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Here's A New York Times Chart Explains How Our National Debt Got So Big

Rob Lorei about almost 4 years ago

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Waiting for Aug. 3rd...

I will agree that defense spending went through the roof after 9/11… but the Democrat controlled House, Senate and Presidency of 2009 & 2010 chose not to do anything about it. Instead… they went after Health Care. Furthermore… I don’t trust these charts. All of them give the massive spending of 2009 to President Bush when… President Obama had been sworn in Jan 20, 2009!!! If your chart makers can’t get the dates in office right… why would I trust their numbers??? It doesn’t matter how the liberals spin this or try to rewrite history… you guys are going to own the credit downgrade in 2012.

Wait just a minute

Why right wingers hold dearly to the "Democrat Majority" and blaming Democrats for Bush's follies. They don't remember, or don't want to remember how many filibusters Republicans provided causing an essential massive shutdown in the house and senate. One can clearly see our current shortfall is the result of a few things: Loss of good paying jobs (lost to offshore cheap labor), Bush's "temporary" tax cuts, and 2 unfunded wars. Does anybody remember President Bush saying "we had too much money, and it's YOUR money I'm giving back"? Well, now Mr. President, we need to give it back to run our country.

down grading our credit rate

as far ae the usa's credit rate goes stop and think for a minute,the very same gang of thieving pond scum that over saw the largest swindle in history are still in charge of the fed, the megabanks and the ownership of our lap dog house and senate. downgrade had to happen world governments were suckered once by trusting these vermin and the fact that not one of them is in jail.shows that is's not likely that the us gov.would have kept a triple a rating anyway.

For Glenn Pendergrass

The way federal budgets work is for the next fiscal year. Meaning, Bush's budgetary items went from FY2002 through FY2010 which is different from his presidency which was calender year 2001 through 2009. The chart even notes that some of Obama's spending began in FY2009 due to the stimulus package. Anyway, I just thought you should know you can trust the chart even though you might have trouble reading it.

Liberalism is a mental disorder…

Okay… let me get this straight… Bush's budgetary items went from FY2002 through FY2010!!! Sooo… riggin the explosives and blowin up the World Trade Center was in President Clinton’s budget… not George Bush’s??? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA… you liberals are killin me!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA… trust the charts!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA… I think I just pooped my pants!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA…

Fiscal Year Budgets are what they are

It is just how spending works in our federal government. No need to poop yourself...

Real community radio here?

Rob Lori says he wants to hear more from conservatives...why would they call? Everyday when i listen to this show at 10 a.m. thru 10:45 a.m. I am amazed at how many times He will cut a conservative caller off with distracting questions..and not let the caller explain fully.and interupt him by hanging up or saying..thats all the time we have..or listening to himself rebute the question!..If you want to get more support for your Radio station, I reccommend representing the WHOLE community...not just the liberal whiners, who complain about Rick Scott and the republican congress!

Who put the word community in community radio

As Sam Harris stated "who put the word good in the good book", who puts "community" in community radio? I would find multiculturism as an oxymoron unless your in Vegas.

2012 is looking good...

Stimulus packages that didn’t work, healthcare costs rising (after reform), out of control guvment spending, quantitative easing (3 times) and our 1st credit downgrade… the democrat legacy just won’t stop!!!


Republicans are bad, Dems far worse. We need leadership that's not in someones back pocket.

Tea Party! Our Only Hope!

They are a grass roots movement to get back to our roots --which does NOT include socialism but DOES include self-sufficiency and opportunity. Join the revolution NOW!