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WMNF at the Lennon Memorial

Matt Cowley about over 6 years ago

Ernie was visiting the John Lennon Memorial in Central Park, and found this:

I was a little shocked to be a thousand miles from home and see a bumper sticker for a Tampa radio station on a guitar laid near the Imagine memorial.

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WMNF at The John Lennon Memorial

I gave the sticker to "Gary..The Mayor of Strawberry Fields" while visiting last year. We visit NYC a couple of times a years to see our son Gabriel....and spend the week wandering Manhattan. We visit the Lennon Memorial several times during the weeks adventures and take many pics. I had a nice chat with Gary (who is the person that does the flower arrangements on the memorial) and told him of our station down here...gave him the sticker and he put it immediately on his guitar...guaranteeing that literally thousands of people from all over the world will see our sign..:) He actually called The Dream Clinic last night from the trying to figure out how he could have WMNF playing on a computer at the Memorial!!!! Dennis Stone at