Doctors without Borders: Neutral & Impartial On Life Elsewhere

“Our patients come to us with rat and other vermin bites, scabies, lice, skin ailments, colds, and congestion. Conditions that are easily treated.” These are the words of Dr. Rogy Masri, of Doctors Without Borders, currently working in Tripoli, Lebanon. Vulnerable migrants and refugees in Tripoli are living in appalling conditions explains Dr. Masri in… Read more »

WMNF’s Hot Box aka Best New Releases

WMNF’s Hot Box features the new releases that Randy Wind (WMNF Program Director) and Flea (WMNF Music Director) want you to hear. DJs at WMNF listen to a ton of music every week to prepare their shows, and the Hot Box highlights some goodies for them. Here’s what is in this week’s Hot Box: Lake… Read more »

Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction On Life Elsewhere

Is Trumpy a bad dream? Are these bizarre primaries a fantastic illusion? After reading Chip Jacobs‘ book Strange As It Seems, you could easily believe the hallucinatory-like run-up to the Presidential election is really a figment of Chip’s imagination and we are all living in the peculiar world he paints so vividly. In Strange As It Seems: The Impossible Life of… Read more »