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Newt Gingrich Friends With Yasser Arafat?

Rob Lorei about over 3 years ago


Photo of Gingrich and Arafat

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Yikes, give me a leader

Sadly even this turd is better than Obama. Time for a third party canidate to step up.

No fan of Newt, but......

Look, I'm no Newt fan, but just because he met with a foreign leader, Palestinian or otherwise, does not make him a Muslim, Socialist, or anything else but a politician. He is seen in the photo smiling and acting nice. He will have come home and lobbied to bomb Palestine (no photo of that). Same as Kissinger did in Chile and was done in East Timor. That is the two-faced US Policy at work.

Where is this Palestine

Andy Karpay where is this Palestine you speak of bombing. Inquiry minds want to know.