Car-free initiative debuts on Halloween in downtown St. Pete

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A car-free initiative in downtown St. Pete on Halloween showed residents and business owners alike that downtown can thrive without cars. WMNF’s Evan Greenfield was there to see for himself.

On a regular weekday, Central Avenue in St. Petersburg is busy and filled with motorized vehicle traffic. Without motorized vehicle traffic, Central Avenue was much more quiet as pedestrians and bicyclists could talk more freely with no disruptions.

The city of St. Pete launched a car-free initiative to help create a more pedestrian and bike friendly environment. Those who attended the initiative on Sunday agree that the city created a safer, less noisy environment. Pedestrians and bikers could reach businesses easier and kids were able to walk safely in the street without having to worry about incoming traffic.

If successful, car-free St. Pete on Central Avenue will be back in the future. Residents can expect to possibly see the car-free initiative for a full weekend and for other holidays.