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Community activists want transit options, not just highways, under Tampa Bay Next

The Tampa Bay region will undergo a transportation overhaul during the next several years under what’s being called Tampa Bay Next; the Florida Department of Transportation rolled it out after its predecessor, TBX, faced some local backlash. According to the Florida Department of Transportation, “The Regional Tampa Bay Next is a program to modernize Tampa… Read more »

Herbs Roots of Health on the Sustainable Living Program

On Monday’s Sustainable Living program we spent the hour talking about herbs. Our guests were Bob Linde, an herbalist and owner of Acupuncture Herbal Therapies in St. Pete; and Renee Crozier, an herbalist and co-director, with Bob, of the Traditions School of Herbal Studies. During the program they answered many questions; including the definition of… Read more »

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Coalition of Immokalee Workers will stop in Tampa on march “4 Fair Food”

Coalition of Immokalee Workers The Coalition of Immokalee Workers is organizing a cross-country march that includes Florida, for what they’re calling the “4 Fair Food” tour to boycott Wendy’s. As part of that tour, the CIW is coming to Tampa. The Tampa event, called “A Human Rights Revolution: Tampa Welcomes the Immokalee Workers” is on March… Read more »

Former Ambassador Ryan Crocker on Afghanistan, Iran and Syria

Former Ambassador Ryan Crocker is diplomat in residence at Princeton University and was U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Syria, Kuwait and Lebanon under the four presidents who preceded Donald Trump. So, WMNF spoke with Ambassador Crocker about several foreign affairs hot-spots. Late last month the U.S. and Taliban agreed to a framework for a cease-fire… Read more »

Actually, I Mean, It’s Very, You Know, Kind Of…* on Life Elsewhere

Dreyer’s English – An Utterly Correct Guide To Clarity And Style, the new, much-lauded tome from Benjamin Dreyer, Copy Chief at Random House is by any measure a delight to read. This will be no surprise to the fans who lap up his delicious banquet of Tweets. With magician-like skill, he is simultaneously authoritative and droll…. Read more »

Rep. Ilhan Omar in Tampa raising humanitarian aid for Yemen

A new member of Congress may attract protesters when she speaks Saturday in Tampa at an event raising funds for humanitarian aid to Yemen. Minnesota Democrat Ilhan Omar was criticized by some recently for suggesting on Twitter that American politicians support Israel because of campaign donations they get from the American Israel Political Action Committee… Read more »

A preview of the 2nd U.S.-North Korea summit

President Donald Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un will meet in Hanoi, Vietnam, next Wednesday and Thursday for their second summit. To find out more about U.S.-North Korea relations, WMNF spoke with Jim Walsh, a senior research associate at the MIT security studies program in Massachusetts. “Well, this is the second summit between the President… Read more »

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League of Women Voters pushing for national popular vote compact for president

There is a national movement to have the results of presidential elections better reflect who actually got more votes; it’s called the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. Several states have passed laws to instruct their presidential Electors to vote for the person who gets the most votes across the entire country. So far, states representing… Read more »

Protests against the president’s National Emergency Declaration

Protests slam Trump’s emergency declaration for border wall NEW YORK (AP) — Protesters converged in cities around the country Monday to decry President Donald Trump’s declaration of a national emergency to fund his planned U.S.-Mexico border wall. Organized by the liberal group MoveOn and others, the demonstrations took the occasion of Presidents Day to assail… Read more »

A wall built on lies: fact-checking the national emergency

AP FACT CHECK: Trump declares emergency with faulty claims By CALVIN WOODWARD, Associated Press WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump on Friday declared a national emergency at the southern border while acknowledging that rapid construction of a wall is not a necessity, but rather his preference. In justifying the extraordinary step, he brushed aside his administration’s… Read more »

Relationships: Part Two on Life Elsewhere

Christopher Castellani – Leading Men “I always think, less is more, when it comes to writing about sex.” Says Christopher Castellani, when the subject of physical intimacy comes up.  And, erotic descriptions of gay sex do come up, in Leading Men, Castellani’s sumptuous new novel. The author gently leads the reader through exquisitely realized scenarios… Read more »