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Remember Vicki with Bears for Children

Laura Taylor about about 6 years ago


At this year's Tropical Heatwave, we invite you to "Turn On Your Love Light" For Vicki Santa and Local Children’s Hospitals.

We will be collecting stuffed bears in memory of Vicki Santa, our beloved former station manager who passed away last December

We encourage you to bring your teddy bear(s) to Heatwave and drop them off with our volunteers on the 2nd floor landing, where we will be commemorating some of WMNF’s Shining Stars.

If you are not planning to attend Heatwave, you can STILL participate, by dropping off your bear(s) at the station… 1210 E. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, during business hours or by calling 813-238-8001.

Collected Bears will be on display at Heatwave,

So be sure to stop by the 2nd floor landing to marvel at the various ways to share the displays of love during the evening.

And after the event, we will be Sharing The Love Light by distributing the bears to local Hospitals like Shriner’s of Tampa and St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital.

As always, we appreciate your involvement in one of Tampa’s VERY Best Music Events.

WMNF’s Tropical Heatwave, Saturday, May 16th , 2009.

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resident Freak

We all know that the magic of the dancing bears is a big part of The Freak Show energy cycle on Tuesdays. So now we are looking to share that love and energy even more with those less fortunate that could use a bear hug, smile and that lovelight shining ever so brightly !!! Please help !!!

bears for vicki

hey folks i still see vickie sitting with me and take a picture with me after the last appearence of now president obama in the bay area. she was very kind to me once she got to know me. i miss her so much. i'll never forget her!!! and that's real! marv flemmings

Bears or Animals?

Do they need to be stuffed bears or will any stuffed animal do?

Heatwave Decorations

Any stuffed and dressed animals will be fine as long as they are new or gently used. They will be shared with local childrens's hospitals after Heatwave.Ditto Marv.... I took that photo, it was Great to see you at the Obama Rally.


i have lots of collector bears i can donate. What about the pediatric floor at Tampa General Hospital as well?

Great Idea

What a terrific way to honor a great lady and put a smile on a child's face. It makes me even more proud to be a listener supporter.


Alchemy and I will be there with a bag of animals. Bears and the like.

smiles and bears

Last tropical heatwave vicki came to the event- looking so happy. She was dancin, and smiling as she always has. She will be there May 16,,everywhere. Her sprit is all around .Please bring a bear - in honor of Vicki Santa, and all she did for WMNF. and the Community scene. We miss you vicki- and you are ALWAYS with us. --peace, Lindalu

I am excited and proud to help

I am covering the Teddy Bear drive for the first shift at Heatwave. It is an honor...Vicki was a personal hero of mine, and what a way to celebrate her memory!