Middle East Shadow War, Florida Bans and “Civil War”

Patró Mabíli, ready to elucidate. Despite 2023 being deemed the hottest year on record the Republican Governor of Florida bans local governments from protecting workers from heat and limits police oversight board. Also world markets...

Haiti Crisis, U.S. and World Paralysis

Hands off Haiti! Over two centuries ago, the people of Haiti defeated European colonialism and established the world’s first Black republic. Today in the face of chaos people are taking on the fight for their...

Desegregation launched a Political Revolution: Black History Month commemoration

Host Patró Mabíli sheds light on Community Speaks. The 1948 order desegregating the U.S. armed forces started a momentum of desegregation culminating in the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Also, hope for compensation justice for...
migrants at the U.S. border, American flag, barbed wire

A Florida bill would result in stiffer crime penalties for some migrants

A Florida bill would increase criminal penalties for immigrants who are arrested for felonies after illegally re-entering the U.S.

Attitudes on U.S. Economy and Democracy

Inflation is down but Americans are still gloomy over the economy. Also, some survey research studies find some people believe U.S. democracy may not survive another two decades. The community weigh-in on the direction and...

Criminal Justice and Human Trafficking

The community will have two opportunities to have a public discussion on two very important subjects affecting humanity. First, Michelle Walker, Executive Director of Miracles Outreach, talks about a panel discussion planned for October 12...

Episode 18: Andrea Debose a Prose in the Tampa Federal Court System and Won. However, experiencing unnatural delay.

How to represent yourself in federal civil courts as a Prose.

Asylum in the US: thoughts on Human Rights

Asylum-seekers treated as invaders as Republican politicians scheme against them lead discussion. Revelations about the “Guantanamo Candidate” documentary. Also, President Joe Biden will designate a national monument honoring Emmett Till and his mother. Till was...

MidPoint: Florida’s New Immigration Laws

Local Immigration lawyers Chelsea Nowel and Ananis Makar joined Shelley for an overview of the new punitive and disruptive Florida immigration laws that threaten the Florida economy and treat undocumented people with a complete lack...
migrant ICE

The ACLU of Florida warns of “egregious” patterns of neglect found at ICE Detention Center

Listen: An investigation at the Baker County Detention Center in Northeast Florida found a dangerous pattern of medical neglect against immigrants. A letter from ACLU Florida is calling for change. The ACLU of Florida’s Deputy...

Judge says migrant flights lawsuit needs changes

A judge dismissed, but advised how to correct, a lawsuit challenging the use of Florida funds to transport migrants from Texas to MA.

MidPoint: Legal issues in the news

Former Chair of the Florida ACLU Legal Panel James Shaw Jr. joined Shelley for an open discussion to share some of the interesting legal issues in the news.

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