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We have a new kitchen, thanks to Madewell Kitchens, Wackie Jackie & Steve Arduango!

JoEllen Schilke about over 3 years ago


Wackie Jackie, host of Tuesday morning's Early Bird Wake Up Show got a wonderful new kitchen donated to the station. Madewell Kitchens built us a fresh, ADA compliant (!) kitchen over the holidays, and Mr. Steve Arduengo, one of the masterminds of the Live Music Showcase donated the paint and labor to make it yummy looking. We're so happy! Thank you so much!

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Lovely and efficient

Thanks guys! I am only there once a week or so, and just saw it last week!It's so clean and larger looking! Thanks for the hard and lovely work. Cheryl I surely wish others would recycle more of the cans and bottles of ALL sorts that fill the various trash cans each and every week. Remember, there is a very nice recycling set up STILL there in the new and improved kitchen.

Who doesnt love a new kitchen?

Congratulations WMNF! A new kitchen can encourage healthy eating and I suppose the big question is . . . . .was a dishwasher included in the new layout? Just curious. Can't tell from photo. Happy Kitchens, from your favorite kitchen designer.


I love the new kitchen!! Jackie & Steve: You guys rock!!!