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True Talk Hosts Early Marathon Show!

Laura Taylor about over 5 years ago

True Talk---our weekly public affairs radio show focusing on the Muslim world, Middle East, North Africa, South Asia and American Muslims---discusses issues that impact the entire community. Now, True Talk is asking for your help in keeping th...

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Mitch Perry discusses the importance of the WMNF Evening News, and why he’s departing

Mitch Perry about over 5 years ago

Recently I spoke with former Brandon State Senator Tom Lee about the troubles that journalism, and specifically the newspaper industry, has been suffering from in recent years.

He seemed genuinely anguished that the people in the Tampa Bay Area...

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Mabili off the air due to hardship

Mabili Ogun about over 5 years ago

It made my heart heavy to tell listeners I could not continue as host of Critical Times. Quite simply, I am bankrupt and cannot afford to volunteer at WMNF any longer. I will rebuild and I will resurface again. Until such time I must say goodbye t...

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What is HD Radio?

cowley about over 5 years ago

Thanks for joining WMNF in a whole new way to bring you independent radio - that's HD radio, a new digital technology.

We're getting lots of questions about HD radio - a brand new kind of listening not everybody is familiar with yet.

If yo...

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WMNF 30th Anniversary Documentary Preview

Matt Cowley about over 5 years ago

Tripp Williams is putting together a documentary about WMNF for the station's 30th birthday. Here's a sneak preview:


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WMNF Open House for Our New HD2 and Bulls Radio!

Laura Taylor about over 5 years ago

We’re inviting you to an open house this Friday from 1 to 2pm to celebrate the debut of “Bulls Radio” on WMNF HD 2! Bulls Radio is the student station of the University of South Florida in Tampa.

In the first partnership of its kind,...

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WMNF Peace Awards Winners

Laura Taylor about over 5 years ago

WMNF held our first-ever Peace Awards Ceremony on Saturday, August 29th at Maestro's Restaurant at the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center. And what a night it was! Dozens of individuals and organizations were recognized for their great achievements ...

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USF Student Radio on WMNF HD2

Matt Cowley about over 5 years ago

Join us in welcoming USF's student-run radio station to the air!

Press release follows - for more information, go to http://www.wmnf.org/hd.

**WMNF Community Radio partners with student government of USF to broadca...

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What's your opinion about the passing of Senator Ted Kennedy?

Rob Lorei about over 5 years ago

Here's one of Ted Kennedy's best speeches- his eulogy for RFK in 1968.


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Kill Grandma? The Entire Text Of The Health Reform Bill

Rob Lorei about almost 6 years ago

Do the research yourself. Is it as bad as critics say?


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WMNF Schedules St. Petersburg Premier of OUTRAGE

Rob Lorei about almost 6 years ago


WMNF Community Radio wmnf.org brings back the nationally acclaimed documentary OUTRAGE by popular demand! After its sell out Tampa premier, WMNF proudly honors its listeners' requests by presentin...

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Steve Earle: Jerusalem

Randy Wynne about almost 6 years ago

Steve Earle will provide the entertainment at WMNF's Peace Awards August 29. Here he is singing his vision for peace.


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Dr J retires from the 60's Show

Matt Cowley about almost 6 years ago

A message from Dr. J, long-time host of the 60's Show:

Indeed, there has been something in the air and there will be “them changes.” After about 22 or 23 years of doing the Sixties Show and much th...

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Scott Elliott about almost 6 years ago

Vote for the next ALL SOULS Listener's Choice: Lover Men!! Scott Elliott about 13 days ago

Tags: All Souls, listener's choice, wmnf, lover men, scott elliott

Attention All Souls Family!!

Time to vote for the next...

All Souls Listen...

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Walter Cronkite's death symbolizes are that ended long before he passed

Mitch Perry about almost 6 years ago

Legendary television anchorman Walter Cronkite’s death on Friday at the age of 92 has prompted massive encomiums on his career and how no one figure could ever dominate mass communications like “Uncle Walter” did in the ’60s and ’70s. It...

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