Thanksgiving Day Music noon-3:30pm

It’s the Music begins one hour early on Thanksgiving – AT NOON! Lots of songs about giving thanks, family, friends, autumn, food, going home, etc. Of course, we’ll replay Alice’s Restaurant in it’s entirety.  Tune in & tell a friend!

Ari and the Alibis

Videos from WMNF’s Little Manatee River Jam 2015!

Here are some of the videos from the Little Manatee River Jam on 21 & 22 November 2015. Who were your favorites? Subscribe to the WMNF News YouTube channel to get the latest videos first: Ari & the Alibis 1 Ari & the Alibis 2 Ari & the Alibis 3 Talk to Mark Under the… Read more »

Surface Noise Aime Paris et P.F. Sloan

Music is healing in times of loss and sorrow…music is also fun! We present an elixir on Surface Noise: Surface Noise each week for you. We said goodbye to P.F. Sloan and showed our love unceasing for French Pop!

What Is War? Polite Behavior? Zuzu! on Life Elsewhere

“War, what is it good for?” That question came to mind as we observed Veterans Day. Then, as if on cue, a rag-tag assortment of bloviators, claiming they want to be commander in chief, lazily spewed out the usual rhetoric of a bigger, better more powerful military. “Winning! We’ll win any war through might!” is the standard… Read more »

Surface Noise Thanks Veterans

Thank you to all our Veterans who served! We featured Bboys Captain Beefheart and the Beastie Boys, said farewell to drummer Fast Eddie Ho and GNP Crescendo founder Gene Norman, who put out everything from jazz artists to Les Baxter to the Seeds! We Split Enz and turned on Television. All for you, all on… Read more »

New in WMNF’s Hot Box

These are this week’s new entries in WMNF’s Hot Box – current new releases that we love.  Hear them on WMNF. Israel Nash  – Silver Season With crunchy, rootsy songs featuring a high voiced singer,  Israel Nash is often compared to Neil Young – and that’s not a bad thing.   The new release deftly… Read more »