Pinellas County Commission Dr. Ulyee Choe COVID-19 update

Pinellas passes 9,000 coronavirus infections; what are “Super SNFs”?

Here is a link to many coronavirus resources Florida added another 6,300 positive coronavirus cases Tuesday. According to the state’s official dashboard, nearly 214,000 people have been infected and more than 3,800 Floridians have died. On Tuesday morning, Dr. Ulyee Choe, director of the Florida Department of Health in Pinellas County, updated county commissioners on… Read more »

A Deadly Virus & A Disturbing Truth

New York Times-bestselling author Robin Cook wrote Pandemic, his medical-thriller more than two years before Covid-19. The pulse-pounding story begins when an unidentified, healthy, well-dressed woman is struck down by a sudden respiratory illness on the subway as opportunist thieves snatch her phone and backpack. By the time she’s rushed to hospital, she’s dead. Ending up on forensic pathologist… Read more »

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Coronavirus survey finds ⅔ of Floridians have faced income loss or work disruption

Here is a link to many coronavirus resources Two-thirds of Floridians have experienced some income loss or work disruption because of the coronavirus pandemic. That information comes from a recent statewide poll by The University of South Florida and Nielsen. Joshua Scacco is an assistant professor of political communication at USF. “We launched a representative… Read more »

Tampa Bay counties differ on whether there will be evictions during coronavirus pandemic

Here is a link to many coronavirus resources According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “people who are homeless are a particularly vulnerable group” for COVID-19. Many communities around the country have taken one step to reduce homelessness during the coronavirus: stopping the practice of evicting tenants from their homes. But in Florida,… Read more »

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Rep. Castor calls for investigation of Florida’s firing of coronavirus data manager

Here is a link to many coronavirus resources The woman who managed Florida’s COVID-19 data says she was fired for objecting to demands to alter information on a state coronavirus dashboard website. The governor’s office says Rebekah Jones was fired for insubordination for modifying the dashboard without approval. Now some Democrats, including Tampa-area member of… Read more »

This cardboard sign was placed in windows of residences where patients were quarantined due to polio.

Keep Off This Street:
The Epidemics of Polio and COVID19

The epidemics of polio and COVID19 Empty beaches, hollow pools, abandoned and quiet streets. Bans on gatherings. Fear layering daily activities with hesitation, and loss. While the Spanish Flu of 1918 is evoked by the onset of the latest coronavirus, another epidemic lingers in memory. Polio ravaged children and adults in the first half of…