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Heatwave Press Round-Up

Matt Cowley about about 4 years ago

Tropical Heatwave is this weekend. Here are some previews and guides from the press world:

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Heatwave comments

Jahfari blew the roof off of the Cuban Club Ballroom. That was some serious Reggie! All the bands on the el passaje plaza were EXCELENT and well choosen! Peelander-Z were "off the hook". Jubal's Kin MUST COME BACK! Two Cow Garage exploded the CrowBar. It will take a while to put the walls back in place! Steve Vaclavik should be on a bigger stage! I have no idea who books the acoustic acts but I want to put may name in. I can do the acoustic stage My wife and I stayed untill 12:30 - 12:45 and watch everything we could. All in all it was a GREAT Heatwave guys & gals. The acoustic stage is a wonderful idea PLEASE keep it up.


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