Surface Noise is Fun to Compute and Broadcast

First of all, we are grateful for those who support Community Conscious Radio and who gave on #GivingTuesday. This show, and everything we do, is for you.  Stay tuned next week for our annual Bill Nelson Birthday Party! Meantime, we’ll see you at Surface Noise!

Artist/Musician Laurie Anderson on Talking Animals to talk About Her Movie, Heart of a Dog. (updated!)

Duncan’s guest on Talking Animals this Wednesday will be Laurie Anderson, the long-celebrated artist and musician, who recently made an acclaimed film, “Heart of a Dog.” An inventive work offering a spirited visual mélange, “Heart of a Dog” functions on one level as a multifaceted musing on loss, spurred by the death of Anderson’s beloved rat terrier,… Read more »

Remembering Ian “Mac” McLagan on Life Elsewhere

Ian “Mac” McLagan the famed keyboard player with the Small Faces and Faces, who also collaborated with The Rolling Stones, and led his own band from the late 1970s, died on December 3, 2014. The next edition of Life Elsewhere will be a special tribute to Ian, a crucial figure in the history of rock ‘n’ roll. Earlier last year (2014), Ian and Norman… Read more »

Thanksgiving Day Music noon-3:30pm

It’s the Music begins one hour early on Thanksgiving – AT NOON! Lots of songs about giving thanks, family, friends, autumn, food, going home, etc. Of course, we’ll replay Alice’s Restaurant in it’s entirety.  Tune in & tell a friend!

Thanksgiving Season on Morning Energy

 The Thanksgiving holiday season is upon us which means that many of us will be SPENDING time with loved ones, EATING delicious food, and sneaking in some EARLY Christmas shopping! On morning Energy we are going to EXPLORE this holiday season with topic such as : THE HISTORY OF THANKINGSGIVING, WAYS TO COMBAT LONLINESS DURING… Read more »