Ron DeSantis in West Bank of Palestine / Israel

DeSantis espouses debunked rumors, misinformation while signing HB1 into law

On Monday morning, Governor Ron DeSantis used debunked rumors and misinformation to justify his HB1 bill. DeSantis signed the bill into law while flanked by a group of law enforcement officials and Republican legislators at the Polk County Sheriff’s Office headquarters. Listen: Depending on who you ask, HB1 is either an anti-riot bill or an… Read more »

As specter of HB1 looms, St. Pete protestors return to streets demanding justice for Daunte Wright

With the specter of Florida’s HB1 “anti-riot” bill looming, protestors in St. Pete returned to the streets Friday to demand justice for Daunte Wright, the 20-year-old Black man killed by police in a Minneapolis Suburb, and others. Protestors didn’t know if the bill’s new restrictions on protesting would go into effect as they marched or… Read more »

Trump supporters suqare off with Black Lives Matter protesters

DeSantis wants corporations out of Florida politics, but civic groups say ramp up the pressure on voting, protest bills

Gov. Ron DeSantis is lambasting the growing number of major corporations pushing back on Republican-backed legislation. But civic groups want those corporations and more to ramp up the pressure and fight bills targeting voting rights and protests. LISTEN: Will Smith is not filming his $100 million movie, Emancipation, in Georgia. The MLB will not hold… Read more »

HRK warned of disaster at Piney Point for months and asked for help, now DEP says they’re on the hook

HRK holdings spent months warning Manatee commissioners and state officials of impending disaster at Piney Point. Despite the pleas for help, Florida officials said HRK will be on the hook for a narrowly avoided catastrophe at the shuddered phosphate plant that it owns. Florida DEP head Noah Valenstein said a legal team in Tallahassee is… Read more »

by Seán Kinane WMNF 2020 Nov 3 Election Day Gulfport (Pinellas County) Florida. Florida's most densely populated county. A swing county along the I-4 corridor in the country's largest swing state. Webb Meyer Twitty Biden Edmond 2020 Gulfport

Fair Districts Coalition hopes to avoid repeat of Florida’s contentious, gerrymandered 2012 redistricting

A group of civic organizations hopes to avoid a repeat of the 2012 redistricting debacle that led to numerous court battles and uncovered gerrymandering in the drawing of maps. The Fair Districts Coalition is calling on legislators to pledge they will have a fair, transparent and interactive redistricting process. LISTEN: Ellen Freidin helped lead the… Read more »

State Attorney, Supreme Court Justice, Sheriff say HB1 protest bill is unconstitutional affront on democracy

Hillsborough County State Attorney Andrew Warren joined a former Florida Supreme Court Justice and a former Sheriff Thursday in blasting the HB1 protest bill. The group called the bill an unconstitutional affront on democracy. No solutions, just more problems Of the 20 State Attorneys in Florida, Warren is one of the few who’s actually dealt… Read more »

Florida’s GOP-backed voting bills could disenfranchise millions of elderly and disabled Floridians, especially in minority communities

Supervisors of Elections and advocates for voting access said changes to existing laws could disenfranchise millions of elderly and disabled persons in Florida. Some of the greatest impacts would be felt in minority communities. LISTEN: Republican Rep. Blaise Ingoglia presented a House version of the election bill during a Monday meeting of the Public Integrity… Read more »

Confederate memorial Tampa

Radioactivity Friday: Florida House takes up controversial bill that would criminalize protest

March 19, 2021 Good Morning, welcome to Radioactivity.  I’m Rob Lorei. The Florida House will consider a controversial bill next week that would increase penalties on protests. Democrats and others argue the measure would violate First Amendment rights and have a chilling effect on peaceful protests. The bill (HB 1),is  a priority of House Speaker Chris… Read more »

Legislature takes on local governments

By Javan Frinks The Florida legislature’s trend of pushing bills superseding local regulation continues this year with proposed laws touching everything from renewable energy to impact fees, apprenticeship programs, campaign finance and ports. Tampa’s sustainability efforts led by City Council member Joe Citro is the target of a bill that seeks to prevent local governments… Read more »

‘Anti-educator’ bill clears Senate committee as hundreds of Florida teachers and school faculty testify against it

Hundreds of Florida teachers, some representing thousands of union faculty members, headed to Tallahassee Wednesday to protest a bill they call “anti-educator.” The bill cleared Wednesday’s Senate committee meeting anyway, but teachers are not giving up the fight. Listen: As far as Senator Victor Torres is concerned, the message was loud and clear. “There’s no… Read more »

Civic and faith leaders gather to denounce ‘anti-protest’ bill, HB1, ahead of judiciary committee hearing

A group of mostly Black civic and faith leaders gathered in Tallahassee’s Captiol Courtyard Wednesday to denounce the controversial HB1 bill. Many fear the Republican-backed bill being fast-tracked through the legislative process would silence minority voices while attacking home rule and the First Amendment. LISTEN: State Representative Kevin Chambliss, a Democrat who represents parts of… Read more »

Florida House Dems introduce wide-ranging COVID relief bill offering alternative to GOP proposals

Here is a link to many coronavirus resources Thursday, Democrats in the State House Thursday introduced a wide-ranging COVID-19 bill that offers alternatives to some Republican proposals. The sweeping bill offers protection from evictions, protects some businesses from COVID-related suits, looks to provide more transparency in data reporting and much more. LISTEN: At 69-pages, representatives… Read more »

Florida civic groups ask lawmakers in the Sunshine State to shed light on legislative process

A group of more than 30 civic organizations in Florida is calling on lawmakers in the Sunshine State to shed some light on the legislative process. Representatives from the groups held a Zoom conference Thursday. They’re asking for citizens to have meaningful participation in the process even with COVID-19 precautions in place. LISTEN: Olivia Babis… Read more »

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Hillsborough legislators talk protest bill, budget priorities with Tiger Bay

Members of Hillsborough County’s legislative delegation seem to agree on a lot when it comes to what to tackle in Tallahassee this year, but not always on how to execute it. Republican and Democratic senators and house representatives met with Tampa’s Tiger Bay today and few priorities were as divisive as the HB1 protest bill…. Read more »

Radioactivity Thursday: GOP controlled Senate moves to limit Florida’s mail-in voting

February 18, 2021 Good morning, welcome to Radioactivity.  I’m Rob Lorei. There is a bill in Tallahassee (SB 90) that would make it harder to vote by mail – if it passes. As the Tampa Bay Times reported this morning: “Florida Senate Republicans agreed Tuesday that Florida’s vote-by-mail process (which) worked smoothly in the last… Read more »

Radioactivity Tuesday: Government watchdog calls for the resignations of FL GOP lawmakers who voted to overturn Electoral College results

January 12, 2021 Good morning, welcome to WMNF’s Radioactivity, I’m Rob Lorei. The Florida chapter of a national non-profit dedicated to open and honest government is calling for most of Florida’s Republican members of Congress to resign after voting last week to overturn the results of the presidential election. Our guest today is Common Cause… Read more »

Florida lawmakers call for reform after DOJ report finds ‘systemic’ sexual abuse in women’s prison

Florida lawmakers are calling for sweeping reforms after a Department of Justice investigation alleged a culture of “systemic” sexual abuse and cover-ups at a women’s prison in Ocala. State legislators last week held a Zoom call with former inmates of Lowell Correctional Institution to talk about how to move forward. LISTEN: Laurette Philipsen expected to… Read more »