“New Year, New Beginnings, Fresh Starts on Morning Energy”

According to research conducted by behavioral scientists,“Temporal Landmarks” gives life structure and increase our motivation to pursue goals. Examples of “temporal landmarks” include: beginning of a new year, start of a new week, special occasions (like birthdays or anniversaries), moving to a different location, a job change, or a romantic breakup. “Temporal Landmarks” gives us… Read more »

Women In The Alcohol Industry With Hope Ewing. Recalling An Early Conversation With A Star, Arlo Parks

Veteran bartender Hope Ewing, had grown impatient with the surprisingly outdated perceptions of women in the alcohol industry. Entrepreneurial and ambitious, often the first in their fields, the women she knew in the business were leaders, mentors, and trailblazers. In her debut book, Movers & Shakers – Women Making Waves In Sprites, Beer, and Wine, Ewing seeks them out,… Read more »