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Extra! Heatwave! Read All About It

Matt Cowley about about 7 years ago

Check out some of the local preview coverage of this year's Tropical Heatwave:

Creative Loafing

"From the fiery fiddle of Amanda Shaw to the New Orleans funk of the Soul Rebels Brass Band to the welcome return of A New Personality, the 27th annual Tropical Heatwave promises to be a wild and eclectic ride."

St Petersburg Times

"Some of us aren't so big on planning, and we can't always decide which bands we want to see at a big music event. We might be tired, wired, mellow or just want to dance. Not sure what you're hot for at Saturday's Tropical Heatwave? Here's a meteorological guide."

and here

"Brave Combo has become one of the most popular bands at Heatwave over the years, thanks to rollicking dance music that blends serious polka with a garage-band attitude, and to joyous concert experiences that have hundreds of strangers joining in for the Chicken Dance."

Tampa Tribune

"But the very best thing about Heatwave is this: It's a chance to attend a concert and get treated like a human being. An adult human being, at that."

and here

PR Web

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wheres the WEBCAST??

hey mnf get it together crossroads: webcast coachella: webcast jazz fest: webcast where is heatwave webcast??