Gulf War Syndrome with special guest Dr. Laila Abdullah

Follow Dr. Laila Abdullahlah’s mission to uncover the truth behind Gulf War Syndrome, an illness downplayed by the VA for decades that now affects nearly 30% of Gulf War veterans, as she and Dr. Fred Harvey tackle the compelling central conflict of restoring the health and well-being of these brave service members.

Dr. Laila Abdullahlah is a nationally recognized speaker and researcher with 15 years of experience studying neurodegenerative illnesses, lipid metabolism, fat metabolism, general metabolism, and proteomics. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from USF, a Master’s in Public Health, Epidemiology, and Neuroscience, and a PhD from Milton Kinds in the UK.

A Peculiarly British Christmas

Christmas Pudding. Christmas Crackers. Pantomimes. Mince Pies. Boxing Day. Ah, yes, Boxing Day, if some of the other peculiarities of a British Christmas are explainable, Boxing Day remains a splendid conundrum. Christmas without Boxing Day is unthinkable in Britain. Forget what it’s really all about or where it originated from, December the 26th is certainly… Read more »

Hillsborough County teachers warn teacher shortage could grow worse as a pay dispute continues

As Hillsborough County public schools report hundreds of instructional vacancies, teachers are appealing the school board, amid a staffing shortage they warn could grow worse in the months to come if concerns about pay and working conditions aren’t adequately addressed. The Hillsborough Classroom Teachers Association (HCTA), representing thousands of school staff in Hillsborough County, is… Read more »

Redemption Radio

Thad Bereday, host of the Redemption Radio podcast, a former lawyer and former prison inmate, and his pastor, Rev. Justin LaRosa of The Portico, a non-traditional, social justice-focused church in downtown Tampa, both join Shelley on MidPoint to discuss the meaning of “redemption” and the need for criminal justice reform.

Tampa City Council chair: Use redevelopment money to extend streetcar

In a wide-ranging conversation, the Tampa City Council Chairman Joseph Citro touched on his plan for Tampa’s streetcar; the search for a way to reuse 50 million gallons of waster water that’s dumped into the Bay every day; the recent forced resignation of the Tampa police chief; former Sen. Janet Cruz’s run against City Council member Lynn Hurtak; and his days as  a DJ at WMNF. 

Lyme Disease with special guest, Dr. Richard Horowitz

Dr. Richard Horowitz, the global expert on Lyme disease and author of “Why Can’t I Get Better?”, is here to discuss finding Lyme disease and dealing with the chronic Lyme disease symptoms.

Here’s what Dr. Richard Horowitz and I cover:
1. The global prevalence of Lyme disease – 14.5% of the population has been exposed to it
2. The difference between acute and chronic Lyme disease – chronic Lyme is much worse than people realize
3. The overlap between Lyme disease and other chronic illnesses like chronic fatigue syndrome and long COVID – they share many symptoms

Richard Horowitz, MD is a medical doctor and the author of Why Can’t I Get Better? He is an expert on Lyme disease and has treated over 13,000 patients with chronic Lyme disease.