“Anxieties and Uncertainties” on Morning Energy

The inauguration of the President of the United States is a ceremony that marks the commencement of a new four-year term of a president of the United States. An inauguration ceremony takes place for each presidential term, even if the president continues in office for a second term. Since 1937, Inauguration Day has taken place… Read more »

“Surrendering” on Morning Energy

January is generally known for “fresh starts”, whether that’s deciding to surrender to old habits or surrendering to love.  January is also a month that is widely known for political changes, such as the potential change in the U.S. presidency every 4 years. On Morning Energy we are going to further explore the topic of… Read more »

Surface Noise Annual Bowie Bash!

We’ve been throwing David Bowie a party every year since 2008! Last year, it was a bitter-sweet wake instead. This year, we are going to keep the Starman’s light emanating! Oh, and it’s Scott Walker’s birthday, too! We’re lighting the candles Wednesday, January 11th. Make your request by emailing Lounge Laura at [email protected]

Saturday Asylum’s Top Spins of 2016

(You can listen to the most current Saturday Asylum here, and check out the playlists.)  The Asylum’s Top 10 Albums of 2016 (based on plays, and how much we dug them. No special order.) Car Seat Headrest – Teens Of Style: Will Toledo’s best album yet. And what a better way to pick a fight… Read more »

Goodbye 2016!

Before 2016 was even half-way over, the cry of “Enough! Can we please put this year behind us!” was uttered everywhere from social media to casual conversations. Right out of the gate, 2016 took no time at all to let us know, this one was gonna be a bitch! Like an unwarranted slap-in-the-face, the man… Read more »