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Goodbye Kwabena

Randy Wynne about over 3 years ago

Many mixed emotions will come to the fore Friday (12/9) night at midnight, the last For Lovers Only show. Kwabena Dinizulu is relocating out of state to further his artistic endeavors. For many years he has created a quiet storm of R&B, jazz and poetry that was his unique vision for the late night.

We do not know yet what programming will replace FLO but we can only hope it can please listeners as Kwabena has done.

We will miss you.


Randy Wind WMNF Program Director

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Yeah Brother,Missin' Ya Already!!

Peace To My Big Brother: It's been many years and many good times...thanks be to Bro. Kenny K.(RIP),thru whom we met..and the rest is "Ourstory" (mums da-word)! Hope to build "moor" memories in the near future. One Love to you and the family god-brotha,we'll be in touch!! --Yuhanna-AL

friday night should be retired

I'm going to miss you. no one could ever take your place, so on that note, friday midnight until 3a.m. nights are retired to me. wishing you the best on your new journey.

Amakhosi wase Nuthando

Heyi! Mngani! Hamba kahle!

heir apparent....

I will be ascending down to assume the role of love in the late nite... phoenix jones has landed... to be continued....