“Ask the Dr. Anything” Dr. Fred Harvey answers your health questions

“The doctor is in” on the latest episode of the Healthy Steps Radio Show! In this special “Ask the Dr. Anything” episode, listeners called in with their most pressing health questions and get expert advice from Dr. Fred Harvey. With years of experience in internal medicine, geriatric medicine, and functional medicine, Dr. Harvey is well-equipped to handle a wide range of health concerns. 

Best of The Healthy Steps Show 2022 (previously recorded)

The Healthy Steps Radio Show is a popular program that covers a wide range of topics related to health and wellness. In this special episode, we are taking a look back at the past year and showcasing some of our favorite moments from the show. We have put together a collection of clips featuring some of our most memorable callers, who have shared their inspiring stories and valuable insights on various health-related topics. This year-in-review episode is a great way to reflect on all we have learned and experienced together on the Healthy Steps Radio Show. Whether you are a long-time listener or new to the program, you are sure to enjoy this special compilation of some of our best moments from the past year.

Christmas show 2022

The show began with an appeal to the those in desperate need at holiday time and may be suicidal. Reminded listeners of the suicide hotline 988. Asked callers to write in or call in birthdays and Christmas testimony. Discussion about policing especially in Tampa, FL. Played holiday music, first Christmas celebration in Tallahassee, FL 1539-40…. Read more »

For rent sign / renters / rental vouchers housing vouchers housing

Hillsborough County continues to push for greater awareness of new tenant protections, more than one year out

The Hillsborough County Commission last year approved a ‘Tenant’s Bill of Rights’ ordinance that, among other things, contains a ban on what’s known as source of income discrimination. This provision prohibits landlords and property owners from refusing to rent to a tenant based on how they plan to pay for their rent, as long as… Read more »