WMNF Pictures of the Drive! Updated! Dancing!

Our fund drives don’t just take hundreds of donors, but hundreds of volunteers and more!  People are here around the clock. Restaurants and super talented home chefs bring in food to feed everyone (luckily there are no calories during the drive); kind folks come by and bring their donations in; volunteers pick up t-shirts for… Read more »

WMNF’s Winter Fund Drive is February 4-11

Things are always exciting around WMNF. And February promises to be even more so. I’m not talking about the two Paul Thorn concerts or the Alvins show or The Rockabilly Ruckus or the Record Sale (yup, all in February). I’m not even talking about the first anniversary of my becoming General Manager of WMNF (February… Read more »

Death and Dying on Morning Energy

During the month of January 2016 the world learned about the death of many of its greatest artists, the likes of Natalie Cole, David Bowie, The Eagles Founder & Lead Guitarist, “Glenn Frey”, and most recently,  Colin Vearncombe who is widely known by his stage name, “Black” and for his 1986 smash single, “Wonderful Life”…. Read more »

Remembering David

Since the unexpected news of David Bowie‘s passing, requests continue to pour into Life Elsewhere to hear Norman B’s composite of  conversations with the man. Listening back again to David doing his affectionate old lady impression, his description of ways to cure a cold, his take on relaxing and his pertinent view on racism, you’ll understand why… Read more »

Self-Sacrifice & Taking Things for Granted on Morning Energy

A few days ago we celebrated the life of an AMAZING American, whose faith, love, courage and humility brought hope and healing to America.  His name, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr….But despite the self-sacrifice he made for what he BELIEVED was possible, unfortunately his personal Sacrifice sometimes gets lost in a world that has become… Read more »

(More) Best of 2015 from WMNF DJs

We are getting a few more of our djs weighing in on their top releases of last year. From Flea, on It’s the Music Monday (and is our Music Director): Courtney Barnett-Sometimes I just sit and think and sometimes I just sit. Leon Bridges-Coming Home The New Basement Tapes-Lost on the River (Elvis Costello, Rhiannon Giddens,… Read more »

Between The Dash on Morning Energy

The New Year is upon us and many of us are still reflecting over last year. Our thoughts may consist of the wonderful accomplishment we had, wonderful people we meet or perhaps the special time we shared with loved ones. However, there may be situations from last year that may have left us feeling empty,… Read more »

Birthday Boys At Life Elsewhere

John Lennon famously said,  “Before Elvis there was nothing.” Lennon was correct, of course, which may have prompted David Bowie to remark, “Elvis was a major hero of mine. I was probably stupid enough to believe that having the same birthday as him actually meant something.” It is curious to remember that two of the most important and… Read more »

Herbalist & Herb Conference on the Sustainable Living Show

On today’s WMNF Sustainable Living program we spent the hour talking about herbs and the upcoming Florida Herbal Conference. Our guests were Michael Tiner, one of the conference organizers; Bob Linde, an acupuncture physician and registered herbalist; and Rose Kalajian, member of the American Herbalist Guild, the Florida Herb Society and a practicing herbalist. Bob… Read more »