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New Volunteer Orientation is Wednesday, November 16 @ 7pm

JoEllen Schilke about over 3 years ago

If you have been thinking about being an mnf radioactivist, but haven't gotten 'round to do it, (or have been here, winging it!) well here you go. Come down to the station and we will show you around, tell you the history, meet some of the regulars, and talk about what you would like to do here at WMNF. Please RSVP to if you are interested. gracias! muchas!

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Student/Engineering Specialist 1

Looking forward to meeting you, JoEllen. See you then.


interested in voluteering at station, and possibly a show, at any time slot......

Costume Designer

I am looking very forward to meeting the WMNF community by volunteering at the station!


I'd like to RSVP for meeting on Wednesday, also. Laura has sent me some paperwork previously. I'll bring that with me. Thanks!