A Conversation On Life In Isolation With Five Creatives. Plant Love. Healthy Skin.

Perhaps you have become acclimatized to living through a pandemic? Maybe you have rearranged your everyday life to accommodate social distancing? Or, are you going stir crazy? These are some of the questions we asked five of our favorite creative guests at Life Elsewhere –  author, educator, Anna Dorn; musician, educator, Harry Stafford; author, educator,… Read more »

Sarasota School Board On Coronavirus Reopening Shirley Brown 4 Aug 2020

Sarasota school district still plans for August 31 in-person reopening, despite coronavirus

Here is a link to many coronavirus resources For now, Sarasota County Schools still plan to open to in-person classroom instruction at the end of the month. The school district and county health department are closely tracking the percent of people testing positive for coronavirus. Since the pandemic began, the overall positivity rate has been… Read more »

Trump supporters suqare off with Black Lives Matter protesters

Protesters react to Trump’s Florida trip: “Get out of Tampa”

President Trump flew to Tampa, Florida for a fundraising event last Friday afternoon with hundreds of supporters greeting him along his motorcade route to The Pelican Club in the Belleair neighborhood of Pinellas County. Attendees paid up to $100,000 for a photo op with the President. While the president is working to meet his campaign’s… Read more »

Baseless & Unidentified

Nicholson Baker –  Baseless: My Search For Secrets In The Ruins Of The Freedom Of Information Act With great pleasure, we welcome back to Life Elsewhere, acclaimed author, Nicholson Baker. His latest work of non-fiction is a remarkable hybrid of history, journalism, and a memoir. Eight years ago, while investigating the possibility that the United… Read more »

Radioactivity Wednesday: An eyewitness account of the police violence against Portland protestors

July 29, 2020 Welcome to Radioactivity. I’m Rob Lorei. For the past two months there have been protests in Portland, Oregon. Some are in the daytime. Others at night. The protests began after the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police. According to Oregon’s largest newspaper- The Oregonian: Portlanders assembled downtown (yesterday) for the 62nd… Read more »

Radioactivity Tuesday: Local artist uses his craft to attack racism and the Confederacy

July 28, 2020 Good morning, welcome to radioactivity. I’m Rob Lorei. Today we’ll speak with a local artist who is trying to raise awareness about a Confederate monument near Bradenton. But first, we’ll hear about how Florida’s beaches are under attack. According to a report from the advocacy group Environment Florida, it’s common for Florida… Read more »

coronavirus Florida

Tampa General doctor: “our slope actually is a little above” NYC at its coronavirus peak

Here is a link to many coronavirus resources Florida now has more average daily deaths than any other state. Dr. Jason Wilson, the Medical Director of the Clinical Decision Unit at Tampa General Hospital, says Hillsborough County’s coronavirus infection numbers are very close to New York City’s at the height of the pandemic there. “When… Read more »

Two Disturbing Books. An Impressive Movie. Plaintive New Music.

James B. Stewart – Deep State: Trump, The FBI, And The Rule Of Law There are questions that the Mueller report couldn’t—or wouldn’t—answer. What actually happened to instigate the Russia investigation? Did President Trump’s meddling incriminate him? There’s no mystery to what Trump thinks. He claims that the Deep State, a cabal of career bureaucrats—among… Read more »

coronavirus unemployed

Floridians ask U.S. Senate to extend federal unemployment coronavirus supplement

Here is a link to many coronavirus resources The unemployment crisis continues in the United States: more than 1.3 million laid-off workers sought unemployment benefits last week amid the resurgent viral outbreak. The U.S. Department of Labor also reported a surge in first-time filings for unemployment benefits in Florida. In the week ending Saturday, more… Read more »

Radioactivity Wednesday: Professor David Stebenne discusses his new book on the middle class, “PROMISED LAND”

July 15, 2020 Good morning, welcome to Radioactivity. I’m Rob Lorei.  America is undergoing what is suitably being described as the “omni-crisis.” It is simultaneously confronting what seems like an unceasing barrage of challenges that threaten not only its position on the world stage, but also its very domestic stability. Even before the coronavirus arrived,… Read more »