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Why Muslim and Arab Americans are Refusing to Meet Biden a Conversation with Maha Hilal

This week on True Talk, Ahmed Bedier and Samar Jarrah delve into the deep-seated concerns of Muslim and Arab American communities regarding President Biden's one-sided policies on Gaza. Despite Biden's critique of Islamophobic media portrayals,...

Will South Africa’s Genocide Petition Against Israel Save Gaza?

In the latest episode of "True Talk," we hosted human rights attorney and activist Huwaida Arraf. Co-hosts Samar and Ahmed talked with Huwaida about South Africa's lawsuit against Israel, accusing it of genocide, and its...

Episode 15, May 30, 2023: Code Enforcement Undergirds Black Reparations-Mentesnot

Mentesnot is an established longtime citizen of Hillsborough County, and property owner continues to advocate and fight to remove fines that have been excessive code enforcement, which put his family property in jeopardy due to...

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