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Republican state Representative files bill to allow execution by firing squad

Sean Kinane about over 3 years ago

Florida Republican State Representative Brad Drake filed a bill this morning (Tuesday 11 October 2011) to allow execution by firing squad or electrocution. It's called HB 325.

What do you think about this?

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Bill description

Execution of Death Sentences: Provides that death sentence shall be executed by electrocution or firing squad, rather than lethal injection; provides for designation of number & members of firing squad by warden; provides that each firing squad member shall be considered an executioner; provides for election of method by persons sentenced to death & for election of method by persons subject to mandate pursuant to decision by Florida Supreme Court affirming sentence of death on or within specified period after effective date of act; conforms provisions. Just thought the full bill should be here. It is pretty ridiculous though


A firing squad. He wants to tie up the legislature -- which has much bigger issues to tackle -- by having them discuss killing people by firing squad. The lawmakers in this state just continue to astonish me. I'm personally against capital punishment, period, but that aside, how does death by firing squad offer an improvement to lethal injection?

Give them a choice...

At least the “convicted” would have a choice in how he or she will free themselves of their earthly shackles!!! If they’re going to die… why not let them choose how it's going to happen???

Wild West romanticized

More pandering to that far right base that wants to return to the late 1800's as they saw them in the black and white movies of the 50's. What's next? WANTED! DEAD or ALIVE. HUGH REWARD! Posters all around town. America- The Ridiculous.

Deal em...

Ohhh come on Ed… you need to move into the 21st century. We haven’t used “Wanted” posters since 2003… we now use “Most Wanted” playing cards!!! And… of the original deck of 55 “Most Wanted” playing cards… only about 10 “cards” are still unaccounted for!!! YEEEE HAHHH…


The guillotine is a much more humane instrument for state executions. It should be set up in the public square in front of the courthouse where the death sentence was meted out. The prosecutor, judge, and the twelve jurors should be required to sit in the front row and be made to regard the severed head held up in their faces by the executioner while the condemned's eyes are still able to blink and presumably look back at the citizens who adjudged him to die. If at a later date, the condemned man is found to have been innocent of the crime for which he was executed, the judge, prosecutor, and one of the jurors chosen by lot, would lose their heads under the blade of justice. Fair is fair.

Guns are freedom: Firing Squads American

This nation was founded not to establish a gov't or anything else other than to protect our gun freedom. When I rub my gun, I feel a mystical connection with George Washington at Valley Forge. We have 220 million private firearms-10s of millions more guns than pets. Average annual US firearm thefts are 341,000--each of them getting into criminal hands by a criminal act. Every year 32,000 American die from unlawful gun use: each one a patriotic sacrifice, along with the average annual 20,600 child gunshot victims treated in emergency rooms. God loves America best because of our guns. Without full gun freedom we'd have no freedom, like Canadians, Englishmen and Norwegians. It is only proper that our execution be done by guns. Many a patriotic NRA member would volunteer to do the shooting for free. If Jesus had been armed with an assault weapon, that little squad of crucifiers would have died like the foreign scum they were. The age of fully armed democratic universal person to person countervailance could have begun 2,000 years earlier.

I hope they meet at the VFdubya...

Hey Issywise… I like the way you think!!! Do you have a newsletter I can subscribe to??? And when does your bunch meet???