that at work! That's my "chill" time. I'm sad to say, I'll be listening less and supporting less in the future.

What Time Is It?

Alright, I gave the new schedule a week. It isn't working. I used to know what time it was just by what show was airing. Now I'm lost during the day. Shifting the public affairs from noontime to morning was a mistake. I used to be able to listen to music while I worked, and then tune in for talk while on break. Now, I am missing Democracy Now and having to watch it online at home and reading at lunchtime instead. That cuts out a lot of the time I spend listening to MNF. I also miss the evening news as I am still working when it's on. Even the music is starting to go downhill. I'm hearing the same songs repeated sometimes two or three times a day now. What, is this becoming Clear Channel? At this rate I won't be inspired to contribute much next pledge drive. Save WMNF, go back to the old schedule!

What we think

What does it matter what we think about this schedule change. You ignored your own listener survey. You never asked the members what they thought. It's your way or the Skyway. I really don't care how they do it in California. As I once had a rural FL sheriff tell me, "We don't care how you do it where you come from. You ain't there now". These new call in shows are mind numbing. Who cares what Lawrence thinks. I'm donating to a station so that guy can spew his venom. Nice.


I don't understand why the WMNF management feels it is OK to just piss on the listeners. There appears to be very little effort to be responsive to the community (other than saying "Thank you" over and over again. Remember that actions speak louder than words. We are now waiting to see what will be done to improve the recent dismal schedule changes. How committed are they to the outspoken will of the public?

More Music Please

I really miss Sonic Detour (and Traffic Jam). Music on the drive home is the best way to get out of work-mode. There are plenty of talk programs on at that hour. Please, we need more music. The excellent mix of music is what makes WMNF so lovable.


I've been reading a lot of complaints about Lawrence calling in too much, but I find it rather entertaining when he calls in. I think he's trying to rile up Rob Lorei and get him to be more confrontational, but that's not Rob's style. (This ain't no Glenn Beck program!) I do miss the confrontational style of Connie Burton on the old Straight Talk program and would love to here her back again. She was rather irritating but always entertaining.

Give Peace a Chance

After all IT'S THE MUSIC! Whenever and where ever it is placed in the schedule. I live out of town and listen to all my favs online! You too can do the same thing. Still great music (or news if you are a newsie) when ever you please. So stop your Drivin' and Cryin' and lets support the changes and look through your rose colored glasses for a new perspective. Peace out.


When Rob's call-in show is on @ 11, there's a call-in show on WUSF. I can't escape.

Give Peace A Chance Ditto!

Ditto to what Jaya said above!!

Women's Show: Size Zero

I was hoping that Mary Glenney would say "Size Zero" over and over again during the Women's Show today. I'm kind of disappointed! Please, more Size Zero.


I don't understand.

Wake up dude...

Will someone get Ed some coffee, please...

Good news for WUSF

I expect donations to WUSF will be going up this year as donations to WMNF drop. It's a shame what's happened to our community radio station. Every day, it sounds more like all the commercial cr@p at the middle of the FM dial.

changes no good

miss my favorite shows, and decompressing at drive time. never new these changes were comming.I'll continue to be in circle of friends but listening less

what the h***

WMNF's music was the only place I could find something worth listening to. The old saying if it's not broke don't try to fix it. You have changed what did not need fixing. Where are my blues programs. Please reconsider the direction that the station has taken. Being a circle of friends member I may have to rethink where my money is going.


The lineup changes are absolutely moronic. Why is the evening news moved to 4pm? Why was Rob's show moved. I swear WMNF is run almost as poorly as Air America. Keep it up and you'll ended up just like them. I'll never give WMNF another dollar.

New Coke

Anyone remember "New Coke"? Jim and Randy were in charge of that decision too.

tastes bad

I don't like this new flavor of community radio. Every day I keep tasting it to see if it has gotten any better, but it does not and I keep spitting it out. I've never liked the other flavors of radio in this town, but I don't think I can continue to drink the koolaid.


I first started listening to WMNF in 1983. What attracted me was the diverseness of the music, but more specifically, the alternative music. I,m disappointed with the new schedule. I am a 40 something man. The only shows that even gets close are Surface Noise and Body Rock. The 20 and 30 year olds doing most of the late night show are good but they don't like my music. I graduated high school in 1979. We didn't like folk music. We liked hard, edgey in your face rock...which became punk and alternative. I listened everyday to the Sonic Detour and enjoyed most of the music--especially Amy's show. I figured that It's the Music would be the same format. It just doesn't seem to be the same. Is it supposed to be? I feel the the alternative music lovers are being overlooked. Again, I am a 40 something male with money to support the station. But why should I when I don't hear much music I really enjoy. I keep hearing about how WMNF's main audience is 40 and 50 year olds. But I don't feel that the music is aimed for my enjoyment. I don't enjoy talk radio at all, so I tuned out during those shows.

Hello, anybody listening?

For a station that relies on financial support from loyal listeners, someone in the management does not seem to be paying much attention to the feedback coming through this Blog. Many people on the far Right would love to see this incredible station fail. Has Rupert Murdock made an offer to buy it yet, or, is he sagely awaiting the outcome of your next funding crisis? How much of our money goes to pay for Management salaries? And, when do we get to vote? Thanks to all the people who volunteer their time and enthusiasm to WMNF. My comments are not directed to them.

Management salaries?

So, what are the annual salaries of Randy, Jim, Rob, etc.? Is this public information? If so, where can it be found?

Salary info

The station is required to keep a public file. Anyone can go to the station during business hours and ask to see the file. By law, it must be shown to you, at that time, no questions asked. You can probably find a good bit of salary info there.

Not Liking It

It's difficult to listen to the call in show and DN at it's new time so I feel like I'm missing the best of the talk time WMNF has to offer. Most people who work take lunch anywhere from 11:30 to 2:00 and would be able to listen to talk at that time. If I want music in the middle of my day I play my ipod. I will still support you and think everyone else should too.

Friday @4

It took me a while to figure this out, but now what I do at 4 on Fri. is hit the ar-chive and listen to last Sat's show. Second helping of mindless drivel is what I call it. When the drivel with a mind is over, I catch Route 66. SWEET! Let's see Jim and Randy mess this up.


Well, here it is 9:39am and once again I've missed most of today's Democracy Now program. Sadly, there's not much chance for me to catch it again later. My wmnf appreciation factor continues to struggle. How i wish something could be done to get Democracy Now back on the radio (not HD!) at mid day (lunch time). sigh.


So, Rob Lorii says we can call in to talk about whatever topics we're interested in, but we can't comment on the horrible WMNF schedule changes? As a LONG TIME supporter who has donated thousands of my hard earned dollars to support what I liked about WMNF, it IS in my interest to further a conversation to try to find a resolution to this current problem. I think the management team that created this mess can make some changes and go a long way to satisfy many long time listeners: put democracy now on at lunch; make the women's show at least 2 hours; get rid of drive time news; why are the afternoon music shows three hours? why are route 66 and rythym vault and critical times only one hour? These are the best local shows on radio. Hip hop on sunday morning? that's crazy.

two words:

Fropety Net


So poor Rob Lorei is finding once again that nobody is calling in at 10:00 am. He repeatedly gives out the call in number and says he's surprised that there are no callers. He even threatened to play music instead. Obviously, the afternoon was a much better time to have this programming.

Beginning of the End

I don't have the time to memorize a new schedule after being familiar with the previous one. I'm not going to carry a print out of the new one or check it online constantly. As a result I rarely listen now. This schedule change combined with the antennae repairs and poor reception may be the beginning of the end for WMNF simply because of bad management choices. I believe this schedule change was an act of desperation after recent fund raisers losses. Easier than adding new content or revitalizing existing shows. It is obvious not many listeners were consulted.

Level with your listeners

I smell some internal politics in this whole imbroglio. If that is true, it really stinks. What is keeping the senior manage- ment at WMNF from leveling with dedicated listeners? Are you people reading the comments you have solicited on this blog site? This station is seriously threatened not just by the sad state of the economy, but also by the insoucient lack of respect it is portraying to a dedicated and loyal base of trusting listeners. So, what's the deal? Why not just come out and tell it like it really is, or, get off your high horses and recognize that you have made a mistake, and correct it. That's called, " Management " and that's why some you get a salary paid out of our contributions, while others donate their time and talents, and others; their money. I'm sorry, I have tried to go with the flow, but this new scheduling really stinks. Nuts!


I used to always keep my radio on 88.5 but I have discovered a great drive time station! 104.7. I think they call it Q105. It's great music from the 70s, 80s, and 90s! All hits --no repeats!