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Take the WMNF listener survey!

Randy Wynne about over 1 year ago


We consider ourselves the luckiest station to have such loyal, passionate and dedicated listeners. Thank you for inspiring us to work hard for you. We are constantly striving to provide you with the best WMNF has to offer. In order to better understand your needs we would love it if you took our listener survey. This is a chance for you to have a personal impact on our programming and events. Tell us how we're doing, we really want to hear from you!

Thank you for your help in advance!

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I am worried about WMNF's ability to attract new listeners and donors.

Time for a Craft Beer Show!

It's past time for the D.J.s to abide by the stations stated tenets. Biases, hypocrisy, hyperbole and the blame game isn't what the station should stand for. Clean up your own flock before passing around the hat.

I will always donate to my favorite radio station. That said, I'd like to keep the politics from overwhelming this station. They're are good conservatives who followed the late Timothy Leary's advice to turn on, tune in and drop out. To me that was dropping out of this system.

This is your chance to "talk back" to YOUR STATION! Where else would you hear about TPP and TAFTA? talking animals? conversation on aetheism? Plus music you would never know about!

please, with all due respect and out of love for the station I have listened to since 1987 - please have the courage that comes with knowing the right thing to do and end the religious programs. It does not fit the mission and in hypocritical to what the station represents - which is community and non discrimination of any type

I love WMNF, I contribute and I listen everyday. Please Keep the brilliant Eve Prang Plews on! I also love Music of the Isles and the Freak Show and E Love. I like the music on Friday Night Soul Party However I object to the constant "shout outs to Imates at Hardy and CCFC" and other prisons. Steve mentions them by names, takes requests and Glorifies and legitimates being incarcerated as normal or OK. This sends the wrong message to listeners especially young ones. I called a few times and asked him to think about it. I also spoke to the soul man who agrees w me. How about doing shout outs to responsible fathers and mothers, students getting As, heros, people that work 2 jobs etc. Ligitimazing prison life sends the wrong message to youth. The prison population is high enough in Fl. Steve should be asked to stop it.