Tampa Bay Rays: Will they stay or will they go?

The Tampa Bay Rays appear to be headed to the World Series playoffs for the second year in a row. And if they do, the pressure will be on to do whatever it takes to keep the team in the Bay area. But the 14-year-old stadium saga continues. Tampa Bay Times columnist John Romano and reporter Charlie Frago joined MidPoint to explore the issue.

Dylan Leblanc Performs at WMNF's 42nd Birthday | Chandler Culotta 9/11/21

WMNF Turns 42

With a week of specials on air and a triumphant return to in person concerts, WMNF celebrates 42 years of being a part of the Tampa Bay community. Scroll down to find and listen to this week’s specials and see more photos from our birthday party featuring Dylan LeBlanc and Rebekah Pulley. We can’t say… Read more »

Discussion With Founder of Ministry That Deploys Comfort Dogs To Sites Of Disasters

Tim Hetzner—Lutheran Church Charities (LCC) President/CEO and founder of the K-9 Ministry, which deploys Comfort Dogs to the sites of an array of disasters, to provide solace to victims, survivors, families, first responders, and others—discussed in a “Talking Animals” interview various aspects of the Ministry. In answer to my question about where the idea for… Read more »

Local abortion rights groups rally to help Texans, push back on a Florida heartbeat bill

Local reproductive rights advocates are rallying to help people in Texas seeking now-outlawed abortions. Abortion Funds in Florida and around the country are helping women travel and perform self-managed abortions while gearing up to fight copycat bills in other states. LISTEN: The Texas fetal heartbeat abortion law is broad, to say the least. It bans… Read more »

“National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month and World Suicide Prevention Day” on Morning Energy

September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month and September 10th is World Suicide Prevention Day. On September 10th and throughout the month of September, many individuals, groups, and organizations take part in raising awareness about the often times stigmatized and taboo topic of suicide. September is also an opportunity to collectively spread hope to those… Read more »

Florida judge again uses DeSantis’s own case against him, says State cannot punish districts over mask mandates

Here is a link to many coronavirus resources Leon County Judge John Cooper again Wednesday used Governor Ron DeSantis’s own arguments to rule against him on mask mandates. Cooper set aside a stay to his original ruling, meaning the State can no longer punish school districts for implementing mask mandates. LISTEN: In the initial judgment,… Read more »

Founder of Florida Wild Horse Rescue Center Recalls Lifelong Love of Horses

Diane Delano—founder of the Wild Horse Rescue Center, a Webster, Florida facility that rescues, rehabilitates, and finds new homes for wild horses—recalls in a “Talking Animals” interview growing up amidst a family of horse lovers, and she started riding at age three. This was in the Catskills, where Delano says, she was frequently playing outside… Read more »

Update the Electoral Count Act or American Democracy will fail, election crises group says

Following the fallout from the November 2020 election and the Capitol Insurrection on Jan. 6, a cross-partisan group of elections experts said it’s time to update the Electoral Count Act. Experts warn the U.S. could wind up like other failed democracies around the globe if it doesn’t act swiftly. Democracy in decline Freedom House has… Read more »

Tampa Bay region prepares to welcome Afghan refugees

Now that the 20 years long Afghanistan War has ended, the Tampa Bay area will soon be welcoming Afghan refugees fleeing persecution by the Taliban at home for aiding the American mission during the war. Local social service agencies, and Afghanis already here are ready to assist them with their transition to America. They are our guests on MidPoint.