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WMNF's 99 percenter long-sleeved t-shirt

Sean Kinane about over 3 years ago


WMNF's 99 percenter long-sleeved t-shirt

Check out the front and back of the long-sleeved t-shirt here

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Nothing says, "I'm a whiny malcontent who wants someone else to pay their bills," better than one of these babies.

Feeling threatened, TJ?



It might as well say PROUD MEMBER OF THE FLOCK or even better BAAAAAAHHHHH

99%ers are unAmerican

In America, worthiness & virtue are measured by wealth. Those lacking wealth so completely that they need help are inherently unworthy of help. Help just breeds dependency. Herbert Spencer, Ayn Rand & the patiotic Tea Party teach we must not coddle the poor & we must allow the virtuous productive rich to be properly compensated to the maximum. Only by that policy can we insure both groups--poor and rich, are going to be motivated, virtuous & productive. Without those at the very top, there could be none at the very bottom. Balance is struck by equal weight at each extreme: fewer rich with more money at one end and many people with no money at the other. It's a theory about how the natural laws of manmade economies work. It's my right to not help the poor. I patriotically demand my government not help them either. Helping the poor is unconstitutional. America was born with, by, for & of the free markets. Government should only serve the virtue-distilling free markets, not anything else and certainly not virtueless unproductive human drags on the economy. Coddling undermines democratic self-reliance. Kids growing-up in cardboard boxes in the woods will have the special drive to be the next generation's entrepenuers. I was deprived as a child. I'm a baby boomer from the comfortable suburbs. I wish I'd have been poor as a child. I'd be richer today if I had been lucky enough to have the good fortune to be poor in America, so long as I kept my virtue and didn't fall into getting help provided by the misguided. That's why I'm in the Tea Party, to give the poor a chance to be real Americans by their own effort. God loves America most because of our wealth/virtue...and of course our 220,000,000 private firearms. As hippy types say, stay groovy and feel the vibe of the times. I used to be a college protester 40 years ago. That's where I learned to hate the American government. That's why I liked Reagan, his anti-governmentism. That's why I'm a Tea Partier now. Rock on! Bros! Avoid Norah Jones music. It'll make you sleepy.

All alone in the world

I'm not allowed to be Republican because I am pro-choice and I'm not allowed to be a Democrat because I own a gun. What percentage am I? That Margin of Error +/-3 LOL

Where's my shirt?

I made a pledge to get this shirt. So far no shirt. What gives?

Response to All alone in the world

Why do you have to be buttonholed into either major party? The founders hated organized political parties because they'd learned from British history, where permanent parties developed only a hundred years earlier during the Restoration and Glorious Revolution era, that organized partisans value only personal and party political advancement. The founders knew many examples of party politicians betraying the national interest to advance their own partisan electoral prospects. Among those who knew that history were Jefferson and Madison. Their betrayal of the founding hope & intent that political parties would not develop in America was motivated by the very same partisan ambitions that had so afflicted Britain. All alone, given the nature of your question, you don't need to be "allowed" in either party. Political organization is said to be inevitable, but the only time partisan politicians pay any attention to the public's well-being is when voters scare them. Congressman John Lewis, a true civil rights hero in the 1960s, told the Tampa drug counter protestors that their vote in the 2008 would not be counted because it "wasn't fair" to one of the candidates. Such is the effect of partisanship as an expression of human nature. In the long run, we can't overcome that human nature affliction by participating in formal political parties, but ony by directly keeping incumbents scared of voters. 95% reelection rates ain't scaring nobody. By the way, I don't anybody who thinks responsible free people shouldn't be allowed to own guns. That doesn't preclude responsible regulation that keeps manufacturers from producing a new one every eight seconds in a nation that already has 220,000,000 private firearms. Here 39% of households have firearms. In Norway its 32%. Here we average 32,300 annual unlawful firearms deaths. Norway has less than ten annual unlawful firearms deaths. Their police do not carry guns. That wouldn't be possible here because the annual average for firearms thefts in the US is 341,000--each of them getting a firearm into criminal hands. That crazy man who killed that valient police officer on Nebraska Avenue didn't have a home, but he had three guns. His out-of-state purchase could have been prevented with the same technology allows marketers to track your website travel, but for the NRA. Like cars and prescription medication, guns are inherently dangerous. We regulate car & prescription drug manufacture and use to a far greater extent than we do guns and guns only purpose is to injure or kill. Only because the single-issue fanatics of the the NRA are allowed to control the political balance on gun policy do we sacrifice tens of thousands of lives every year to their gun penis envy.

Is there a point to all that?

issywise, what in the world are you trying to say?? Here's a suggestion: state up front whatever it is you believe and then support that assertion with a few coherent sentences. and what are you trying to prove by comparing Norway to the U.S.? of course, we have more unlawful firearm deaths; we have a lot more people. Norway has a population of 5 million. The U.S. claims 300,000,000. Plus we have a lot of wild eyed pistol wavers, mexicans, and minorities.

and don't forget commies!

and don't forget commies!

Issywise ... 99% is .99%

Issywise ... How can 99% of a country's population NOT represent what that country TRULY stands for? What you are saying (when you say that the "99%ers are unAmerican") defies mathematical logic.

Duggan: You didn't get the point?

Well, that was rude..all that coherence stuff and all. See Norways homicide RATE per 100,000 citizens is 0.3, Englands 0.46 Canada 0.76, the US 7.07. That makes our homicide RATE 24 times that of Norway. You can calculate the others yourself. Keep in mind that the % of household with firearms is 32% in Norway and 39% here. Guns are nearly as prevalent there as here and yet our homicide rate is 2,400% there's. Is that coherent enough for you? It ain't how many people we have. It ain't Mexicans, for God's sake. Where did that come from? It is that we let crazy people cross state lines and obtain arsenals to push around in their shopping carts when they are banned from buying guns in their homestate because they are crazy. It is that the gun industry dumps another gun in our nation of 220,000,000 private guns at the rate of one every 8 seconds. It is that almost as many guns as there are people living in Tampa are stolen every single year. No wonder a 14 year old can get a gun for the cost of a boom box--if those are still hip with the younger crowd. It is that the NRA, politicized one issue nuts that they are, intimidate our gormless, self-serving politicians into enacting absolutely stupid laws like one saying doctors aren't allowed to talk about guns in their examining rooms, even if they're examining a crazy person who isn't supposed to have a gun according to Florida law. It is like Joan Baez thinks, you ain't doing enough. She does. Why not you? Sometimes what's thought a lack of cogency in others is actually weak comprehension in ones self. Toot less, exercise your rational tools more. I didn't come here to be insulted by hippies. Especially one so unacute that he thinks America's gun problem is Mexicans. I'm leaving and not coming back. Celebrate my going by having a toot of your joy weed and keep funding the drug cartels undermining democracy below the Rio Grande. It isn't your fault. You have no responsibility for it. If they'd only legalize it General Electric could get into the business and then everything would be alright. Sit around being self-satisfied that you really care and have responsible social attitudes while those who disagree with you are just out-of-it honkeys. If self-doubt creeps in, listen to Amy Goodman and recharge your self-righteous self-certainty. I'm going back to the Fox News Blog. At least those people are honest enough to not posture as discerning when they insult you. So take that!

Using logic on a liberal

Issy, it's a losing battle to try to use logic in an argument with a liberal. They only understand feelings

Issywise... copy me on your newsletter!!!

Issy… don't get you skivvies in a wad!!! You have to realize that you're not dealing with just a bunch of liberals here… they’re also progressive socialists, communists and anarchists... a truly testy group!!! Now, getting back on point… the Norwegians can only own a firearm if they are REGESTERED hunters and sport shooters and only after many hours of formalized training!!! The only firearms allowed to be owned by these sportsmen are sporting firearms… which EXCLUDES… assault style weapons and high caliber handguns!!! In the US… you don’t have to register your gun or take extensive training to own MOST of the firearms readily available!!! So basicly... you can’t draw comparative conclusions (which you did) from the firearm death statistics of the two countries!!! By-the-way, Ann Other… just remember what Groucho Marx said… “All people are born alike - except Republicans and Democrats.” Personally, I like… “I don't care to belong to a club that accepts people like me as members.”