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Blue Note releases iPad app

Matt Cowley about over 2 years ago


The great jazz label Blue Note has released an app for iPad:

The Blue Note app provides a way for users to explore classic jazz recordings from artistes like Wayne Shorter, Art Blakey and Dexter Gordon. It’s free to download the app with 30 second clips from the initial catalog which includes over one thousand songs.

For a monthly subscription ($1.99/£1.49) all of the songs can be listened to in full. The app also offers featured playlists curated by jazz experts, new audio each month and the option to dedicate songs to friends on Facebook. Detailed liner notes and album information is also available so at least a little of the joy of physical music formats can be indulged.

The app comes from an initiative by label EMI to open its catalog to developers:

OpenEMI offers ‘sandboxes’ for developers to experiment with digital content. There are thousands of tracks and other material from the EMI catalog as well as specific sandboxes for particular artists like Professor Green, AIR, Gorillaz and others.

As the recording industry rides through its rocky patch of digital upgrades and IP battles, it’s possible that opening up catlogs for the creation of innovative apps might provide better ways to make money instead of earning from lawsuits over piracy. Opening up music with fresh apps seems like a step in the right direction for putting music in people’s hands so they might not need to find illegal ways to find what they want to hear.

Full story and links to the app here.

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