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Caller Said "Obamacare" Will Impose 3% Tax On All Home Sales: Not Accurate!

Rob Lorei about almost 4 years ago

Today at 10AM on Radioactivity a caller named "Keanu" said he had received an e-mail claiming that health care reform would impose a 3% tax on all home sales. That's not true according to Snopes. Here's the link with source information embedded.

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the big B.O. lies again, but is true this time.

Also the big B.O. said he would come to everyone's house and suck them [ just guys ]off if you voted for him and his union thugs !


that was a rumor?! I thought the line was just insanely long!

relax comrades

no, relax. its not a strue. osama will get to u eventually

How sad

Do you pinheads have nothing better to do than come to come over here and fling your poo like chimps in a zoo?

me too

he he he you're so delicate you're afraid to say poop. come on..SAY IT! I EAT MY OWN POOP! SAY IT LOUD AND BE PROUD. I FLING POOP!!

it's true

the real pin head is the person who says this story is false. it's not. It is a new tax, on Americans, and on their homes. To pay for others. Socialism at its finest.