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Orlando's arrests of Food Not Bombs activists prompt threats of cyber attack

Sean Kinane about about 4 years ago


Click here for an update from WMNF's Kate Bradshaw

It seems the City of Orlando has ticked off the wrong (anonymous) people.

If you've been following our coverage over the last week or so, you know that Orlando is enforcing its ban on large-group feedings in public parks with a vengeance. Three activists with the group Orlando Food Not Bombs were arrested last week, four more earlier this week, and five more as recently as Wednesday.

Well, now an unrelated anonymous group says it's had enough. It's going to wage cyber war against the city. In this email released Thursday, the group Peoples Liberation Front says it will take Orlando's official website offline at 10 a.m. Friday morning. But this nonviolent resistance is just a warning shot: they'll put the site back up at noon, but they promise next time they won't be so facilitating. Here's the body of their letter:

Peoples Liberation Front Communique

Thursday - June 9, 2011

This is a Message to the Orlando City Government --

We have watched with dismay as all across the USA more and more cruel and illegal laws have been passed against the homeless street people. Your recent arrest of Food Not Bombs activists is the line in the sand, and the Peoples Liberation Front will tolerate no more.

Tomorrow morning at precisely 10:00 AM EDT the forces of the PLF will remove the Orlando Government web site from the internet. It will remain a smoking crater in cyber space for exactly two hours, when we will give the cease fire order and allow it to return to normal function.

Consider this a warning. If you persist in the despicable practice of arresting people for feeding other people, we will permanently remove ALL your official web sites from the internet. You have been warned, do not make us return. Cease your persecution of Food Not Bombs and leave the street people alone.

SIGNED -- Commander X

PLF Field Commander

Earlier Thursday Orlando's Mayor Buddy Dyer replied to a member of Orlando Food Not Bombs named Josh explaining the city's actions. Among the reasons he gave for the arrests is that there's a designated "park" where sharing food is legal. Here's part of Dyer's letter:

The City has designated an area on Sylvia Lane for groups to set up feedings for the homeless, with tables, benches, portolets and security. This designated area is within blocks from community service agencies, providing easier access to needed services.

I figured I'd check out where Sylvia Lane is. An internet search turned up these photos taken by Orlando FNB.

Fenced in. Locked. Barbed wire. Asphalt. Is the Mayor really saying this is an alternative to Lake Eola Park?

We'll continue to follow this story and will bring you updates on the WMNF News and on our website

Here's our coverage of Food Not Bombs

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Great Article

Good job, your on our permanent media list. In addition to the above described live fire action we will also launch shortly a Black Fax and E-Mail Bomb, where we will transmit from senders all over the world tens of thousands of duplicates of the quoted message into every inbox at City Hall. Just to make sure they get the message. YOURS -- Commander X PLF Field Commander Peoples Liberation Front

Are You Kidding??

ha ha haha --what? are these guys 14? black fax and e-mail bomb! ha ha haha ha ha ha Just turn the fax off and you'll be saved from these dangerous commandos. go ahead, field commander. Do your worst! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hahaha ha ha

U Think UR a Hacker?

what up, commander poindexter? is the man begging for mercy now? bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha a ha ha ha

Yikes !!!!!

Hold me I'm scared