Sustainable Living Holiday Program

On Monday’s Sustainable Living holiday program we talked with two local community heroes. First, is one of the coolest moms in this part of the world; Tanja Vicdovic created an edible organic landscape for their family’s solar powered home and practices sustainability, biking, creating community orchards, plus many other earth friendly efforts. Also, ‘Jungle Jay’… Read more »

Mr. Greenthumb Garden Show on Sustainable Living

Our guest on Monday’s Homegrown Sustainable Living Gardening Program was Stan DeFreitas–Mr. Greenthumb himself. Mr. DeFreitas has spread gardening know-how on radio, TV and newspaper columns in both the Clearwater Sun and the Tampa Tribune. Also my partner Debbie Butts was in the studio. She has a life-time of experience in horticulture and has spent… Read more »

Changes to HART’s Bus Routes Draw Pushback from Riders

Radioactivity Wednesday October 18 2017 Good morning, welcome to Radioactivity. I’m Rob Lorei. Coming up we’ll have a discussion about the major changes to HART bus routes in Hillsborough County. There’s been some pushback from riders who say the changes make the bus system harder to use. Earlier this month HART- the transit authority in… Read more »

Solar Power & Power Outages

On Monday’s Sustainable Living Program we talked about power outages, solar systems, generators, and our utility companies. Our guests were the Florida Director for the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, Susan Glickman; and Dan Fink, a Professor of Solar Energy Technology at Ecotech Institute in Aurora Colorado. Dan is also a solar electric professional, small… Read more »

Climate Change, Renewable Energy, & Plans for Action on the Sustainable Living Show

On Monday’s Sustainable Living program we talked about climate change, renewable energy, and plans for action. The St Petersburg Area League of Women Voters is hosting an upcoming Sustainability Summit that will be addressing these issues. Joining us were two members of the League of Woman Voters Sustainability Action Team, Lisa Vanover and Claire Karas. Also… Read more »

Recycling and Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful on the Sustainable Living Program

On Monday’s Sustainable Living Program we talked about recycling and other environmental topics. Our guests were the Executive Director for Keeping Tampa Bay Beautiful, Debbie Evenson, and their Development Manager, Emily Schwartz; Travis Barn, the Recycling Coordinator with Hillsborough County Public Works Department; and Jason LeBlanc, General Manager with Conex Recycling also helped with the… Read more »

New Study About Growing Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone Links It to Meat Production, Factory Farming and Fertilizer

Radioactivity August 2, 2017 11AM Good morning, welcome to Radioactivity. I’m Rob Lorei. Coming up- we’ll talk later about the new lawsuit filed against FOX News over allegedly issuing a false story about former Democratic staffer Seth rich and the Wikileaks documents that became so prominent in last year’s election. But first there’s a new… Read more »

Home Power Rocket Stoves and More on the Sustainable Living Program

On Monday’s Sustainable Living program we spent the hour talking with a Senior Editor for Home Power Magazine and a clean energy teacher, Ian Woofenden. We had a great discussion about rocket stoves, ductless mini-split ACs, cordless tools, why ‘off-grid’ sounds cool but costs way more, and the many other clean energy conservation products that… Read more »

Summer Permaculture & Mushroom Party Program – Sustainable Living

Our guests on Monday’s WMNF 88.5FM Sustainable Living Summer Party Program were Mycol Stevens,  mycologist, minimalist and permaculturist; and the creature from the green lagoon, Jay Hardman (Jungle Jay). He’s an archaeologist, anthropologist, permaculture designer and community activist. Jay talked about his local initiatives at Beacon Community Garden and Food Forest, Clearwater M.L.K. Jr. Neighborhood… Read more »

Tampa Bay Area Transit System on the Sustainable Living Program

On Monday’s Sustainable Living Program we talked about our Tampa Bay Area Transit System. Our guests were Marco Sandusky, Director of Government and Community Relations for Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority (HART); Michael Case, Principal Planning and Project Manager for Tampa Bay Area Regional Transportation Authority (TBARTA); and Bob Lasher, External Affairs Officer for Pinellas… Read more »

Juneteenth Sustainable Education and Cooking on Sustainable Living

On the Juneteenth WMNF Sustainable Living Program we talked about food, cooking and helping others.  Our guests were Hal and Liza Bailstein, co-founders of the non-profit Illumi-Nation Project. Liza also teaches healthy cooking to inner-city children at the Academy Prep in St. Petersburg.  Halimat Ajibade, a 20 year old woman interested in nutrition, farming and… Read more »

Aquaponics on the Sustainable Living program

On Monday’s Sustainable Living Program we talked about aquaponics and hydroponic growing systems; how they work and how sustainable they are. Our guests were  Paul Rabaut, a Hillsborough Community College Teacher and creator of Alafia Farms, one family’s effort to live sustainably;  Francisco Rivera, Hillsborough County’s, University of Florida Small Farms Extension Agent; Jim Gibson,… Read more »

Climate Change with Medea Benjamin + Social Security in Jeopardy on the Women’s Show

Climate Change is Real – no matter who is in office, no matter who gets or has nuclear weapons, no matter the deniers and the obfuscators… Its effects are accelerating and it is the single biggest danger to life on this planet.  You’ve marched for a lot of things recently, but just as women stood… Read more »

Fruiting Plants for your Home on the Sustainable Living program

On Monday’s WMNF Sustainable Living Program we talked about fruiting plants with Sean and Jessica O’Toole, owners of the Wild Guava, a local fruit and plant nursery. Also joining us was Dr. Jonathan Crane, Professor of Horticulture and a Tropical Fruit Crop Specialist with the University of Florida Tropical Research Center in Homestead. Avocados, mangos and citrus… Read more »

Industrial Hemp in Florida

On Monday’s Sustainable Living program (you can listen back through the program link) we talked about Industrial Hemp; its history; many uses and legislation to legalize it here in Florida. Our guest, Bob Clayton, recently built his home in Tarpon Springs using Hemp building materials and he represents the Hemp Industries Association of Florida, which has introduced legislation… Read more »

Solar power systems for the home on the Sustainable Living program

On Monday’s Sustainable Living Program we talked about solar power, mainly home power systems. Our guests were the director for the Florida Solar Energy Center Dr. James Fenton, and Alan Brand, a local solar advocate and educator. Both our guests agree that now is the right time to install a solar electric system on your home. In Florida… Read more »

Bay Area Urban Farmers on the Sustainable Living Program

On Monday’s Sustainable Living Program, Will Carey with Tampa Bay Harvest; Jim Kovaleski, the Bay Area’s premier urban farmer, and Debbie Butts, a local fresh market farmer joined the Gardening Program. Will talked about Tampa Bay Harvest, which helps feed those in need, and the Sustainable Living Project located across from Lowry Park in Tampa. Will… Read more »

Poo to Peaches on WMNF’s Sustainable Living Program

Poo to Peaches: permaculture, composting, and yes, humanure. All three of our guests on today’s program are certified permaculture designers and two were speakers at the last years Permaculture Convergence. Jennifer Nazak joined last year’s show about the Convergence and she does workshops on solar cooking, Rocket Stoves, haybox cooking, composting, humanure, and other appropriate… Read more »

Dr. King Day Local Activism on Sustainable Living

On Monday’s  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day edition of the WMNF 88.5 FM Sustainable Living program we talked with a local community activist and political organizer, Kofi Hunt. Kofi’s presently working with “Fight For 15 Florida” and has “The Peoples Inauguration” event coming up this Friday, January 20, at Williams Park in St Petersburg… Read more »

Bug Control Professor on the Sustainable Living Program

On Monday’s Sustainable Living program we talked about pests that some might consider unsustainable in our homes. Our very special guest on our first program of the year was Phil Koehler, Professor of Structural Pest Control & Urban Entomology at the University of Florida.  Phil is well known for his research in urban entomology and… Read more »

Suncoast Native Plants

On Monday’s WMNF 88.5 FM Sustainable Living program we talked about native plants, trees and landscaping with three guests from our local Suncoast Native Plant Society (SNPS). We had the President of the Suncoast FNPS, Donna Bollenbach. She’s also the social media coordinator for the Florida Native Plant Society and Assistant Director of the Council… Read more »