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Candidate Bios for Volunteer Reps to the Board of Directos

JoEllen Schilke about almost 3 years ago

Hi there volunteers! Voting commences Tuesday, September 25 at 11pm, and ends at 5pm, Tuesday, October 16. You can vote in person at the station, or email for an email ballot. Voting is open to RadioActivists--people who have volunteered at least 10 hours for the station in the last 6 months, or 20 hours over the last year.

Michael Bagby (Volunteer Rep) My name is Michael Bagby. Please consider me as a candidate for the Volunteer Representative position on the WMNF Board of Directors. For the last ten months I have been Chair of the WMNF Volunteer  Committee. It has been a privilege and an honor and I have done my utmost to increase Volunteer Committee membership and presently have a group of dedicated members who represent a broad spectrum of the various aspects of WMNF. My communication to the staff, board and the volunteers of WMNF has been timely, consistent and thorough.  My commitment to the station is deep and abiding and I truly believe that becoming a board member will allow me to be an even greater representative of our wonderful volunteers. I've made tough decisions  as Volunteer Chair and I do not shy away from some of the very real issues that will require creative problem solving at the station. My skills of communication, listening and presenting to groups of people will enableme to be an active participant for the WMNF Board. Thank you.

Norman Batley (Volunteer Rep) I have submitted my name for a member of the Board and would welcome the opportunity to say a  few words. Also, a Volunteer Committee Position would be something I could bring an abundance of experience and knowledge to.

Frank Starr (Volunteer Rep) I've volunteered and supported WMNF for 10 years. I've been with the Volunteer Committee for 8 years. I've served as secretary, and vice-chair. As secretary, I pioneered sending the monthly minutes out by email, and then posting them on the internet as well. This let everyone review the Volunteer Committee, without having to drive to the station. As secretary and vice-chair, I've helped revise the Programmer's Agreement, and other things the Volunteer Committee is responsible for. I'd like to return to the Volunteer Committee to continue giving my best for our volunteers.     Since I've worked for our volunteers as a member of the Volunteer Committee for the past 8 years, I'd like to bring my hard work and dedication to the WMNF Board of Directors. As a Volunteer representative to the Board,  I think my experience will be valuable in representinging the interests of our volunteers.

Lorraine Thomas (Volunteer Rep) I would like to throw my hat in the ring to be considered for one of the Volunteer Representatives on the Board of Directors for the station.  I've been volunteering with the station for a year and have been an official member of the Volunteer Committee for approximately 6-9 months.   I was initially involved as a volunteer in September of 1979 but it was very temporary.  I feel a strong bond with WMNF now as I've watched it evolve and grow.  The radio station is, in my opinion, on the precipice of change that will affect the membership and listeners.  I want to have a positive role in seeing WMNF maneuver through these changes and continue to succeed.  Being a part of the Board of Directors will give me that ability as I would then have the ability to be involved with the committees and decisions that help to direct the ship.  I have a BSBA from the University of Florida, major in Finance/minor in Economics.  My career is in community association management where I work with many boards and the general membership (homeowners).  I am involved with the budgeting, legal, enforcement, and customer service aspects of running the business of the communities for which I manage.  I am very intent on giving back to the community and involve myself when possible in volunteer projects that hopefully give people the assistance and respect they need when they are struggling the most.  Thank you for your consideration.

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