We are talking about Anger and Wrath on Morning Energy!

Our 7 DEADLY SIN series continues on Morning Energy with a sin that is actually a very common emotion that can sometimes get out of control…..if not carefully guarded …It is called “wrath” and has many synonyms such as vexation, fury and rage….some also referred to it as “”unrighteous anger””…. Here’s what Proverbs 15:18 has… Read more »

Unlikely Bookends: AMFMS and PRW BTTM at SXSW

On the surface, there may not seem to be many – even any – similarities between AMFMS and PWR BTTM, other than all-cap monikers and a penchant for the loudest of guitars. Fronting AMFMS is Tampa’s favorite bad boy rocker, Shawn Kyle (nee Beauville). The band calls the Baltimore/DC area home when they’re not living… Read more »

Of Casios & Keyboards at SXSW 2016

Keyboards ruled SXSW this year, and only some of them were attached to computers. WMNF music correspondent Laura Keane weighs in on magical keyboard moments.

WMNF & SXSW – Keep Austin Weird

While locals bemoan the bleaching of Austin’s personality, there is still a ton of color here. Nature supplies a surfeit of blossoms, and the denizens and visitors fill the rest in. Thousands of people swan into town, many with either South by Southwest (SXSW) badges or wristbands, here right now to see the 1,800 or… Read more »