Director of “Meat The Future” doc discusses her extended foray into the world of cultivated meat

Liz Marshall—a documentary director whose latest film, “Meat The Future,” examines the realm of “cultivated meat,” generated in a lab setting, from animal cells, but these animals remain unharmed—explains in a recent “Talking Animals” interview the criteria she considers when deciding what topic or person will constitute her next movie. More specifically, Marshall recounts how… Read more »

Veterinarian Discusses her Unusual Career Treating Wildlife and Caring For Pets

Dr. Heather Johnston—a veterinarian who serves as the Medical Director at Busch Wildlife Sanctuary, a multifaceted operation in Jupiter, Florida that, in celebration of March being Women’s History Month, was slated to present a “Women in Wildlife Panel Discussion,” there on March 29—recalls in a “Talking Animals” interview that she wanted to be a vet… Read more »

Fashion, Literature, An Icon & Pela

Lauren S. Cardon – Fashioning Character – Style, Performance, And Identity In Contemporary American Literature Lauren S. Cardon, an Associate Professor of English at the University of Alabama has taken her passion for her chosen field to explore an American trajectory in fashion. The result is, Fashioning Character – Style, Performance, And Identity In Contemporary… Read more »