Can Every Picture Tell A True Story?

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“Where words can be twisted, fact-checks dismissed, and lies perpetuated, photographs can sear an image into public consciousness that leaves little room to dispute. The responsibility of the media as defenders of democracy has never been so urgent. And within the media, photojournalists, with their incredibly strict code of ethics have a distinct and important ability to indisputably represent the truth.” The words of Molly Gottschalk from her recent engaging piece “Why Photojournalists Are More Important Now Than Ever” for In this age of smartphones can anyone be a photojournalist? Will fake news include photojournalism because of Photoshop? Are the rules about to change in regard to portraying the new President? Do we judge politicians by their camera-friendly visages? Molly Gottschalk, associate features editor at joins the next edition of Life Elsewhere to discuss these questions and her provocative article. Also in the program, Norman B asks, “Am I dreaming?” The lead up to and now the advent of the Trump administration has been Alice-in-wonderland-like, with truth consistently being stranger than fiction. Frequent contributor to Life Elsewhere, Dr. Binoy Kampmark gives his perspective on the unfolding chaotic news stories surrounding Mr. Trump.

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