Community Gardens

On Monday’s WMNF 88.5 FM Sustainable Living Program we talked about community gardens with our guests Kitty Wallace of Tampa Heights Community Garden and one of the founders of the Bay Area’s Coalition of Community Gardens; Jennifer Grebenschikoff, VISTA (Village Institute for Sustainable Technologies & Agriculture) Community Garden Project in Carrollwood Village; and Karen Elizabeth,… Read more »

Backyard Vegetable Gardens on the Sustainable Living Show

On Monday’s WMNF 88.5FM Sustainable Living Program we talked about backyard vegetable gardens with our guests, two local county cooperative extension experts. Brian Niemann, Pinellas County’s Florida Friendly Landscape Agent, and Jim Moll, Pasco County’s Florida Friendly Landscaping Program Coordinator joined the show. Brian and Jim talked about what to consider before starting a garden,… Read more »

Fruit Trees & Fruiting Perennials on Sustainable Living

On today’s WMNF 88.5 FM Sustainable Living program we talked with three guests about fruit trees and edible perennial fruits that grow locally. Paul Zamoda, a lifetime member of the Rare Fruit Council International, Tampa Bay Chapter, joined the show. Also, Pete Kanaris and Taylor Walker with Green Dreams, a sustainable solutions landscaping company that… Read more »

Florida Farm Conference & Food Council

On Today’s WMNF Sustainable Living program we talked about the Florida Regional Small Farms and Alternative Enterprises Conference taking place in Fort Myers April 1 & 2 and a Florida Food Policy Council meeting taking place on Sunday, April 3, also in Ft Myers. They’re having a bunch of great sessions at the conference and… Read more »

Herbalist & Herb Conference on the Sustainable Living Show

On today’s WMNF Sustainable Living program we spent the hour talking about herbs and the upcoming Florida Herbal Conference. Our guests were Michael Tiner, one of the conference organizers; Bob Linde, an acupuncture physician and registered herbalist; and Rose Kalajian, member of the American Herbalist Guild, the Florida Herb Society and a practicing herbalist. Bob… Read more »