Thanksgiving Day Music and Comedy Beginning at Noon

Tune in and listen as we celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday (or escape from the relatives).  Too much political bickering in the kitchen?  Just crank up the music to bring more peace and harmony to your meal preparations.  We’ll have autumn songs by Drive-By Truckers, Yo La Tengo, Be Good Tanyas.  Gastronomic tunes by Cracker, James Taylor, and… Read more »

The Goldilocks Planet & The Trump Administration on Life Elsewhere

“For over the past 10,000 years, Earth has been the Goldilocks planet, not too hot, not too cold, as the temperature has been steady, fluctuating by only about 1°C. So, everything the human species has done has been within a very narrow, and almost perfect temperature range (Source: Richard Alley, professor of geosciences, Penn State University,… Read more »

Decision and Choices on Morning Energy

The results from the recent presidential election campaign came as a shock to some and a delight to many others. However, the one common denominator despite what side of the political line you fall comes down to decision making and choices…In fact, the Decisions and Choices of voters and also non-voters determined who would ultimately… Read more »

WMNF Hot Hot Hot Hot Box = New Releases

Music can heal, encourage, excite, soothe and identify us. So let’s find out what is currently in WMNF’s Hot Box, and predict which ones will go on to be major new releases. The Hot Box is literally a box filled with newly released cds, from both new artists and experienced ones. The three major show… Read more »

Leonard Cohen – a brief rememberance

A few years ago I got a text from a friend who was bartending at the Hollander Hotel in St. Petersburg. ‘Mate, Leonard Cohen is drinking at my bar, get over here.’ Sadly, I was in Tampa and couldn’t do that. But I posted it on the Art in Your Ear Fb page, and 4,000… Read more »

WMNF’s British Invasion! 2 photos

We had a GREAT night at the British Invasion II show (11/5/16). Thanks to all of the bands who played, and the fantastic audience. If you have pictures of the event that we can post, please send them to and I’ll add them here. A special thanks to Flea for putting together another perfect… Read more »