Amid record early voting, election officials, leaders urge voter confidence despite misinformation

Voters turned out in record numbers Monday to begin casting ballots in person for the presidential election. Political leaders and election officials are urging voter confidence amid misinformation. Meanwhile, a bill from Marco Rubio aimed at ensuring an accurate vote count is set to die in committee. Listen: Bernard Zielinski lost confidence in absentee voting… Read more »

Locals warn derelict barge ‘Nabarima’ about to spill 55 million gallons of oil and no one is helping

The United States embassy in Trinidad and Tobago Friday called on the Venezuelan government to take action as state-flagged FSO Nabarima continues its apparent three-month-long capsize into the Gulf of Paria. Locals fear the derelict vessel is about to dump its near 55 million gallons of oil right at the mouth of the Caribbean Sea…. Read more »

A Conversation With David J On His Most Personal Album, Yet

“It’s descriptive of a period of time, the last five years in my life.” “A journey I’ve been on.” “The whole thing is a love letter.” “I dedicated it to my wife.” “It’s all there in the lyrics.” “The most personal recording I’ve made.” Gather together these small fragments David J allows himself to say… Read more »

Judge says Pinellas Supervisor of Elections is following law despite legal challenge from opponent

A judge in Pinellas County Friday said Supervisor of Elections Julie Marcus is following the law by asking voters if the address on their driver’s license is current. The decision came during an emergency hearing requested by Marcus’s challenger in next month’s election who said the question violates state law. Listen: Judge Linda Allan acknowledged… Read more »

Radioactivity Tuesday: How countries and special interests are able to quietly buy influence in the Trump administration

October 13, 2020 Donald Trump did not sell his business when he took office, nor did he give it away. By holding onto his businesses, he launched an unprecedented experiment: What happens to a multi-billion-dollar business when its leader ascends to the presidency of the United States? And more importantly, what happens to country? WHITE… Read more »

Tampa business, Disco Dolls, joins coalition to raise minimum wage as support for Amendment 2 grows

A new poll from St. Leo University shows growing support for Amendment 2, to raise Florida’s minimum wage. Tampa’s own Disco Dolls Studio recently signed on to join Florida Business for a Fair Minimum Wage, but have believed in the cause for years. Listen: Kristine Ownley pulled the glasses from her face, tucked a fallen… Read more »

Janet Cruz

Tampa attorney, lawmakers announce suit to block ‘All Voters Vote’ Amendment 3 from general election

On Tuesday, attorneys in Tampa and Orlando filed a lawsuit with the Florida Supreme Court to block the “All Voters Vote” Amendment 3 from the current general election. Lawmakers from both sides of the aisle held a news conference announcing the effort in light of studies that found the amendment could disenfranchise Black voters. Listen: The perfect storm It’s… Read more »

Indigenous activists call for removal of Tampa Columbus statue, change of holiday name

A group of Indigenous rights activists marched through Tampa Sunday, calling for the removal of a Christopher Columbus statue from a city park. The call comes as cities and states around the country have begun to acknowledge the second Monday in October as Indigenous People’s Day. Listen: Blood-stained hands The rain came and washed the… Read more »

Radioactivity Friday: “Catholics for Choice” urges Senators to reject Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett

October 9, 2020 Good Morning, welcome to Radioactivity.  I’m Rob Lorei. The Associated Press is reporting; An old directory for the Christian organization People of Praise members shows Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett served as a “handmaid.” That’s the term used at the time for high-ranking female leaders in the religious community. Barrett has… Read more »

Florida’s virtual Bar Exam is days away and test-takers say the software is still faulty

Florida’s first virtual Bar Exam was postponed nearly two months ago because of faulty software. With just days to go before the test, examinees say they still haven’t seen a functioning version of the program. Listen: Florida’s digital footprint has left plenty to be desired this year. First, the state’s unemployment system needed a major… Read more »

Radioactivity Wednesday: Leaked messages show far-right group’s plans for violence in Portland

October 7, 2020 Good Morning, welcome to Radioactivity.  I’m Rob Lorei. The summer of 2020 has seen the city of Portland, Oregon, become a symbol and a venue for the further, dramatic polarization of the United States. More than a hundred nights of intense protests against police violence by left-wing activists have led to further… Read more »

Radioactivity Tuesday: “How Amazon hid its safety crisis” – new reporting on the high rate of serious injury at Amazon warehouses

October 6, 2020 A new investigative report from Reveal from the nonprofit Center for Investigative Journalism obtained internal documents from Amazon showing high rates of injury at its network of fulfillment centers. Amazon, which has seen a surge in demand during the pandemic, is now the world’s largest retailer and has seen its stock price… Read more »

Voting rights groups ask for more time to register after site crash

After Florida’s voter registration site crashed during Monday’s deadline to register for the November election, Governor Ron DeSantis gave voters until 7 p.m. Tuesday to register in person or online. But voting rights activists said that’s just not enough time to make up for the state’s failure. Listen: It wasn’t until noon Tuesday that Gov…. Read more »

Trump supporters gather in Downtown St. Pete to counter Black Lives Matter activists in tense, but peaceful night

One week after a counter-protester pulled a gun during a Black Lives Matter march in downtown St. Petersburg, activists and counter-protest groups again clashed in St. Pete Saturday. With an increased police presence, no violence broke out, but tensions ran high. Listen: When the flames wouldn’t catch, Gary Snow grabbed the Nazi flag from the… Read more »

The New Map & White House Inc.

Daniel Yergin – The New Map: Energy, Climate, And The Clash Of Nations Pulitzer Prize-winning author and global energy expert, Daniels Yergen offers a revelatory new account of how energy revolutions, climate battles, and geopolitics are mapping our future. The world is being shaken by the collision of energy, climate change, and the clashing power… Read more »

Florida election recount

Live in the Tampa Bay area? Here’s all the 2020 election info you need as registration deadline approaches

Monday is the last day to register if you want to vote in the general election. Tampa Bay area Supervisors of Elections sent out a joint email through Hillsborough’s with all the information you need on things like vote-by-mail, early in-person voting and Election Day voting. WMNF is publishing that information here, as provided by… Read more »