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New schedule

Randy Wynne about over 4 years ago

It is one week since the WMNF program changes: if you have had a chance to listen, what are your thoughts?

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Where are survey results ?

I absolutely hate the changes to drive time, Friday was horrendous, seems to have gotten a little worse each day, babble, garble, blah. If I could see the survey at least I'd know if we listener / supporters really wanted this or were simply ignored. Can someone tell me where to find this, I emailed & called the station, no response.....thanks

Survey results

Joyce, Go to for the survey results.

The Music is SUCKING

Please go back to the old schedule


I've been a listener since day one. The changes have me out of sorts. I turn on the radio and expect X and get Y. Why, why, why?

It's sabotage

It's sabotage. From within.


I can only hope anyone who would take the time to type out such an immature not an adult..That would be very..very sad.


As a reminder, comments on this site must adhere to the WMNF Style Statement. We encourage open discussion and don't at the moment require verification of identity, but please don't impersonate others, including WMNF staff members or volunteers. A comment in this thread was removed for doing so. thanks

Afternoon call-ins

After almost 2 weeks of listening to the new afternoon call-in programs, I think it's a mixed bag. I enjoy hearing Rob, Mitch,and Sean. I do wonder why Bill Hamilton is being used as a host. While I probably share his politics and find the 60s show mildly amusing, he lacks the intellectual depth and knowledge of current and historial events to do a credible job. The other hosts are far more intelligent and therefore more interesting. For me, Tuesday's version is a waste of time; I'd much prefer to listen to All Things Considered on WUSF.


Wow. Don't take it so personal, BK...maybe my suspicions have more merit than I first thought...I know changes keep happening that are counter to what everybody wants or voted for. Why? There's no other logical explanation. We've been infiltrated. By the man.

Manchurian Candidate

Randy was playing solitaire, and saw the Queen of Diamonds.

Changes work for me

You old fogeys are having trouble changing. Get with it! This schedule is better! I love having contemporary music to listen to during the day. The evening shows and Saturday lineup is great. Public affairs at 9am works for me.

Old Fogeys?

Jill - you may speak for Jack and yourself, but don't pretend to speak for all. Speaking of old fogeys, I guess Randy and Rob would be included in that bunch. The fact is, no listeners were asked their opinion, no one - just the big three in-studio. Unfair? You bet.

Old Fogeys? II

In between name calling thoughts, try to remember that this station is here because of those "old fogeys". There was a listener survey(totally ignored), see post second post above.


I am very sad that there is no longer any drivetime music in the evening. I do not have an opportunity to play the radio in my office so I do not get to hear the music in the afternoon. I would listin to classical on the way home but the WUSF/SMR fiasco is not fixed yet either. I have listened to MNF for drive time music since moving to Florida over 9 years ago and I do feel cheated. I still listin in the morning but I am all over the dial, looking for decent music, in the evening.


Jill - you young punks do not represent the strength of WMNF's financial existence, nor its volunteer labor force or community activity. The previous schedule better suited many listener/supporters (clearly the majority of blog posters!). For me the weekend schedule is mostly ok, but after two weeks the new weekday schedule still sucks.

Awesome, drive home !!!

More sophomoric leftist retoric, less hip eclectic music !!! Sweet.

Schedule Tweak

This schedule change is like a rash. It's starting to grow on me. I would make a few changes though. I would give Rob and the newsies Friday off. Move True talk into one of the other M-F news shows. "Art in Your Ear" at 10AM, "Live Music Showcase"11AM-noon. Nell noon-3PM. "Bumpy Ride" 3PM-5PM, "Route 66" 5PM-7PM. "Soul Party" 7PM-9PM, "Blues With A Groove...

The slow death of MNF

As a listener supporter for over 2 decades, I HATE the recent program changes. Once again, Randy has cut the truly eclectic music programming that brought me to MNF in the first place. Cutting Tom's show on Monday night was a travesty. The Saturday segue of Speedy/JimmyLyons/Frankie Piniero - a tradition in my home for years - gone. Latino music cut to less than two hours a week. Real international music (african, etc) down to less than two hours a week. Democracy now at 9 AM - Those of us with a J-O-B can't listen now. Same for Rob Lorei's show, the best on MNF. Alan Watts gone. It just doesn't even seem like WMNF anymore. I find myself actually listening to WUSF more frequently than MY radio station, the one I've supported for years. I think it's time to change the Program Director and go back to the previous schedule. I think the survey and the listener comments back this up. Mr. Bennett - Are you listening?


this schedule change has totally F#$%ed up my drive home... I've tuned out...

Sounding good

The program change is good for me as a music lover. So we lost drive time music. We have gained a great three hour eclectic music show during the midday - with minimal news interruptions. It's like free form radio reborn! Don't be stuck in your ways, get with the changes, they are good for you and us.

They need some work

Frankly, some of the mid-day music programmers need to talk a lot less (particularly about themselves) and play more music.

Women's Show

Very disappointed in the one hour show. Mary has created a masterpiece in a 2 hour slot and does not deserve to be sqeezed out. The only show that dedicates itself to a women's point of view should have more respect.


I feel cheated and ignored by this schedule change. My regular annual donation to support and continue the afternoon blues shows apparently was for nothing. I know for a fact that most of the blues shows did make their fundraising and caller quotas which demonstrated consistently great support from the people that put their money where their mouths are. The best programming on any radio station was DemocracyNow, followed by Rob's conversations with the community and then the sweet soul sounds of good old American Blues and R&B music! Now I can't even stand to listen to WMNF at noon, and have to turn my radio off until some of the evening shows start. Now you're going to want me to make another pledge to continue to support the radio station that basically said, "Thanks for your contribution, but F-You!" ????? Thanks for nothing is more like it.

Sad and mad

OK - so I live in Germany, a 6 hour different time zone - but the old schedule worked for me. I could listen to Rob and DN after work - now I get to listen to Rob as a replay and go to the DN site to listen to Amy Goodman. I thought maybe the music would be good - hmm - I hope that younger demographic will cough up some money, because most days, the music makes me move to a morning show archive or a different station. All of that aside - cutting the women's show to an hour is a disgrace - and I am still convinced it is another message to have the women sit down and shut up. You can put the great women DJ's in for music, that's good, have the Lou-Lous do 2 weeks in a row of 60's - also good but it DOES NOT MAKE UP FOR THE LOSS OF THE WOMEN'S SHOW TIME!! Mary needs another good cohost - cutting the allocated time is not how to fix it. I am a member of COF - and I give extra each marathon - no extras this time boys - I am still pissed off. Please fix this mess you have made. And to all the namecallers - we old farts are who started this and have kept it going - put your money where your mouths are!

I thought "it's"the music"

Can't listen at work and no music when I'm driving home. Why leave the morning show untouched? Plus, I always thought the drive time did better in the pledge drives. Those of us who get enough talk at work would sure like to relax on the drive home with new releases we would never hear anywhere else.

Missing Monday Bluegrass

I am very unhappy with the changes to Tom Henderson's bluegrass show. Not only was it moved from Monday night, it was shortened to just an hour. Tom and his show are a treasure and he deserves to have more time in prime time.

Boy, Isn't WMNF Hip?

Talk about sophomoric.. whose idea was it to rename the call in show the "Last Call"? Are we really so immature and desperate to be hip that we cling to teenage feats of glory like staying up past midnight or even daring to go so far as to stay out 'til the bars close?? My, you people ARE wild and crazy. Count me out.


I was referring to the person who impersonated Rob Lorei. Which was removed. I understand that the internet provides a way for everyone to act like children anonymously. But it doesn't mean you have to.


It's obvious that the decision makers at our WMNF are not reading these blogs postings, which are mostly negative with regard to the recent programming changes. So much for "talk back to your radio". They will do what they please, listeners (and supporters) be damned. I'm disgusted.

they listen to the listeners?

I gave up a while ago the only thing I did still listen to was monday bluegrass and now thats gone I guess in the dictionary there is a pic of Randy Wynne under the heading of Narcissus


We can whine all we want but nothing will change. Unless we withhold further funds. Don't renew your pledge this year. THEN you'll see these guy's sit up and take notice!


It's noon - time to turn the radio off.

So much negativity

I was very very skeptical about the changes but I've come to accept the differences and think some are worth the others. First off, the mid-day music has been for the most part great. That almost balances out the fact that I can't stand listening to the call in show during my drive home. I switch over to WUSF or even... (and I hate this) commercial radio if I need music. The women's show is important but it also broke up Saturday in a way that really feels much better now when you can just turn on the radio and work or take care of the yard or whatever. I love having music earlier in the evening and now can catch Grand National Championships and Artful Dodgings while I'm still awake. Nine Bullets is good, but I miss the Indie Hour. One recommendation that I wish they would think long and hard about is putting the news from 5-6 instead of 4-5. If you're really committed to the local area and its news then why not put it on when we are headed home? There has to be a spike in possible listeners at 5 so why give that up to non-local Grit Radio? I've been reading all these comments and want to help make the conversation constructive.

Attention Jeff Stewart et al.

WMNF Program Management please take notice: It is crucial that Jeff Stewart's program schedule be expanded IMMEDIATELY to a two (2) hour time slot! Re: the "Rhythm Vault International" . . . while the world beat mix is obviously great, I am however having SERIOUS withdrawal reactions from a noted absence of Little Willie John, Joe Tex and especially Johnny Zamot's "Are You Ready?" to kick it off! OK, I am willing enough to point and click and download archived shows, as I can not expect to now be able to listen at 3pm Mondays, but I am afraid that the content is sorely insufficient. In desperation, I recently dug through my own cd library of great classic soul music for a self administered dosage of Sam Cooke and JB ("Can I take it to the bridge?"), but while I was repeatedly "Twisting the night away" I nearly wore a hole through the discs and I realized something must be done. I hereby heartily recommend (INSIST!) that a *New and Improved* "Rhythm Vault Planet Earth" program be put forth forthwith to encompass all domestic AND international roots/soul/r&b (and more). Please do not misconstrue this exigent request as criticism or negativity, but rather as the considerate yet urgent and constructive suggestion it is intended to be. Regards, W.W.W. III

Friday @4

It took me a while to figure this out, but now what I do at 4 on Fri. is hit the ar-chive and listen to last Sat's show. Second helping of mindless drivel is what I call it. When the drivel with a mind is over, I catch Route 66. SWEET! Let's see Jim and Randy mess this up.

Where is the Music?

I used to enjoy my drives home from work listening to the music that you cannot hear on any other stations. Now I cannot even hear it on this station. If I want to hear talk shows I will switch to the AM dial. But I want to hear music on my drive home so I guess it is time to find another radio station to listen to or swtch to me CD player instead. Either way you have lost this listener with your new format change. Bye.


The Florida show is a nice addition to the Saturday am lineup. We miss our folk music and enjoy this connection to roots and locality. The loss of schedule and the Women's Show is tremendous for those of us who use WMNF as a balm of community and peaceful spirit for our souls. Generally I enjoy a diverse program that celebrates choice and special interests, even if they are not my own. Now I have lost the predictability of the familiar. Instead of massive changes judicious additions in the programs might be more successful. I would enjoy a younger, less strident, but equally committed voice to Mary on the Women's show. Debate and varied opinions makes for interesting programming. Jeannie is great. To my mind I welcome learning about new music and enjoying music that is new to me. Change within the existing programs might create more listeners without losing the true supporters of WMNF. Changing from NPR to the BBC is just one more way to disenfranchise listeners. I listen to WMNF to increase my sense of community, not to distance it. Why not increase your base by increasing your in depth journalism? You have the talent. There are no journalists left in the newspaper business, start by investigating news and creating a challenging substitute to the big guys paid by advertisers. As you increase content you will automatically increase financial support from we truth junkies. Rob and Mitch should become national heroes instead of local treasures. Hire some of the journalists lost from the newspaper business and connect some real dots rather than rehash what is heard and read on other venues. We have tuned out our listening time about forty percent in our home with the new programming. You have to increase your creativity in order to increase your audience.

bring back the music

PLEASE!!! Bring back the music! There is enough news...bring back the music until 10am and at 4pm on weekdays. Put the Bumpy Ride back on Friday afternoon...please please please.


I much prefer NPR...much more relevant than BBC. Also, every time I here the BBC news I am expecting at any moment...."and now for something completely different".

You've lost me

I liked the old schedule and can no longer get shows I enjoy during my drive time. As a result, my listening to WMNF is, unfortunately, severely curtailed. Best wishes to your new listeners because you've alienated one of your loyal ones.

cant listen at work

I would listed to more of the station but cannot get the feed on my computer at work because of the firewall at work. Used to listen on the way home but need music not news/talk in the pm. Now that I don't listen on the way home I miss hearing about who is playing locally. I can get that info elsewhere but many a night I changed plans based on a drive time shows recommendation or song they played. Do not like it from my perspective but change is inevitable.


Seriously? You're kidding, right? You're playing the first half of GRIT Radio one day, and then the second half of the program the next day? Seriously?

Fund Raising

Instead of listening to the afternoon talk, I hit the ar-chives(ask The Rebel) and listen to one of the shows that I don't get to listen to anymore. Right now I'm listening to Harrison Nash. It might be a good idea when you are doing your fund raisers to remind people like me to donate even though the show you are listening to is recorded. This certainly has changed the way I listen to the radio. The only problem now is when I hear something I like, I can't call or email the DJ to express my appreciation. I should probably keep this to myself lest the ar-chives suddenly disappear.

Number One Program??

Once again, today, WMNF refused to air the entire 60 minutes of Democracy Now. This is the norm. Most of the time we are not allowed to hear the entire 60 minutes, since the program changes went into effect. WMNF claims that DN is their highest rated program, yet they seem to be deliberately alienating their largest audience by cutting off the beginning or the end of the program. I feel compelled to cite Vince (appropriate this time of year), "What the hell is going on out there?".


Don'tcha just love it?

Nobody Wants Democracy Now!

What? NOBODY wants to hear a whole 60 minutes of Democracy NOW! Haven't you been reading all the content above? We want music not talk. I suspect you are a management plant who is trying to change public opinion. It won't work, Herbert. We want music!

You know what?

I called JoEllen Schilke a couple of years ago to complain that she was frequently cutting off the last few moments of Democracy Now on Fridays, and she promptly stopped doing that and then still had a fine, albeit briefer, show after-wards. I think she was just trying to maximize her contribution. politics onedish

don't like it

I understand that every couple of years there is slite changes to the programing, which I don't remember there being so many complaints to. I moved to Miami a couple of years ago and started listening on my iphone or internet. But I've stopped since the changes. They have been to dramatic and I'm clueless to what's on when. I use to listen to at least of Saturdays line-up just the way it was; women's show, 60's, latin jass and the jass show right arfter. When I could I would listen to any of the blues shows during the week. Even the florida folk show in the morning from time to time. Now with an almost complet change to the programming, I don't have a conection to the area I once lived and still love.

WMNF listeners stuck

It sounds like you guys want WMNF to have the same schedule and programmers frozen for eternity. One comment hates it when music plays where they used to have talk. Not enough talk! Another hates that they have news when they used to have music. Too much talk! Get unstuck! It's the same programming, it's been rearranged. For some schedules of future listeners it will work better, for some previous listeners they just want it the same, forever. If you're not changin' you're dyin'. The progressive WMNF listeners are stuck in their opposition to change.


If you're not changing you're dying? ? What does THAT mean? For the record, we all begin dying the minute we're born.


Change is inevitable. It is one of the few constants in life. The change of cutting Democracy Now to less than 60 minutes is unacceptable. I just got done listening to today's program on WSLR. It was uninterrupted and had no "technical glitches." WMNF could not accomplish that with today's program. Lucky for me, I am in the goldilocks zone. I live & work within range of MNF, SMR and SLR. During the day, I am listening to MNF less often since the program changes. The night time programming is still supreme. But this DN! problem has me wondering about my circle of friends attachment.


Hay Thomas... “The progressive WMNF listeners are stuck in their opposition to change.” That was a perfect description of the “progressive movement” in general. You know… those forward progressing "political theologies" (Socialism, Marxism, Maoism, Communism, etc) all of which have failed or are failing… except where the “progressive theology” has been crossbred with Capitalism… the catalyst of change.

The Sixties Show

I thought the shows on Saturday were supposed to be about the music. When did the 60's show turn into a talk show. Hey Bill "The Shill" Hamilton, to paraphrase a 60's saying, don't bogart that microphone, my friend. As a matter of fact, shut your yap and play music.


A little less of the burnt out hippy guys' talk, please. And I'm glad you at least kept Explorations and True talk on at the correct hour.


And....where can I see the results of the survey? Can it be posted as a pdf file or something? I entered the link on that was in the second post on this thread. It just led straight back to this page.

Link to survey results < I just tried it, and I got to the survey results.

Link to survey results <


Thanks, still comes back to this page though. Weird. Maybe I was a little harsh on the hippy guy in an earlier post. I appreciate all people willing to volunteer. But I'm just not into the Bill Airs was right, revolution now, damn the consequences, and praising the drug scene crowd. Something wrong in that message. Just my opinion.


I just tried the link, David, and it worked fine.

Democracy Cut-Off

Why is the last 5 minutes of Democracy Now being cut off? To air 5 minutes of NPR with its accompanying commercial? Drop NPR and play all of DN. The music on WMNF is now almost repetitive. Too many of the same songs and artists. There's too much music out there in the world for WMNF to play the same song twice in a day, not to mention a week.


Russ, so you just copied and pasted the link into the browser?

Call To Action ?

Russ - You failed to mention the "The Shill" encouraging people to throw eggs and garbage at the pirates in the Gasparilla Parade. I wonder what the mangement thinks of such hostile verbage ? Or the potential business donors that were participating in the parade ? Or even the FCC ?

Mr/Call To Action

David, Yup. PP, Potential business donors from Gasparilla? That's funny, I don't care whom you are(with apologies to Larry The Cable Guy).

Re: Bill "the Shill" Hamilton

Hey Russ, I just try to think of Bill Hamilton as WMNF's slightly amusing answer to the other Bill---O'Reilly that is! Usually I find their banter amusing but last Saturday was extreme with what seemed like 10 minute or more rambling self-indulgent bull sessions between the music. And yes, Pirate Pete, I have to agree that advocating violence on air (even if it was tongue in cheek is at best stupid and at worst bodering on dangerous (as we've recently seen).


Don't like AM program changes. I was a loyal AM listener. I can get news and commentary anywhere in the AM; BLa BLa. The eccletic mix of music with a local flair was unique.

Not happy- at all

I have given the new schedule some time and have come to realize I am not listening to WMNF for a fraction of the time that I did prior to the changes. The changes suck. Rob is ok in the morning, but to have to sift thru the drivel of some of the call-ins is aggravating. Instead of being able to drive with a smile on my face and be at ease, I find myself getting annoyed and just smacking that ON/OFF button! I would rather drive in silence than listen to some of the stuff that has been scheduled, that is for certain. No more Fresh Air, Latino 54, Amy Goodman in the noon hour, good music to listen to on the way to work or the way home anymore. The Freak Show and the 60's Show, some of the blues are still in the running, but for the most part if I am in the car, the radio is OFF! And, I am not happy about itm at all.

Working for me

I've given the changes a while to settle in, and for the most part they work for me. I like being able to listen to music (via computer) from 12:00-4:00. No more Live365 or CBC Radio 3 or any of the other alternatives I turned to so I could avoid the public affairs. So this has actually upped my 'MNF listening time. The news/PA during afternoon drive time...meh. I often tuned out of the Sonic Detour anyway. I could hear more music on a *commercial station* on my drive home than I ever heard during that train wreck of a strip. Well, except for the "Bumpy Ride" on Friday afternoons...little music, but the Rebel and the Commuter were entertaining. Not sure about the one-hour specialty shows in the afternoons, though. I like them. But one hour is just not enough time for any of them to get any momentum going (especially with the host of Cafe Du Monde, who just talks way, way, way, too much). The changes on the weekend are a mixed bag. Miss the folk music on Saturday morning, but like the bluegrass at a more reasonable hour. And as long as the Polka Party stays where it is on Sunday, I'm happy.

It's like this . . .

old schedule . . . new schedule . . . changed schedule . . . some listeners are going to like some of a schedule and some listeners aren't. Whether or not overwhelming public opinion and more to the point, community support, participation, funding, etc. are going to affect further action on behalf of interested parties (from all sides) remains to be seen. Remember, COMMUNITY is as COMMUNITY does.


Right -a community will come to agreement and act as a community and BOYCOTT WMNF as a community that looks after its members.


Boycott the station? Really? I don't feel that any of these program changes were made with some sort of malicious intent. Or that they were made with the specific purpose of alienating listeners. That's just crazy. It's radio suicide. Yeah, some things got moved around, and yeah, some of them don't precisely fit my listening habits. But some of them *do*! No one is going to be 100% satisfied, but let's not throw the baby out with the bathwater. As they said on Battlestar Gallactica, "All of this has happened before, and all of this will happen again." ;-) After being involved with the station for 20+ years, I've seen this happen after every scheduling shake-up. It will settle out. And if the changes made don't work...they'll change them again. PEACE, Mark

not this time

The station asked for input and received 1,000 replies. They didn't listen to the results. Soon they will ask for money again. Then it will be my turn to not listen. What else is there to make yourself heard by management Mark ?

but not a boycott

Making an individual decision to give less or to not giv at all, based on ones reaction to the program changes, is one thing. Calling for a boycott of the station because one dislikes the changes is quite another. There will be plenty of people who will still give, either despite or because of the program changes. We all get to choose what we do.

not happy

Not happy with most of the changes. More music in the middle of the day sounds fine but I'm at work and can't listen. I especially miss the afternoon music when I'm driving home in traffic. All that talk is too stressful after a day of stress at work. I hate it. I feel like I've lost a friend.


I've been thinking about a boycott too. If everyone would boycott the call-in shows, perhaps they would be switched to music shows. Rob even said that if no one called he would play music. I was going to call him and say that would be fine with me, but that would've defeated the purpose.



Power to the antenna…

Hay Che… I don’t think that MNF would qualify as an oppressor… a subversive, maybe… a depressor, definitely... but not an oppressor.

What's the DIFF?

What's the difference between a boycott and every member of the WMNF community making an individual decision to give less or to not give at all? You say tomato. I say tomato.


No more $$$ until drive time music is back on the air! (It SUX to be me at 4:30 pm because I can't stand commercial radio and my cd player don't work!)

Dear John Valentine

After more than 30 years of love it's a shame to see MNF abandon your long term subscribers. No more support from me.

Lookin in all the wrong places

Ok, I've given it a month and it's still not working for me. At all. There's news in the wrong places and all kinds of the same kind of music all bunched up together. I'm truly sad that Tom Henderson was downgraded and so many programmers that gave the station it's specialness are gone. I'm definitely tuning in to other stations A Whole Lot More and therefore more of my donation dollar is going to have to go there, too.