School Board member speaks against rejection of new social studies materials

Listen: Florida education officials have rejected dozens of social studies textbooks regarding US History, the Holocaust, and more. One Hillsborough County school board member fears what this means for the future of K-12 education. According to a press release from the Florida Department of Education, it rejected about 35% of submitted materials. Among the approved… Read more »

“Ask the Doctor Anything” Dr Fred Harvey Answers Your Medical Questions…

“The doctor is in” on the latest Healthy Steps Radio Show episode. In this special “Ask the Dr. Anything” episode, listeners call in with their most pressing health questions and get expert advice from Dr. Fred Harvey. With years of experience in internal medicine, geriatric medicine, and functional medicine, Dr. Harvey is well-equipped to handle a wide range of health concerns.

Mother’s Day Sunday Forum

Callers engaged on women’s reproductive rights and conservative religion’s role in law. There is a need to keep abortion safe and legal. Information regarding post-COVID-19 funeral homes assessment of how bad things really got during the pandemic. Mental health issues: A 90-page report released Tuesday compared national, state and local data to better understand mental health trends… Read more »

Keeley Moss On Floating Above Everything Else

Keeley, fronted by singer, guitarist, songwriter and enigmatic Dubliner Keeley Moss, took time out from a hectic schedule to chat their debut album Floating Above Everything Else. The album showcases the breadth of Keeley’ssongwriting, bristling with lush harmonies, muscular beats and inventive atmospherics, weaving gleefully between indie-rock sub-genres. As with all her songs, this set highlights Keeley’s ongoing fascination with the murder… Read more »

“Nurturing Our Heart And Soul” on Morning Energy

Traditionally, women have been regarded as being “natural nurturers” while men have been regarded as being providers and protectors. But in reality, we are all nurturers even if we may not have kids.  And, the nurturing that we provide to others can be both external (as it relates to our loved ones), and also internal (as it relates to ourselves). It has been said, “The most… Read more »