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Cheers to Cigar City Brewing and Tropical Heatwave!

Laura Taylor about over 2 years ago


In an unprecedented collaboration, local Tampa community brewery Cigar City Brewing and local community radio station WMNF 88.5fm are hopping with excitement over a new commemorative and collectible beer!

For the second year in a row, Cigar City Brewing has created a Tropical Heatwave Beer. Last year, it was bottled and sold throughout the state. This year, it will be canned, distributed state- wide, available at the Tropical Heatwave event in Ybor City May 10th and 11th, and will be different in taste.

Wayne Wambles, Head Brewer of Cigar City Brewing, savors the flavor.

“Tropical Heatwave - A lively American wheat beer(ale) - Cloudy gold in color due to being unfiltered, this wheat beer has moderate passion fruit notes with an underlying berry aroma. Thirst quenching tropical bitterness and a slight rosemary to pine character are prominent in the flavor profile with supporting notes of wheat and a slight berry tartness. Distinguished without pretension, it can be enjoyed by the connoisseur or the layman. 5.5% ABV. Sipping it right now. Definitely happy with the small changes that we made to it this year.”

Before last year, CCB had never before bottled a promotional beer for a radio station, and Vice President Justin Clark says the can is an exciting new development.

“(I’m) really excited to get this beer into 16oz cans. We are excited to partner with WMNF for our very first run into 16oz cans. We feel it is the perfect "venue" package,” Clark says.

WMNF Development Director Laura Taylor is grateful for Cigar City Brewing’s support and sponsorship.

“We are honored that Cigar City thinks so highly of WMNF to produce a commemorative Tropical Heatwave beer two years in a row. I think it’s important for independent local businesses and organizations to work together because we need each other more now than ever.”

Tropical Heatwave Beer will be available for sale in the Tampa Bay Area and throughout Florida this month. For more information, contact Laura Taylor at (813) 865-8260 or e-mail #

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