It’s the HEAT and the Humidity!

Meteorologist Andy Johnson formerly of WTVT TV Channel 13, and occupational health expert Tom Bernard of USF College of Public Health, joined MidPoint to talk about the weather, extreme heat, and heat stress in Florida.

Rebooting American Health Care. Unprecedented Behavior. Captivating Music.

Liran Einav & Amy Finkelstein – We’ve Got You Covered: Rebooting American Health Care Few of us need convincing that the American health insurance system needs reform. But many of the existing proposals focus on...

Hearing loss in Florida

Repeated exposure to sounds that are above 85 decibels can damage hearing. Florida has one of the highest numbers of people with hearing loss.

Buffalo Soldiers, Bautista Project (Homeless), Teens on Health

On today’s Slice of Life we’ll hear about the Buffalo Soldiers ( who are in town for their national convention. The Buffalo Soldiers is a Black motorcycle club who think of themselves as part of...
Scientists analyze mosquitoes // Credit CDC 2023

CDC and Sarasota County officials address malaria outbreak

After 2 weeks without new malaria cases, Sarasota County and CDC officials spoke out regarding the outbreak.

MidPoint: Malaria Found in Manatee and Sarasota Counties. What Do We Need to Know?

Mosquito-borne malaria has been found locally. What to do about it.
Two people with studio headphone on talking inside of a radio studio.

Pete and Colleen Sessa discuss cannabis and psychedelics ahead of St. Pete’s Cannadelic Summer

Pete and Colleen Sessa are co-founders of the Florida Cannabis Coalition, which is organizing Cannadelic Summer in St. Petersburg, Florida on Saturday, July 15 (full disclosure: Ray Roa’s employer, Creative Loafing Tampa Bay is also...
medical pot marijuana

Medical marijuana telehealth bill signed in Florida

Florida patients will be allowed to use telehealth to renew physician approvals for medical marijuana, under a bill signed Monday.
mosquito malaria

Four malaria cases have been found in Florida’s Sarasota County

The Florida Department of Health issued a statewide “mosquito-borne illness” advisory. 4 cases of malaria were confirmed in Sarasota County.
medical worker

Florida leads nation in prisoners with HIV, study shows

Florida now leads the country in percentage of prisoners living with HIV, according to a new study. WMNF's Chris Young reports.
breast cancer screening

A 3D mobile mammography bus will be in Dade City tomorrow

People who need screening for breast cancer but can’t get it through their regular insurance have an opportunity in Pasco County.

“Nurturing Our Heart And Soul” on Morning Energy

Traditionally, women have been regarded as being “natural nurturers” while men have been regarded as being providers and protectors. But in reality, we are all nurturers even if we may not have kids.  And, the nurturing that we provide to others can be...

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