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Scrapping for the Airwaves Extended Until Saturday, 12/17!

Laura Taylor about over 3 years ago

Due to popular demand and generosity of spirit, Experimental Skeleton is extending the project! You may drop off your scrap metal Saturday from 9am-11am!

We’re located at 1210 East Doctor Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard in Tampa. Drop off hours are 9am-5pm.

We are hauling away your scrap metal and turning it into money for your community radio station. We have certain things we will and cannot accept.

If you are bringing lawnmowers or other equipment with motor oil, please drain that first!

Here is a list of acceptable donation items:

*Aluminum- cans, cast aluminum, extrusion(pipe,square tubes, window frames)

*Copper- wire, pipe, cast, insulated wire,

*Christmas lights

*Steel/Cast Iron

*Stainless Steel

*High-Temp Alloys

*Appliances- air handlers, refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, lawn mowers, heaters

*Sheet Iron

*Industrial Discards

*All Grades of Ferrous and Nonferrous Metals

*Car batteries/Lead batteries

*Brass items

*Bronze items

Here a few things we can not sell to the scrap yard:

*Closed containers- oxygen tanks, paint cans aerosol cans

*Radioactive materials


*Televisions/Cathode Ray Tubes

*Fluorescent lights


*Rail Road Ties( It is a Federal Crime to own rail road ties without permission)

For more information, call Development Director Laura Taylor at 813-238-8001 or email

Thanks to Joe Griffith and Experimental Skeleton, the nonprofit arts organization helping support nonprofit radio!

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