“LEST WE FORGET” on Morning Energy

Election Day is one of the most important days in American History because it provides an opportunity for citizens to exercise their Democratic right to vote. Election day has been occurring in the United States since the late...
Senator Marco Rubio (R-Florida)

Ten takeaways from Florida’s 2022 elections

Landslide. Red tsunami. Bloodbath. Call it what you will, Republicans overwhelmed Democrats in Tuesday’s elections in Florida.
DeSantis defeats Charlie Crist Election 2022

DeSantis dominates in winning a second term as Florida governor

Gov. Ron DeSantis easily won a second term as Florida Governor in the 2022 election against Democrat Charlie Crist.

Voices of Voters: What’s motivating me to vote

We asked voters: What's motivating you to vote this year? And do you remember the first time you voted? Listen to what they said.
Vote here today

Hillsborough and Pasco Supervisors of Elections talk about Election Day 2022 in Florida

On Election Day 2022 we spoke with Supervisors of Elections Craig Latimer from Hillsborough County and Brian Corley from Pasco County.
voters in line Florida

More about how to vote and what to know about Florida’s 2022 elections

Information about voting in Florida's 2022 elections including how to vote and which races are worth following.
voting sign

Confused about a local referendum or candidate on your 2022 election ballot? Here’s where to get more information

Here's information about where to get more information about candidates and local referenda on your 2022 election ballot.

In A Word It’s Madness!*

“We have to start with what has happened in the past week, which is that the President of the United States of America in the service of the conspiracy theory that he has been peddling...
Florida Senate race: Janet Cruz vs. Jay Collins

Five Florida Senate races to watch, including one in Tampa Bay

Republicans have controlled the Florida Senate since the 1990s but Democrats hope to pick up a couple of seats in 2022.
Florida House of Representatives

Here are seven Florida House races to watch, including three in the Tampa Bay area

All 120 Florida House districts were redrawn this year in redistricting; but there is only a small number of competitive races.

Political strategist Maya Brown on the midterm elections

With just a week to go before the final day of voting, Democratic political consultant Maya Brown joined WaveMakers to talk midterms
Florida Senate race: Janet Cruz vs. Jay Collins

Candidates Janet Cruz and Jay Collins clash in a marquee Florida Senate race in Tampa

Attack ads have flooded airwaves and mailboxes in the contest between Florida Sen. Janet Cruz, D-Tampa, and Republican Jay Collins.

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